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Brianna Hale

Brianna hails from the beautiful and great lands of Southern California, just miles away from Los Angeles. Brianna is always glued to a screen whether she is deepening her love for writing, finding new ways to market on social media, or binge watching her favorite shows on Netflix. If her nose isn’t in her laptop, it is buried in a book or behind the lens of a camera at a local concert. Because Brianna loves communicating with others and sharing their stories, Pathway opens new opportunities for her to do just that. Many of her friends and family back home have expressed their love for the Pathway program and she hopes to share that passion with other students around the world.

4 August 2017

So You Want to be a PathwayConnect Student?

Is PathwayConnect the right fit for you?

So you want to be a PathwayConnect student? PathwayConnect is many things — it’s an educational opportunity, it’s…

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19 July 2017

Continue with Courage

The support and skills Aleisa gained through PathwayConnect have carried her to a BYU-Idaho bachelor’s degree and beyond

“Without PathwayConnect, I would not have had the courage to get my degree,” said Aleisa Hardister. As a…

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26 June 2017

Lifelong Lessons

Andrew Merrick reflects on the blessings he gained from PathwayConnect that continue to illuminate his path

Just days after graduating from Brigham Young University-Idaho, Andrew Merrick was sitting in a sacrament meeting with his…

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16 June 2017

Meet Ben Packer

BYU-Pathway’s Student Success managing director

Equipped with the experience and passion for student services, Ben Packer joins the Pathway team as the program’s…

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2 June 2017

Dear Future Pathway Missionary

Pathway missionary couples send their insights and invitations from international countries

Sitting in the back of PathwayConnect gatherings in London are the Richards, a set of full-time, senior missionaries…

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22 May 2017

A Pioneer in Italy

Alessandra is the first in her family to take her path towards a higher education

Alessandra De Martino remembers the first time she learned about Church universities. She immediately wanted to make a…

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12 April 2017

Five Tips to Start Off Right

Feel confident and better prepared for the start of the semester

A new page. A fresh start. The semester is beginning, you have 100% in all your classes so…

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27 March 2017

Pathway Student Services Takes to the High Seas

Pathway student employees engaged in hands-on themed workshops to refine their communication skills

The Pathway Home Office embarked on a journey through the seven seas for a Student Services employee training.…

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20 March 2017

Meet Mark Johnson

The new Pathway Support Center specialist is excited to continue what he started as a student employee

Mark Johnson’s path to Pathway began in 2013 when he worked as an adviser for PathwayConnect students in…

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17 March 2017


Student employees strengthen their team bond as they share their experiences working for Pathway

From Communications to International advising, Pathway is supported by more than 100 student employees. These students work diligently…

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27 February 2017

Meet Juston Cheney

Pathway's new data specialist is excited to get an inside look at the program

When a position for a data specialist opened up at the Pathway Home Office in Rexburg, Idaho, Juston…

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25 November 2016

Staying Focused

Tips to help you get the most out of your schedule during the holidays

Lights adorn houses, candles illuminate dinner tables, and fireworks sparkle in the night sky; but your notifications keep…

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1 October 2016

Meet Nathan Relken

Pathway's newest employee and the first support director

Pathway has hired Nathan Relken as the new Pathway Support director. He is responsible for overseeing the efforts…

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