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December 3, 2016

Meet Shondra Yeager

New office assistant for Pathway Missionary Support

Shondra Yeager

Shondra Yeager is Missionary Support’s newest employee. As the office assistant for Missionary Support, Shondra’s duties include supporting April and the Missionary Support team. She will also help in training and supporting service missionaries assigned to BYU-Pathway throughout the world.

Shondra was born on an army base in Fort Huachuca, Arizona, and moved a total of 21 times before graduating high school in Wilmington, Delaware. After high school, Shondra attended Brigham Young University for two years and spent a summer earning extra credits at Ricks College.

Shondra and her husband, Darren, have three children and four grandchildren. Throughout their marriage, Darren and Shondra have lived in eight different states, including Utah, Delaware, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Florida, Texas, and Wyoming.

Along with working for the university, Shondra is currently an online student obtaining a degree in business management.    

“I have a rich love for both students and missionaries,” said Shondra. “To me, missionary work is loving people for who they are and then teaching them by example how to be better.  Although I’m BYU-Pathway’s newest employee, I have already seen and come to admire all we do to uplift and encourage students and missionaries right where they are on their individual, God-given path. I am delighted to now be part of this wonderful group!”

Comments on "Meet Shondra Yeager"

Shondra Yeager says:

What a pleasure to meet you, Sister Graham! You are the first person I’ve met that has also lived at Fort Huachuca. It sure took me a long time to learn to spell it correctly. I was born after my father’s Germany tour, but my sister just before me was born in Stuttgart. You are also the first one I’ve met to beat me with your 26 moves before college! I feel your pain, as well as all the wonderful first-hand experiences you have collected by living in so many places and cultures (even within the United states, such as the Boston -vs- El Paso type cultures). I wish you could feel how grateful I am that you accepted the assignment as Pathway missionaries. The Pathway program and students will be the better because of you!

Karin R Graham says:

Oh my goodness! I feel like I am reading about me in Shondra’s life. My husband and I have just been called as Pathway Missionaries and I myself am in online classes via Pathway. But as a child, I was an army brat: lived in Arizona twice-once down in Bisbee where I attended kindergarten. Then back again to Ft. Huachuca for 4th grade…well almost all of it. We were sent to Germany before the end of the year. By the time I was 18 leaving for college, we had moved 26 times!!! I knew there were others like me out there, but this is the first time I’ve read of someone with such a similar life of moves and even in some of the same places! I was born in El Paso, Texas, but six months later we were in Germany (for the first time). How exciting to know Shondra and I may work together as we work in our Pathway Missionary calling! Nice to meet you, Shondra!

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