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August 13, 2016

Renovating Pathway Headquarters

Find out why Biddulph Hall went through changes

Going Through Changes

Men's Dorm-Biddulph Hall

Before Biddulph Hall was renovated.

Pathway headquarters looks a little different nowadays. Located on BYU-Idaho’s campus, the Lowell G. Biddulph building has been renovated to ensure the building remains a suitable home for Pathway employees.

Hustling on their way to class, BYU-Idaho students will surely notice the new energy-efficient windows that brighten the outside of Biddulph Hall. These windows are designed to keep the sometimes extreme climate of Rexburg outside the building. Temperatures in Rexburg can drop to a frigid -30 degrees Fahrenheit (-34℃) in the winter, and reach a sizzling 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32℃) in the summer, so the employees are thankful for this change. Neighboring building Rigby Hall is going through similar changes.


After Biddulph Hall was renovated

Doing More With Less

Pathway is accomplishing the most with what they’ve been given. Until a few years ago, Biddulph Hall was used as a boy’s dormitory, but has since been turned into Pathway’s headquarters. Offices with sinks, an outdoor basketball court, and signs of torn down walls remain as evidence of the building’s former purpose.

This is a great example of David A. Bednar’s declaration that BYU-Idaho will accomplish amazing things with the blessings that they already have.

“We have an ever increasing responsibility to use the resources of this great campus to assist in the building of the kingdom of God in all the world,” said Elder Bednar.1

Instead of knocking a building down and starting from scratch, Pathway manages just fine with what they’ve been given. However, renovations to the building are sometimes needed. Pathway employees want to serve the students as efficiently as possible, and these changes to the building will help accomplish that goal.

  1. ^ David A. Bednar, “Inaugural Response,” Feb. 27, 1998.

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