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July 24, 2017

7 Ways to Save BIG on Your Degree

Don’t let the cost of higher education keep you from earning your degree — these tips are sure to help as you work through your academic path

Let’s be real — getting a university degree costs a TON, and not just financially. In fact, there are many obstacles that make getting an education difficult, some of which even prevent people from fulfilling their academic goals.

Since its creation in 2009, PathwayConnect has worked to tear down the walls that keep students from their educations and help them save big on their academic paths. Designed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a way to bring higher education to members of the Church around the world, it has opened the doors of higher education to more than 60,000 people in more than 70 countries.

Here are just 7 perks to enrolling in PathwayConnect for your education:

1. PathwayConnect Tuition is Low-Cost

Most University options are expensive. In fact, the average university student is expected to finish their degree with more than $35,000 of debt.

PathwayConnect provides students with an affordable, low-cost alternative as a bridge to higher education. With a tuition that only costs $69 per credit in the United States, and even less in other countries, PathwayConnect offers students a high-quality education that costs five times less than other universities.

2. No Textbook or Course Material Fees

Class materials, like textbooks, are another big expense for students — sometimes costing more than $1,000 a year, depending on the semester.

During PathwayConnect’s year-long curriculum, students pay no course materials fees.

3. Students Don’t Have To Go On Campus

If you have attended a local university on campus before, you know the commute to classes everyday can be pricey. Gas, bus passes, parking, and even rental fees can add up quickly and increase the cost of physically attending a university.

Students gather at the Institute Building to further their education through the PathwayConnect Program.

Since PathwayConnect’s courses are online, the only commute includes a weekly gathering in a local Church meetinghouse or institute building. That means less money spent on getting to classes, and more time focusing on what students want to learn.

4. Students Can Get an Education From Home

Attending a university on campus is a thing of the past!

PathwayConnect is an online program, so there’s no need to for students to spend money moving themselves and their families to a new home to get the education they need.

Thanks to PathwayConnect, students can go on to earn their degrees in the comfort of their own home. After students successfully complete the program, they are able to work towards a BYU-Idaho degree completely online at the same $69 per credit tuition rate for students in the United States!

5. Online Courses Work With a Daily Routine

Time is money, and sometimes conforming to a daily class schedule is a burden that many students can’t afford.

PathwayConnect courses are designed to be flexible. Because they are taken online, they can work with a student’s schedule, and allow them to learn when they are available.

6. More Time to Spend With Family

Busy schedules take time away from important things like family — and getting an education is no different. More time spent in a classroom means more time away from family, but not with PathwayConnect.

Because PathayConnect’s courses are flexible and can be taken from home, students have more time to participate in other important parts of life — like spending meaningful time with a spouse or children. Over the years, many PathwayConnect students have reported improvement in their family relationships because they have more time to spend together.

7. Less Stress

Finances aside, there is an emotional price students pay when they pursue an education. Getting a degree can be stressful, having support and guidance as they work toward their academic goals can help.

Pathway Advising student employees.

PathwayConnect has many options to give students the support and guidance they need. From instructors and academic advisors who really care about students, to Pathway Church-service missionaries and fellow students in gatherings and online support groups, there are resources dedicated to making the PathwayConnect experience as stress free as possible.

You Can Save Big Through PathwayConnect

These are just a few of the ways you can save big by starting your path to a university degree though PathwayConnect. For more information about PathwayConnect, or to start your application, visit

Comments on "7 Ways to Save BIG on Your Degree"

This is PETER MPAULO DIOGO from Uganda. We don’t have PathwayConnect in Uganda yet, and I have a burning desire to be part of the program so I can study online with BYU-Idaho. How can I do it when I am just here in Uganda? Help me understand please!

Agustina Flores says:

I am Agustina Flores from Houston Texas, and I am very excited with this program. This is a blessing for me, I am 51 years old and I never imagined that I can be enrolled on programs like this. My goal is to improve my English because I know we are capable to get better kind of life. I want to be a Dental Hygienist.

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