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April 12, 2017

Five Tips to Start Off Right

Feel confident and better prepared for the start of the semester

A new page. A fresh start. The semester is beginning, you have 100% in all your classes so far, and the next three months are full of hope and promise. So how can you best prepare to take advantage of a new semester?

5 Tips to Start Off Right - Study Schedule, Mentally Prepare, Check Courses, Balance Yourself, and Go!


Comments on "Five Tips to Start Off Right"

Sumaira David says:

Thank for giving us motivation with five steps.

Siosiana Denham says:

Thanks for sharing.

Gaurav Singh says:

I love it, I was inspired by it!

Kingsley Akpan says:

It sounds really good if one can follow the tips. I’m excited to get it done.

Breanne Su'a says:

We are excited for you too, Kingsley!

Kiti says:

I loooove it!! Thank you

Noel says:

Thanks for your suggestions. I’m 48 years of age, I want to learn more.

Breanne Su'a says:

That’s great, Noel! Learning is something we can do throughout our lives that will continue to bless us.

Victor says:

I already know I will be a better me from the knowledge I will aquire here and I look forward to it.

Breanne Su'a says:

That’s great, Victor! Education is a wonderful tool for self-improvement.


Thank you so much for the five tips. They’re great enough to encourage and focus on the best start in this wonderful program of Pathway Worldwide. I agree that learning is a process and a commandment of our heavenly Father.

Breanne Su'a says:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Maniriho! I like how you pointed out that learning is a commandment. The Lord has promised us that He will provide a way for us to accomplish everything He has commanded us (1 Nephi 3:7), so I know He will help you in your education.

Mercy Nyanabotorukiri says:

I’d love to give it a try. It’s worth it; you just boosted my faith.

Breanne Su'a says:

I’m glad this article was helpful for you, Mercy! Have a great semester!

Uzoamaka Valentine says:

Thank you very much for the tips. Education remains the most valuable investment of all time. So glad I’m part of this journey.

Otobong Ime Eduok says:

I always take my inspiration from one networking advert which says: THERE IS NO LIMIT TO WHAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE.” Thank you for the 5 steps to start.

Faith Adiele says:

Thank you so much Sister, this is so helpful.

Rebecca Workman says:

You’re welcome!

Joseph says:

These tips have already given me confidence!
Thank you.

Rebecca Workman says:

You’re welcome!

Janet Ekar says:

Thank you for the 5 steps which will help use even as we start and lean more this semester.

Rebecca Workman says:

You’re welcome! Good luck with your semester!

Rebecca Workman says:

You’re welcome! I hope you have a great semester.

Karen says:

Thank you for the suggestions! The recommendations to create a study schedule balanced with rest and replenishment feel particularly applicable to me lately. The initial get-to-know-you posts are also important, it helps me feel more connected to fellow students. I am very grateful for these opportunities. Thank you so much for providing this to us!

Rebecca Workman says:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Karen! I agree, it can be very difficult to get enough rest and replenishment, but it makes a big difference as we take on life’s challenges. Have a wonderful semester!

John says:

Thank you. This is helpful.

The only way we can improve ourselves is to learn…

farai mtobaya says:

Learning is a process that is it never ends neither does it ends be it formally or informally.

nomzwake bomkazi c. mjiba says:

Thank you for your warm welcoming with 5 steps.

Edward Acheampong says:

We are happy to go to the house of the Lord “Temple”.

Edward Acheampong says:

Investment in education,to me is very good .

SUY, Chhay Leang says:

To get education is powering of your life! I like to read and listening and getyinh experience from my work !

Etimfom Thompson says:

Learning improves our sense of reasoning which helps us adapt to various situations.

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