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February 25, 2016


Find greater zeal to do good and live better by writing down life's lessons

If I were to tell you the most powerful moments, statements, and ideas can be captured by simply writing them down, would you believe me?

Surprisingly, it’s true. Perhaps you have heard a talk and something the speaker said touched you. You quickly write it down to look back at it later. Or maybe your favorite quote that empowers you is hung on your mirror or refrigerator where you see it every day.

Whatever your method, these quotes or ideas, once written down and seen, can motivate us to become something better.

You can find greater strength to endure a hard day as you’re reminded to do something important, such as reading the scriptures, having personal or family prayer, or simply saying “I love you” to those that matter most.

The opportunities to write something down and act are all around us. We just have to be observant to find them. We hope you’ll find hope and strength in these notes from the testimonies of PathwayConnect students and missionaries — and then share your own using #PathwayNotes.

1 - You Just Need to Try_WEB

The first week I went to PathwayConnect, I was nervous, but my 5-year-old daughter told me, “You just need to try!” She used my own words against me. She has been my cheerleader and pretty much the person for whom I started doing this class. I didn’t want to go each week, yet once I arrived, I loved what I learned and gained new friends every time. I want to be a great example, yet she is the one helping me continue and cheering me on each week.

Jonique Beach, Arizona, USA

2 - God Will Help Me_WEB

I love PathwayConnect. I always look forward to our weekly gatherings, and I always leave spiritually uplifted. My testimony has been strengthened that God will help me with tasks as simple as being able to focus on my homework when I say a short, sincere prayer. I feel truly grateful to be able to participate in such a program.

Charles Osborn, California, USA

3 - The Lord Will Teach_WEBI cannot express how inspired this program is — from the instructors to the weekly gatherings. Now several weeks in, I can say no matter where you are academically, no matter your experience, the Lord will teach you at your level, and collectively all will progress. It is nothing short of a miracle watching how this program has touched so many people all over the globe. I am thankful for this amazing program and the opportunity to participate.

Cherine Montie, Wisconsin, USA

When I was a young missionary, I really wanted to have the opportunity to study at a Church university. Imagine how happy I was when, 22 years 4 - No Matter the Difficulties_WEBlater, I was accepted as a student of PathwayConnect! Now I am studying with PathwayConnect, and even though I have two young boys and no formal job, I am doing my best to fulfill what is required of me. I work hard so my boys can see my example of sacrifice and dedication. No matter the difficulties we face, we must achieve our goals. My children are a great support to me. They are always cheering me up so I can keep working even if I am tired. And when I see their eyes, I feel strength, hope, and faith because they have faith in me.

Omar Coronel, Guayaquil, Ecuador

5 - We Were the Ones Benefiting Most_WEBWhen we first started our mission, we thought it would be us contributing more; however, we quickly realized that we were the ones benefiting most. We have finished our missionary service knowing that we always put our hearts and love in everything we did during this time.

Elder and Sister Cardoza, Guayaquil, Ecuador — service missionaries in PathwayConnect

I was at the close of my mission, and a missionary couple — who were the 6 - The Lord is Mindful of Me_WEBemployment specialists — decided to give me advice on how to gain a job. The sister missionary felt inspired to show me different options as I expressed that I wanted to further my education. That is when PathwayConnect was introduced to me; however, it had not reached my island. After praying and seeking guidance, I decided to move to Trinidad to participate. I have made so many friends, and I have been growing spiritually. I know that the Lord is mindful of me — He knew I had no idea what to do after my mission, and he provided a way.

Ronique Fobes, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Do you have a note to share? Take a photo and share it with your personal experience on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using #pathwaynotes.

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