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June 20, 2016

Office Moves at Pathway’s Headquarters

Strategic office moves have synced Pathway area management with Pathway Advising

Texts, emails, and phone calls are just a few ways you could give or receive messages every day. These are great ways to get your message sent quickly, but the personal, face-to-face interactions you have probably stick with you the most.

Employees at BYU-Pathway know this. Now that some BYU-Pathway offices and departments have been moved closer together, personal communication is even easier for BYU-Pathway employees. BYU-Pathway headquarters (which is a single floor in Biddulph Hall, a remodeled BYU-Idaho boy’s dormitory) now houses more BYU-Pathway employees than ever before.

Communication Made Easier

Before any moves took place, many employees were located in different buildings on campus, making communication difficult. Kevin Shiley, associate dean of Online Programs, recently moved into Biddulph Hall, so he knows how beneficial the office moves were.

“When I was in my previous location in the Manwaring Center, there was a tendency to think, ‘Oh, I need to mention that to Farid,’ or, ‘I should touch base with Ismar.’ But sometimes my busy schedule would get in the way, and things were forgotten. Now, I can poke my head in their door and make sure we are on the same wavelength in a matter of moments,” said Kevin.

Pathway Student Support is open Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. (Mountain Time--UTC-7/-6). They can be reached at or +1 (208) 496-9898.

BYU-Pathway advisors and area management now work side by side to better assess student needs throughout the world.

The international and U.S./Canada advising and managing teams have also been placed right next to each other, making communication almost effortless. Whenever trending issues or questions arise, the teams can easily walk over to each other’s offices and discuss solutions.

Doing More With Less

Everyday, BYU-Pathway is becoming a more structured, centralized unit without any major construction or use of funds. The office relocations are a great example of President Henry B. Eyring’s council that BYU-Idaho will thrive with whatever resources they’re given:

“There will be a practical benefit, in turbulent times, from that frugality borne of faith. There will come times when the Lord’s prophet will ask us to do more with less. Knowing that will come, we must and will find ways to improve and to innovate that require little or no money.”1

Simple office relocations were a perfect way to follow this direction given by President Eyring. Even with limited resources, BYU-Pathway employees will find ways to meet the needs of the program while never sacrificing the quality of it. The students will always come first, and the blessings BYU-Pathway has been given are more than enough to make sure that happens.

  1. ^ Henry B. Eyring, “A Steady Upward Course,” BYU-Idaho Devotional, Sept. 18, 2001.

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