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Corey Christensen

Corey has also been deeply affected by his involvement in Pathway, “I see the members in other countries, their commitment, and faith. I hear their testimonies and see the hope and change they are making. I’m just happy to be a part of it.” Corey loves experiencing other cultures and traditions and has hit a “hole in one” in golf.

5 May 2017

Peace During Hardship

Understanding the Lord brings the peace He offers

One of my family's mottos is “Do hard things.” Educationally, that might mean finding time to do schoolwork,…

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7 April 2017

Take Advantage of Religious Studies

The scriptures teach that happiness comes from Christ

Pathway students are given a great opportunity to enhance their spiritual learning along with their temporal learning through…

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3 March 2017

Eyes on the Prize

Look past life’s distractions and focus on the important things

In today’s world, it is easy to get caught up in the many problems and worries that surround…

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3 February 2017

Discussions Around the World

Discussion boards — these connections aren’t made by themselves

Whether you are shy or outgoing, male or female, from Ghana or Guatemala, reaching out and making quality…

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6 January 2017

Safety from the Rapids

When someone is neck-deep in water, we must pull them to safety

I was once told a story that had a profound impact on my life. Years ago while white…

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4 February 2016

Meet Corey Christensen

Get to know one of Pathway's area managers

Pathway Area Manager Corey Christensen manages the operations of Pathway in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific. Corey…

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7 April 2015

Making Paths Through Barriers

Helping Ghanian students overcome their obstacles to education

As she entered the institute building that hosts Pathway in Accra, Ghana, Elizabeth Akuffo wondered if she could…

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