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Javi Brionez

Javi is a communication major with an emphasis in public relations. He’s originally from Fairfax, Virginia, a few miles outside of Washington DC, and served a full-time mission in the Nevada Reno Mission. Javi enjoys reading, watching too much Netflix, and spending time with his wife. He loves the outdoors, but would enjoy a towel on the beach much more than wearing a pair of hiking boots. He feels honored to be able to share the uplifting stories from the faithful students of Pathway.

29 October 2018

How a PathwayConnect Student Quadrupled His Income

Michael Alves realized early on how important it was to remain focused to accomplish his goals

Michael Lima Alves from Ibiraçu, Brazil, traveled nearly five hours one way to attend his PathwayConnect gathering each…

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18 June 2018

5 Ways A Gospel-Based Education Can Strengthen Your Family

The spiritual aspects of PathwayConnect helps bring families closer together

Courses through BYU-Pathway Worldwide can strengthen much more than a student’s intellect. While earning a degree or certificate…

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4 June 2018

3 Tips for Unprepared Students

What are the best ways to prepare yourself for assignments and weekly gatherings?

While I attended secondary school, no sentence made my heart sink lower than, “Alright, everybody pass up your…

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30 May 2018

4 Tips for Easily Distracted Students

Learn how to keep your mind on track with these simple practices

When working on homework or studying for a test, do you ever have a hard time concentrating on…

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25 April 2018

3 Ways PathwayConnect Prepares You For a Degree

How can PathwayConnect make you ready to begin your journey to a degree?

For many PathwayConnect students, just finishing the program isn’t an end goal. Moving on to the BYU-Idaho online…

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14 February 2018

3 Tips to Stop Getting Distracted

Learn how to stop yourself from continually being distract-... SQUIRREL!

In secondary school, I used to joke that I was raised by television. Every day I would come…

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10 January 2018

3 Tips That Keep You From Procrastinating

How can you drop that bad habit of procrastinating and become motivated to finish your work on time?

My mornings in secondary school were busy…but not so productive. Each day at school before class started, I…

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4 December 2017

Brazilian Stake Presidents in PathwayConnect

Three stake presidents from Brazil share how the program has helped them become better husbands, fathers, and priesthood leaders

BYU-Pathway Worldwide is blessed to have the support of countless priesthood leaders all over the world. Some of…

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9 October 2017

What Does BYU-Pathway Worldwide Mean to You?

Facebook users express their thoughts on the transition to BYU-Pathway Worldwide

Soon after the announcement of BYU-Pathway Worldwide, Facebook users flooded comment sections voicing their opinions on the future…

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31 July 2017

Witnessing Tender Mercies

BYU-Pathway Worldwide employees share their experiences as they make the transition to Salt Lake City

“Leaving Rexburg and moving to Salt Lake City is going to be difficult, but I feel like I…

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19 April 2017

Loose Ends

Pathway writer Javi Brionez describes what he learned from his mother’s journey to Pathway

Have you ever struggled to fight back tears while sitting behind your desk at work? I have. Writing…

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24 March 2017

What Heals Me

PathwayConnect has helped open Janalie Freeman’s eyes to the extensive power of the Savior's Atonement

“Are you being a Nephi? Are you being like Alma and Amulek right now?” Janalie’s sons stop their…

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24 February 2017

A father dies weeks after adopting twins, leaving behind a single mother determined not to fail her children

30 years later, there's nothing she can't achieve

Monday, 23 April 1984 – 8:09 p.m. I sit here not knowing where to start. This morning at…

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9 February 2017

What We Offer the World

Three students in Curitiba, Brazil became the first Pathway students to earn BYU-Idaho certificates in Brazil

“It is a great moment for the saints and for Pathway in Brazil,” Self-reliance manager Silvio Guimarães says…

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30 January 2017

Meet James Findlay

Pathway's new curriculum coordinator is glad to be back in Rexburg

While James Findlay studied at Rick’s College in the mid-1990s, he told himself that if there were ever…

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16 December 2016

A Desire to Serve

Julie found the motivation to serve others when she was in need of service herself

Julie Mamales usually kept to herself while she did laundry. When she walked through the doors of her…

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26 November 2016

Meet Shelly Rigby

Pathway’s new office assistant is looking forward to serving others through Pathway

After working in the BYU-Idaho University Store for five years, Shelly recently accepted a position at Pathway as…

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13 August 2016

Renovating Pathway Headquarters

Find out why Biddulph Hall went through changes

Going Through Changes Pathway headquarters looks a little different nowadays. Located on BYU-Idaho’s campus, the Lowell G. Biddulph…

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20 June 2016

Office Moves at Pathway’s Headquarters

Strategic office moves have synced Pathway area management with Pathway Advising

Texts, emails, and phone calls are just a few ways you could give or receive messages every day.…

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30 May 2016

A Voice of Gratitude

PathwayConnect student employees voice their love for PathwayConnect

The student employees of Pathway couldn’t be happier to be working for such a divine program. On May…

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