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May 24, 2017

After PathwayConnect Options: BYU-Idaho On Campus

PathwayConnect Alumni attending BYU-Idaho on campus share what helped them adjust to BYU-Idaho

Most PathwayConnect students want to continue their education through a BYU-Idaho online program after PathwayConnect. But there are also students who decide to continue their education by attending BYU-Idaho as an on-campus student.

This can happen for many reasons. Maybe the student has always dreamed of experiencing university life on campus, or perhaps a specific degree program isn’t currently offered online.

Whatever the reason, preparing to attend a university after PathwayConnect can be much easier with the advice from current on-campus students. PathwayConnect alumni shared their advice on how to best prepare for the BYU-Idaho on-campus experience:

Scheduling Classes

PathwayConnect students who enroll on campus can prepare by creating an effective class schedule. Online students take their courses at a time most convenient for them, but on-campus students must plan their day around classes.

Catherine Peterson

Catherine Peterson, a current on-campus student from Alberta, Canada, shared her experience preparing for classes on campus. From what she has seen, when students don’t know how to schedule their classes effectively, they are more likely to get discouraged and frustrated early on in the semester.

When Catherine first started BYU-Idaho on-campus, she struggled to learn which classes she needed and when she should take them. She found the BYU-Idaho Graduation Planner to be a great help. The graduation planner is a program designed to help students get the most out of their time in school by helping them plan which classes they need to take each semester for their major.

“Scheduling classes on campus is very different than PathwayConnect,” she said. “After making a graduation plan, my goals felt more achievable. My plan encourages me to keep progressing toward graduation. It is an important part of scheduling for my classes ever since.”

The Classroom Workload

Sabina Ankrah

Another aspect of on-campus education that students can prepare for is studying course materials every day. Thanks to weekly gatherings and preparing lessons as lead students, many PathwayConnect students may not struggle with adjusting to the BYU-Idaho classroom workload, but there are still a few differences.

Sabina Ankrah, a student from Accra, Ghana, described some of these differences from her own experience taking classes on campus. She explained, “The classes at BYU-Idaho are great, but they can also be very difficult because the workload is greater and much harder than that of the PathwayConnect classes.”

A good way to manage coursework is to meet up with classmates to study and review class materials.

Although on-campus classes can be difficult, PathwayConnect can play an important role in preparing students for the classroom atmosphere. “In PathwayConnect, I learned to manage my time and plan weekly for classes. This skill is still very useful as a student at BYU-Idaho and has helped me on campus,” Sabina said.

Students can also get help by meeting with their professors and working with their fellow students.

“If there’s anything you don’t understand, BYU-Idaho professors are always willing to help, either after class or during office hours,” said Sabina. “Studying with other students also helps. When students teach and support each other, they remember the course material much easier.”

Getting Academic Guidance and Support

Attending a university can be an intimidating experience. With so many majors and options available to students, it can sometimes be difficult to find and pursue an academic path. There are resources on campus to help students make decisions early on in their educational journeys.

On-campus students can visit the free tutoring center located in the Mckay Library to get help with their coursework.

The BYU-Idaho advising office is a great resource that can help students make a decision about what degree to pursue as well as learn which classes are necessary in their graduation plan. Additionally, each student enrolled on campus is assigned a faculty mentor who can offer guidance and support throughout their academic careers.

Other services, such as the free tutoring center located in the McKay Library or the various drop-in subject labs found in different buildings around campus, are also readily available to provide students with the extra help and support they need as they work toward their degrees.

Finding Success On Campus

While attending BYU-Idaho on campus may seem daunting, it is possible for students to successfully adjust to campus life. Students who prepare ahead of time will find their experience much easier and more enjoyable.

There are many resources available to help prepare students for an on-campus experience. While a few have been addressed, there are many more. If you have any questions about matriculating to BYU-Idaho as an on-campus student or want to know if attending BYU-Idaho is right for you, you can schedule an appointment with BYU-Pathway Advising.

Do you have any questions about attending BYU-Idaho on campus? If you take time to review the resources available, you will be better prepared. You can help others, too! Please share your concerns or advice with us in the comment section below.

This article is the second part in a series dedicated to exploring the options PathwayConnect students have after finishing the program. Part one focuses on matriculating as an online student to BYU-Idaho. Stay tuned for part three in the coming weeks.

Comments on "After PathwayConnect Options: BYU-Idaho On Campus"

Kim Chhay says:

Is there any partnership program like BYU-Hawaii – BYU-Pathway partnership which includes IWORK scholarship for tuition? I’m currently in PC102; I want to enroll in civil engineering but there is no class in BYU-Hawaii nor BYU-Idaho online. Only a class in BYU-Idaho on campus.

Cate Williamson says:

Thank you for your question, Kim! BYU-Pathway Support can help you find an answer. Follow this link to contact BYU-Pathway Support and see FAQs:

Misheck Twabi says:

How do I apply for on-campus learning? What are the requirements? I am still on PC 102.

Cate Williamson says:

Hi Misheck! To apply to attend BYU-Idaho on campus, fill out this application form. If you have any further questions, please contact the Admissions office by phone at (208) 496-1300 or by email at

Calvin says:

How do I apply for BYU-Idaho on campus and do I also have to pay tuition? If so, how much will it be?

Lauren Conrad says:

Hi, Calvin! To apply to attend BYU-Idaho on campus, fill out the application form here. On-campus students are required to pay the regular tuition rate. You can learn more about tuition costs here. If you have any further questions, please contact the Admissions office by phone at (208) 496-1300 or by email at They can give you more information and answer any questions you have.

Gyamfi Anita says:

I currently finished BYU-Pathway in July 2019 and I want to apply for BYU Idaho campus for my degree programs. May I please know the processes involved and how to go about it?

Lauren Conrad says:

Anita, congratulations on completing PathwayConnect! To attend BYU-Idaho on campus, you must fill out the application form. For further assistance, please contact the Advising office by phone at (208) 496-1300 or by email at They can provide more information and answer any questions you may have.

Mamello says:

What are the requirements for a current BYU-Pathway student who would like to study with the BYU-Idaho on campus?

Breanne Su'a says:

Mamello, you should be able to easily transfer to study on campus. You can contact for more information!

fontaine bladymil says:

I’m not in BYU-Pathway, but I want to apply. It will be cool to apply for BYU-Pathway because it’s an opportunity for people to follow their goals.

Breanne Su'a says:

Fontaine, we hope you will apply! Visit our admissions page for more information.

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