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January 8, 2018

Meet Alison Cundiff

BYU-Pathway’s Mentor Manager wants to help students build confidence in themselves

BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s new Mentor Manager, Alison Cundiff, wants to raise students’ confidence in themselves and help them become who they want to become. She has this passion because she, too, was once a student who lacked a belief in herself.

Alison Cundiff is BYU-Pathway’s new Mentor Manager.

Alison graduated from BYU-Idaho in 2008. Five short years later, she became an online instructor for BYU-Idaho and taught three different courses. During that time, she also worked for United Way of Salt Lake, a nonprofit dedicated to serving people in need, where she learned many skills and valuable lessons such as helping those in need in her community. However, she always felt a desire to work in higher education and student success.

Alison first heard about BYU-Pathway as an online instructor in 2013. When the creation of BYU-Pathway Worldwide and its new headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, were announced, she knew it was her opportunity to make her hope of working with students in higher education become a reality.

Because she was once a student who lacked confidence, Alison wants to help students grow and become better. During her last year as a student at BYU-Idaho, she had a few professors who built her up and helped her become the student she’d always wanted to become. She wants to be an example to PathwayConnect students and help them like her professors helped her.

Since working for BYU-Pathway, she’s learned that the Lord cares about the details of each person’s life. She feels that the Lord cares deeply for His children all over the world and wants them to be happy and successful. “Working to help students realize this in their own lives has been a tremendous blessing,” she says.

She hopes to continue using her skills and talents to help students succeed and become who the Lord wants them to become.

Alison and her husband, Steven, have been married for seven years after meeting on a blind date at BYU. They are very close to their respective families and love spending time with them.

They also love being outdoors. Whether it’s going for a walk, a hike, or a jog, the Cundiff family is there. The Cundiffs also love world travel and have been on many unique and fun adventures.

Alison and her husband Steven love hiking and anything outdoors.

You, like Alison, can make a difference in students’ lives. Start your journey to become an online instructor today!

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