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June 10, 2016

Meet Joenee Briones

Pathway's new area manager will oversee the program throughout Asia and Northern Africa

Joenee Briones, BYU-Pathway Area Manager

Joenee Briones is thrilled to be joining the BYU-Pathway family. As the new area manager for the Middle East, Africa North, Asia, South Asia, and the Philippines, he looks forward to seeing the promises of the Lord fulfilled through education.

Joenee is passionate about the gospel, something that he developed while growing up in the Philippines. He and his family converted to the gospel in 1980 when he was just four years old. He is particularly inspired and humbled by his father’s decision to believe in God after he had lost his faith in a time of difficult political conflict. That example has made a lasting impression on Joenee.

Likewise, education is important to Joenee. He graduated with a degree in information systems from BYU-Hawaii and later earned a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Regis University. While at BYU-Hawaii, he met his wife, Keilani, and they started their family. Now, they are the proud parents of two daughters, Ilima (14) and Anela (11), whose names mean “flower” and “angel” in Hawai’ian.

Through many different work and life experiences, Joenee is confident that he and his family were brought to BYU-Pathway for an important purpose. “Everything has led to this,” he said. “I feel like everyone who is brought to BYU-Pathway is presented with the opportunity to make a difference.”

Joenee is excited to be a part of BYU-Pathway and participate in a program that will bless the lives of thousands of people all over the world.

Joeness withi his family in Hawaii

Joenee with his family in Utah

Comments on "Meet Joenee Briones"

Marilyn says:

Is Malaysia open for Pathway?

Lauren Conrad says:

Hi Marilyn! PathwayConnect will be available virtually in Malaysia starting in September 2020!

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