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July 11, 2014

Bringing PathwayConnect to Friends and Family

Sharing PathwayConnect with others has never been easier

With social media, weekly gatherings, program presentations, and simple face-to-face interaction, you have a variety of options for sharing PathwayConnect with others.

Service missionaries. Social media. Devotional presentations.

Which of these do you think is most effective at bringing people to PathwayConnect? Believe it or not — it’s none of these. While thousands of people every year attend PathwayConnect presentations, engage with our social media, and mingle with missionaries — the #1 reason people join PathwayConnect is YOU.

Did you know, 86% of BYU-Pathway students in PathwayConnect have indicated they were introduced to the program by someone they know? Responses also showed that 52% of students have shared PathwayConnect with another person who ended up joining.

Similar to how Church members have a significant impact in spreading the gospel to friends and family, students play a vital role in sharing the blessings and benefits of PathwayConnect with others.

Joe Hedrick

Students play a vital role in sharing the blessings and benefits of PathwayConnect with others.

Teaching Others About BYU-Pathway Worldwide

One student shared, “When I started PathwayConnect last year, I was so excited that I told my friend about it. She did not have PathwayConnect in her area at the time but had recently found out it was coming soon. She is going to join. I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in and share this program with others. I have grown closer to the Lord through this experience, and my testimony of the gospel has been strengthened. I know my friend will have a similar experience.”

There are many simple ways to share PathwayConnect with others. Here are a few examples:
Invite friends and family to check out the BYU-Pathway website. Here they will find information about BYU-Pathway and it’s programs (PathwayConnect and online certificates and degrees), how they work, and what is required to participate. They can even apply directly on the website.

PathwayConnect students have a unique opportunity each week to share the program. What better way for a prospective student to get a taste for PathwayConnect than by going to a gathering? There, they will see the program at its heart and get a better feel for the unique camaraderie and learning opportunities PathwayConnect provides.

Students in PathwayConnect gather once a week in person or virtually. Invite your friends to join you at a gathering to experience why you love the program.

Social Media:
BYU-Pathway posts daily on Facebook, providing inspirational and informational content that can be easily shared to your own timeline or with a friend. These posts, along with a personalized message or experience from the student, make great invitations for potential students. Our Instagram account and Twitter feed are also great ways to stay connected.

BYU-Pathway Newsroom:
Whether new PathwayConnect sites are opening around the world or enhancements are being made to online certificates and degrees, the BYU-Pathway Newsroom is a great source for you and friends to stay up to date. The newsroom also houses a variety of program-related statistics and a robust archive of photos and videos of BYU-Pathway students around the world.

BYU-Pathway Blog:
The Pathway Compass shares stories from current and former students as well as BYU-Pathway employees and service missionaries. You can find relatable and inspiring stories to share with your friends and family through a social media post or in a face-to-face conversation.

Share BYU-Pathway social media sites and blog articles with your friends and family so they can see the benefits for themselves!

Another simple way to introduce someone to PathwayConnect is by inviting them to a PathwayConnect presentation. Service missionaries assigned to BYU-Pathway do presentations like this frequently and are always ready and willing to answer any questions.

Stephen Eliason, a student from Santa Ana, California, is one of many students who joined PathwayConnect after going to a presentation: “I’m the physical facilities representative for our stake. I went to the stake center to help set up for a PathwayConnect presentation, and the Spirit whispered to me that I should stay and learn more.”

He continued, “I was 59 years old and had wanted to finish the requirements to get a bachelor’s degree in business management for a long time. I completed PathwayConnect in 2014. It has been a huge blessing in my life and has renewed my love for learning and my desire to gain more knowledge through the education process.”

Service missionaries present about BYU-Pathway often and are always ready and willing to answer any questions.

Share by Example

Aside from these methods, another way to share PathwayConnect is simply through your example. After seeing how it blessed her daughter and son-in-law, Kim Toledo, a student from Victorville, California, joined the program.

“I had wanted to go to college for many years but didn’t think that I would ever be able to,” she said. “My kids encouraged me to enroll in PathwayConnect, and it was such a blessing. When people find out that I am going back to school, they are always curious about what I am doing. It gives me many opportunities to share with them what BYU-Pathway Worldwide is, how it works, and how it has blessed me. I am so grateful to be involved in this program. It has changed my life.”

The next time you reflect on the blessings you have seen through BYU-Pathway Worldwide, take a moment to think of someone you know who could benefit. With social media, weekly gatherings, program presentations, and simple face-to-face interaction, you have a variety of options for sharing this inspired program with others.

If you find friends or family who are interested in starting BYU-Pathway, send them to

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