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May 30, 2016

A Voice of Gratitude

PathwayConnect student employees voice their love for PathwayConnect

The student employees of Pathway couldn’t be happier to be working for such a divine program. On May 26, 2016, nearly 100 of these student employees gathered in the Manwaring Center at BYU-Idaho for a semesterly team building meeting, where they were given the opportunity to voice their love for the program.

studentmeeting_vlad“I’ve learned what hard work is here and how to have fun. How grateful I am to be working for Pathway. My advice to new employees would be to never take this job for granted, because it will teach you so many new things. It is thanks to my experience in Pathway Missionary Support and working with so many different people that I now have a job with the Information Technology department of the university.” -Vlad Blaga, Missionary Support (Albania)

studentmeeting_marivi“The Lord wants us to strengthen each other’s testimonies and those whom we serve. He puts the right words in our mouths to best help the students and missionaries we work with.” -Marivi Rueda, Student Support (McAllen, Texas, USA)

studentmeeting_lorena“It’s been a true blessing to see how PathwayConnect blesses the students and us as employees. It’s a blessing to see the growth in students but also to see the progress that we make. I will take this experience with me wherever I go — we will always continue to live the service we learned here.” -Lorena Cordon, Student Support (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)

studentmeeting_adriana“I know this program is inspired by God — I see it in my life and those who completed it with me. I knew I wanted to give back and work with Pathway, so now I am here. I’m thankful for this program and I know that each of us have seen our lives changed thanks to PathwayConnect.” -Adriana Pino, Student Support (Stamford, Connecticut, USA)

studentmeeting_karla“Two years have gone by since I joined the Pathway family. So many things have changed and people have come and gone, but I have been touched. Pathway has taught me to trust in the Lord. This is His work and things will happen in His time. I will take with me the things I have learned and felt, but most importantly the relationship with my Heavenly Father that I’ve developed by helping others.” -Karla Miranda, Missionary Support (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)

Anytime Pathway student employees pick up the phone in the help center, write a student spotlight, or assist Pathway managers, their gratitude for the program grows.

Pathway’s student employees realize more and more that they are part of something bigger than themselves — they are helping to bring students closer to their educational goals, but most importantly, to Christ. As a result, Pathway employees feel closer to their Savior too, and gain an attitude of gratitude that will stay with them forever.

Student Employee Meeting

Pathway Students gathered to bond with each other and express their experiences and love of Pathway.

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