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Rebecca Workman

Rebecca grew up in Farmington, Utah. She is studying English at BYU and returned from serving a mission in Lithuania in 2018. She’s passionate about her goal to help individuals reach their potential by becoming a high school English teacher. She loves to write, play sports, and listen to music. Her love for writing was inspired by her aunt, Eileen, and other great women who wrote to encourage and inspire others throughout their lives. Rebecca is grateful to work with and learn from everyone at BYU-Pathway Worldwide as she’s seen how the organization has blessed her family and friends.

13 May 2019

The Journey of Discipleship: What Lack I Yet?

How often do we compare our happiness to how happy the people around us seem to be? How…

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25 March 2019

Find, Face, and Feed Your Faith

In Elder José A. Teixeira’s devotional address to BYU-Pathway Worldwide students on February 12, 2019, he shared: “My…

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