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August 31, 2017

5 Things to Know About BYU-Pathway Worldwide

What the creation of BYU-Pathway Worldwide means for you

Since the announcement of BYU-Pathway Worldwide in February 2017, students have been excited about what the new organization will mean for them. Many have wondered how it will impact their education, and others have asked whether it is any different at all. 

Here are five things you should know about BYU-Pathway Worldwide:

1. Pathway (the program) has changed names to PathwayConnect

The creation of BYU-Pathway Worldwide has prompted a name change for the three-semester Pathway program to avoid confusion between the two. The three-semester program is now called PathwayConnect. This change preserves the hope and opportunity Pathway has been known for. It also indicates a connection to BYU-Idaho online certificates and degrees made available through BYU-Pathway.

2. There’s more to BYU-Pathway Worldwide than just PathwayConnect

In addition to offering PathwayConnect, BYU-Pathway will be the single point of entry to online certificates and degrees offered to non-resident students1 within the Church Educational System (CES).

The certificates and degrees offered online through BYU-Pathway will be granted from Brigham Young University-Idaho. However, all schools within the Church Educational System will help contribute individual courses and curriculum offered online through BYU-Pathway. Students who wish to attend the campuses of BYU, BYU-Idaho, BYU-Hawaii, or LDS Business College may apply separately to those institutions and must adhere to their individual admission standards.

Stackable Degrees

PathwayConnect opens the door to stackable degrees, which allows students to earn a certificate, associate degree, bachelor’s degree — or all three — online from BYU-Idaho.

3. Seamless support and advising for students

BYU-Pathway will provide seamless support from PathwayConnect to a certificate and/or degree.

Historically, PathwayConnect has been administered in a separate system from BYU-Idaho’s online certificates and degrees and has had dedicated support and advising teams, course registration procedures, and more. This has meant that when PathwayConnect students matriculate to a BYU-Idaho online program, they’ve had to learn entirely new processes and systems.

But with the creation of BYU-Pathway, the transition from PathwayConnect to an online certificate or degree program will eventually be seamless: one place to go for support, one place to go for course registration, one place for everything — from enrollment to graduation.

4. Collaboration with other Church programs and departments

PathwayConnect students gather weekly for face-to-face interaction and support.

BYU-Pathway full-time employees are in the process of moving themselves and their families from Rexburg, Idaho, to Salt Lake City, Utah, which is the new headquarters for BYU-Pathway Worldwide. Why? Because being in Salt Lake City means BYU-Pathway administrators can work more closely with Self-Reliance Services (SRS), the Church Missionary Department, Seminaries and Institutes, as well as Church leadership.

These close connections will help BYU-Pathway grow and evolve in a more strategic and focused manner, ultimately providing more meaningful opportunities to Church members throughout the world. BYU-Pathway continues to work closely with BYU-Idaho for the creation of curriculum and online programs.

5. A way to grow spiritually, academically, and professionally

Every CES college and university offers a unique opportunity to earn more than just a certificate or degree, and BYU-Pathway Worldwide is no different. As students participate in gospel-based education, they will learn doctrines and skills that will help them get better jobs, serve their families and communities, and deepen their testimonies of Jesus Christ.

As students take the gospel-centered teaching into their lives they will see an increase of the Spirit in their own homes.

Now that you know a little about BYU-Pathway Worldwide, you can visit our website to apply today!


  1. ^ A “non-resident student” is any individual pursuing a certificate or degree online. A “resident student” is an individual pursuing a degree on a physical campus.

Comments on "5 Things to Know About BYU-Pathway Worldwide"

Tendai says:

I’m so grateful for this wonderful program. It has changed my life in so many ways. Thank you so much PathwayConnect for this opportunity.

Godwin Monday A says:

Pathway is God inspired opportunity revelation give to our leaders to bless our lives both physically and temporary.l love pathway,but I am preparing to fully engage my self when the time is right.

Stephanie Martin says:

Pathway connect is a blessing to the world! Thank you for the clarification.

Marielle H Joseph says:

What a great ,inspired and interesting program!I am very grateful too my heavenly Father for inspiring our church leaders to create it for us,specially for us mothers and wives who always have so many things to handle at home and at church and also at work.Having the privilege to study at home is a great blessing.Thanks again.


Marielle H Joseph

Clemson says:

I’m happy to be a. Pathway student.

Theopolina Kashihakumwa says:

Looking forward to be a part of the great program.

Paul Seia says:

Thanks for the details of the changes and its all good for the students Love from Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Victoria says:

Thank you very much for your support in helping us succeed. I will begin next semester next week and so excited about it.

future says:

it really cool to have a program like this that helps to uplift many people’s life for the better

Kathaleen Clifford says:

I am grateful for an inspired program that changes to better meet the needs of todays students. Thank you leaders and thank you, Jesus Christ.

Rennie Devison says:

We are living it. I do appreciate all the helpful advice I’ve been given.

Great News! Can’t wait for classes to start!

Anne says:

Thank you! It is clearer now how the program works. Will there be graduate programs available soon?

utena42 says:

#3 is BIG, in my opinion. I did have to re-learn everything with people I didn’t already know. And, when I wanted to order printed course material for Pathway courses from the BYU-I book store, I had to have a special account created because I wasn’t actually a BYU-I student!
Thanks very much for the information; it is clearer to me now, and I know that these changes will benefit all new students. 🙂

Laurie Ruiz says:

Thank you! This answers questions we had.

Liz guy says:

Looking forward to more learning and growing. I teach institute for our stake and I love the way we are teaching the gospel
Principles and doctrines. It will be great to be a student and learn more and gain a greater understanding of our Heavenly Fathers plan for us. Liz Guy

Wendy says:

Thank you for all the hard work in making this program such a gift in our life’s.

Sheri Smith says:

I have been greatly blessed by the Pathway program. It just keeps getting better and better. I have recommended it to many people and will continue to do so.

Elder and Sister Hansen says:

These clarifications were needed and appreciated. Thanks!!
Elder and Sister Hansen Pathway Missionaries Cleveland/Kirtland Stakes

Judy says:

Awesome!!! Thanks for the explanation!

The article has made it clear… thanks!

Anne says:

Very good information about pathway. Now I understand how it works.
Anne William

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