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Service Missionaries

17 May 2017

Dedication and Hard Work

Elder Tindall shares three stories of students who improved their lives despite the difficulties they faced

When my wife and I began our mission with the launch of the Taylorsville, Utah gathering location, we…

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1 May 2017

Miracles in Victorville

Pathway missionaries share their first-hand experience seeing Pathway change students' lives

Perhaps the most significant of Pathway’s purposes is to “get the gospel down into students’ hearts.” We have…

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10 April 2017

Consecrate Your Learning to the Lord

The Lord knows better than anyone what we should do with our talents

In the Book of Mormon, the Lord gives valuable advice to the prophet Moroni, “and if men come…

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31 March 2017

Odd Man Out

A Pathway missionary shares how he learned to stand up for his beliefs

I’ve associated with a lot of people over the years that had completely different beliefs than me, but…

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5 December 2016

The Courage to Jump!

A Pathway missionary shares her insights on the courage to be rescued

Years ago, I read a story to my children about five firemen who rescued a man from a…

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4 November 2014

A Look Back

Missionaries from the original three Pathway sites share how they feel about the program and it's growth over the last five years

It’s been five years since the founding of Pathway and the launching of the program’s first three sites…

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7 January 2014

Steadfast Service

Without the efforts of the service missionaries, Pathway sites simply could not function. Chances are, you have been…

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