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October 10, 2016

Meet Steve Thomas

Pathway’s Advising Manager wants to help students fulfill their dreams

Thomas-StevenSteve Thomas, BYU-Idaho Online and BYU-Pathway Advising Manager, is constantly trying to help students achieve their potential and overcome obstacles to fulfill their dreams. Why? Because that is his dream.

Steve was considered an at-risk, first-generation college student while attending BYU-Idaho. However, his life was shaped by an influential academic advisor who helped him during his college career. The very same advisor encouraged him to apply for a job advising at-risk students across the world, so Steve went to work.

Steve Thomas earned his bachelor’s degree in University Studies from BYU-Idaho in 2010 with emphases in history, sociology, and coaching. Armed with that degree, he moved back to his hometown of Jackson, Mississippi, to attend graduate school.

Steve began working toward a graduate degree in education at Jackson State University. During his graduate program, he taught at Forest Hill High School, an inner city school in Jackson. He coached their basketball team to back-to-back state championships in 2012 and 2013. He has also taught in Uganda, Africa, working with at-risk students.

Steve Thomas and his students at Forest Hills High School.

Steve Thomas and his students at Forest Hills High School

Steve came to BYU-Pathway in 2013 after teaching at Forest Hill. Although he was sad to leave his students there, Steve knew the Lord wanted him to help BYU-Pathway students in return. As the Online and BYU-Pathway Advising Manager, he helps students reach their career and educational goals.

In 2015, Steve became a fitness model for a nutritional supplement company, and then in January of 2016, Steve obtained a fitness sponsorship from another company. He competes in physique (bodybuilding) competitions, and recently placed first in the National Physique Committee (NPC) Utah Classic in the men’s novice class.

Steve is a seasoned educator, a fitness enthusiast, a powerful public and motivational speaker, and a mentor. He is a dedicated husband to his wife, Shelley, and father to his two children, Brooklyn and Jaiden. He is a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and finds joy when others realize the power within themselves and reach their full potential.

Steve with his wife, Shelley, and their children, Brooklyn and Jaiden.

Steve with his wife, Shelley, and their children, Brooklyn and Jaiden

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Caleb Trujillo says:

Steve is such a great example of leadership and passion. Thanks for posting this!

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