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Theo Smith

Theo Smith has worked as a newspaper editor for the university and studied in Beijing and Taipei. Theo enjoys many hobbies, namely eating homemade chocolate chip cookies, being barefoot, and studying good books. He feels privileged to share the many Pathway success stories from all over the world and enjoys contributing to the uplifting atmosphere of Pathway in students’ everyday lives.

7 June 2017

Quick Guide to U.S. University Entrance Exams

Become familiar with the ACT, SAT, and GED

PathwayConnect is about helping each person find his or her own personal path. And while nearly half of students…

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29 May 2017

Quick Guide to International English Tests

Become familiar with TOEFL and IELTS

Many PathwayConnect students continue their education through BYU-Idaho online. Students who do so don’t need to take an…

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10 May 2017

A Miraculous Spiritual Rescue

PathwayConnect brought this Albanian family man back to church after five years

After serving a mission and being married in the temple, how does a young parent become inactive in…

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29 March 2017

A Remembered Promise

Paige’s fears melted as she recalled a certain promise from God—and it made all the difference

Paige Christoffersen was Superwoman for a day. When she joined PathwayConnect, she thought fulfilling all of her family,…

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22 March 2017

“A Chance to Help My Family”

Miriam pleaded with God to provide a way to accomplish her goals. PathwayConnect was the answer

This is the second piece in a two-part series on Eduardo and Miriam, PathwayConnect students in Peru who…

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8 March 2017

60,000 Miles, 160 Buses, 2 Students

Two students in Peru share what they had to sacrifice to receive the blessings they prayed for

This is the first piece in a two-part series on Eduardo and Miriam, PathwayConnect students in Peru who…

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6 March 2017

The Fruits of My Labor

After years of hope and work, Janis is finally achieving his personal goals through PathwayConnect

Janis Blums finally feels empowered to achieve his lifelong dream of obtaining a university education. For nearly 10…

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20 February 2017

Not Afraid to Have Dreams

Latvian pioneer follows an unusual prompting that led to increased faith and a capacity to serve

Velga Senkans and her husband were the first Latvians to join the Church after the Soviet Union dissolved.1 Since…

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17 February 2017

Blessings from BYU-Idaho Devotionals

See how devotional blesses PathwayConnect students and online instructors

Sometimes BYU-Idaho can seem distant to those not physically on campus. Online broadcasts of weekly devotionals at BYU-Idaho can…

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13 February 2017

Education Beyond Pathway

Quick Guide to U.S. Graduate Program Entrance Exams

Many Pathway students go on to earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Out of those students, some even…

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8 February 2017

Isolated in a New Town

Eloise thought she had no time, friends, or educational opportunities—then she joined PathwayConnect

Stress Eloise Tsukuda needed a break. In early 2015, Eloise and her family moved to São Paulo, Brazil,…

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6 February 2017

Finding a Light Along the Path

Pamela didn’t know where help would come from — until she found PathwayConnect

Pamela Crouse is a mother of three who dreamt of earning a college degree but knew that money…

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27 January 2017

Popcorn Friday: A Pathway Tradition

Theatre-style popcorn keeps employees happy

Every Friday morning around 11 a.m., the smell of buttery popcorn fills the halls of the Pathway Home…

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23 January 2017

One Goal, 18,000 Miles

Bryce decided to have perfect gathering attendance during his entire year at PathwayConnect — no matter what

What motivates a busy parent with a full-time job to drive seven hours every Thursday to attend a…

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20 January 2017

Ye Shall Find Rest Unto Your Souls

Family and friends come together to help PathwayConnect students

Wake up. Get ready for the day. Get the kids ready. Make and clean up breakfast. Head off…

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14 December 2016

Changing Lives Over Email

One instructor’s emails touched the hearts of students over 2,400 miles away

“Unlike today’s societal trends, telling a chicken she looks ‘plump’ or ‘fluffy’ is a compliment of the highest…

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7 December 2016

Bridging the Education Gap — Part 4: The Father

Omar immediately realized how a higher education could benefit his family

Omar Coronel was a young husband, father, and stake president of the Guayaquil Ecuador Las Orquideas Stake when…

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30 November 2016

Bridging the Education Gap — Part 3: The Lifelong Learner

Mike DeLuna learned that it's never too late to receive an education

Mike DeLuna, a PathwayConnect student in Ogden, Utah, dropped out of school at a young age. He didn’t…

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28 November 2016

Everything My Heart Desired

Carolina thought all hope of education was lost — until she found Pathway

A young girl leaves her parents in Venezuela and travels 3,000 miles (4,800 km) in search of a…

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23 November 2016

Bridging the Education Gap — Part 2: The Entrepreneur

Griseld quickly improved his business through lessons learned in PathwayConnect

Griseld Merepeza worked hard to start his own business in Albania, but his attempts were limited by his…

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16 November 2016

Bridging the Education Gap — Part 1: The Immigrant

Chinese immigrant Hong Li gained confidence through PathwayConnect

What do an immigrant from China, an entrepreneur from Albania, a man who didn’t make it past seventh…

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22 March 2016

PathwayConnect Drives Spiritual Growth

PathwayConnect helps provide living water

Many students join PathwayConnect in order to further educational or vocational goals, but they soon realize that PathwayConnect…

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28 January 2016

Hearts Full of Love

135 Pathway employees gather to focus on director’s vision of service and love

What is the proper response to a university program that expands by 263 percent in two and a…

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20 January 2016

Meet Amber Mitchell

Meet Pathway's new web specialist

Pathway has hired Amber Mitchell as the new web specialist. She will be responsible for developing and maintaining…

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