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Dannielle Hext

Dannielle has spent most of her life moving, exploring, and learning. She served in the Argentina Resistencia mission, and while she was there she realized how necessary education is for people with otherwise limited prospects. When she learned about Pathway, she knew it was inspired, and she leaped at the chance to work on the content team. In her free time, she enjoys writing, being outside, studying obscure subjects, and watching movies.

12 May 2017

Pathway and a Pile of Laundry

The world tells us to choose between family and education, children and a career; Pathway tells us we don’t have to miss out

As Amber Thompson drove to her gathering with so much still left undone at home, she felt conflicted…

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13 March 2017

I. Learn.

All about Pathway and BYU-Idaho's online learning system

It’s at the top of the screen when students open their courses: a banner that says “I-Learn Training.”…

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1 February 2017

The Heart of Learning

Four strategies to ask better questions, enhance learning, and improve study

How can students and missionaries ask better questions in their studies? In the words of President Dieter F.…

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26 August 2016

Learning With Our Hearts

Pathway Manager Ismar Vallecillos attends Pathway completion ceremony in Chile

The Spirit swelled in the room as four out of twelve recent Pathway graduates bore testimony at their…

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4 February 2014

Women in Education: Eternal Blessings

Finding purpose and power in lifelong learning

Education. Self-improvement. Empowerment. Intelligence. Capability. These are not just tools to build a career or provide for a…

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