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Student Life

12 July 2017

The Undercover Pathway Student — Friendship

Pathway writer Dannielle Hext experienced Pathway’s power to unite as an undercover student in Pathway

As a writer for Pathway, I didn’t fully understand the student experience. Every day, I heard stories about…

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5 July 2017

Holding a Completion Ceremony

Completion Ceremonies help Pathway students celebrate a job well done as they look to their futures

The third semester in Pathway is a special time for everyone, students and missionaries alike. But it’s a…

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8 May 2017

Faith, Fire, and Focus

Strategies for becoming a successful student

As members of the Church, we are each on a path leading us to Christ, a path of…

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3 May 2017

Gatherings Unite Students Around the World

Students worldwide have a variety of reasons why they love their gatherings

From New Zealand to New York and from Ghana to Guatemala, students bring a variety of cultures, traditions,…

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12 April 2017

Five Tips to Start Off Right

Feel confident and better prepared for the start of the semester

A new page. A fresh start. The semester is beginning, you have 100% in all your classes so…

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17 February 2017

Blessings from BYU-Idaho Devotionals

See how devotional blesses Pathway students and online instructors

Sometimes BYU-Idaho can seem distant to those not physically on campus. Online broadcasts of weekly devotionals at BYU-Idaho can…

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1 February 2017

The Heart of Learning

Four strategies to ask better questions, enhance learning, and improve study

How can students and missionaries ask better questions in their studies? In the words of President Dieter F.…

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