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Program Growth

15 May 2017

Making a Difference

From institute director to Pathway area manager, Doug shares his path to Pathway

I loved watching my father teach seminary and institute when I was a kid. Looking around his classroom,…

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1 March 2017

Modern Pioneers

An inside look at the pioneer spirit of BYU-Pathway Worldwide

Many times in my life, I have heard cliché comments about how someone wishes he or she was…

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20 February 2017

Not Afraid to Have Dreams

Velga joined Pathway in Latvia after receiving a special prompting one night

Velga Senkans and her husband were the first Latvians to join the Church after the Soviet Union dissolved.1…

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18 January 2017

Boldly, Nobly, and Independent

Course lead Daniel Baird learned the true nature of Pathway’s purpose while traveling to gatherings around the world

If someone told me a year ago that I would travel to 13 countries in only three months,…

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9 January 2017

Bringing Pathway Home

A Pathway area manager reflects on bringing Pathway to his hometown

I don’t particularly like flying in airplanes, especially because I’m 6’3’’ (190 cm) and do not fit too…

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2 January 2017

Finding Their Path

Extending the Reach of Pathway

While I was serving as the bishop of a Young Single Adult ward on a recent Sunday afternoon,…

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19 December 2016

Not a Typical Online Program

Local gatherings set Pathway apart as a model for worldwide higher education

Students begin to arrive. Slowly at first, then almost all at once. Anxious. A widowed mother of three…

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