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November 11, 2016

Executive Summary | The Purposes of PathwayConnect

BYU-Pathway's main purposes drive the program's direction. The following data indicates how PathwayConnect is performing relative to each purpose.

Purpose 1: Get the gospel down into students’ hearts

Above all, PathwayConnect helps cultivate individual spiritual growth, build testimonies of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and encourage living its principles.

Students report the following results after participating in PathwayConnect:

First Purpose Charts

I’ve always had a testimony, but PathwayConnect lit the fuse. It reminded me why I like the Church.

~ Kent Vallecillos, Student | Queen Creek, Arizona, USA

PathwayConnect has been particularly helpful to priesthood leaders as they reach out to those who are struggling spiritually.

Purpose 2: Help students become capable learners

PathwayConnect helps students build confidence and teaches them to take control of their own learning.

  • 90% of PathwayConnect Students report more confidence in their ability to succeed in college
  • 66% of PathwayConnect graduates attend BYU-Idaho (online or on-campus)

Student Performance in BYU-Idaho Online Courses

Student performance in BYU-Idaho online courses

PathwayConnect graduates taking BYU-Idaho online courses perform well, and in some instances, outperform their non-PathwayConnect peers.

Purpose 3: Prepare students to lead and support families

PathwayConnect helps students gain skills, learn doctrine, and strengthen values that enable them to gain meaningful employment as well as be better parents, providers, citizens, and Church members.

Gain Skills and Motivation

A majority of PathwayConnect graduates indicate that PathwayConnect helped them learn skills and/or have more motivation to improve their employment.

Better Job and Continued Employment

83% of international students (and 63% of students in the U.S. and Canada) who complete PathwayConnect, and do not attend BYU-Idaho online, report improved employment and/or continuing their education.

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