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February 5, 2018

One Step at a Time

BYU-Pathway’s Student Support Consistency Specialist looks back at the path that led to her employment

I never thought I would live in the United States, let alone work here.

Growing up in Belgium, I always had a unique interest in the United States. After two study abroad programs in the Missouri and Texas area, I felt drawn to the idea of working with international countries and connecting them to one another.

While I was still in school, I did not know that these interests would bring me to where I am today, but looking back, I can see how it prepared me to listen to promptings that would lead me to my employment with BYU-Pathway Worldwide — the same way PathwayConnect students feel led to their enrollment in the program.

Hélène (center) works for Pathway Student Support as the consistency specialist.

Listening to the still, small voice prompted Hélène to change her life

Shortly after graduating from the Universite catholique de Louvain (in Belgium) with my master’s degree in international relations, I felt prompted to move to Austin, Texas to work in international logistics. I know it was no coincidence I was led to that job, because without it I would not have furthered my passions or met my husband.

One day while living in Texas, my husband said he felt the need to attend Brigham Young University-Idaho on campus. I never imagined my life taking this turn, but I couldn’t ignore the small promptings urging me to consider the move.

After much pondering and prayer, we made the move to Rexburg, Idaho.

Hélène fervently searched for her next step 

Immediately after moving, I began seeking employment and was hired at a health and wellness company. While I was happy to be employed, something about it didn’t feel right. I did not know why the Lord led me to that career. I did not understand what my purpose was; I felt like I did not belong. I began to pray for answers, patiently learning to live on the Lord’s time.

After a few months, I felt prompted to look at positions with BYU-Idaho and noticed an opening at BYU-Pathway. I was immediately intrigued and began researching what the program was. While watching a few PathwayConnect videos, I broke out into tears — I finally received the answer to my prayers.

I felt like this job would give me a purpose again; I knew this was where I belonged. After praying more about it, I knew BYU-Pathway was where the Lord wanted me so I could do what I love and connect with students around the world.

Hélène and her husband enjoy traveling the world where they can experience new cultures.

One PathwayConnect gathering helped Hélène realize her purpose

Shortly after being hired at BYU-Pathway, I attended my first gathering. While there, I met a woman that I still think about everyday. I asked her why she enjoyed PathwayConnect, and she shared how the program gives her confidence because it taught her how to spell.

I was touched by her response because something so small and simple to me has profoundly changed her life. I realized that these were the types of experiences I could share with students around the world through my job with BYU-Pathway.

Hélène’s job with BYU-Pathway has brought many blessings to her life

As I look back on my path to BYU-Pathway Worldwide, I can see the small and simple blessings that were necessary in bringing me here.

I had the chance to move to the United States, I gained valuable work experiences, I was motivated to use my talents, and I was inspired to share educational blessings with the world.

If I chose not to follow my promptings, I may have never worked for BYU-Pathway. Any student can have these similar experiences, feeling led to academic and professional success through milestones in their life. For many students and myself, PathwayConnect is a small and simple blessing that can bring a big impact.

Hélène (second from right) with other BYU-Pathway Worldwide employees she now calls friends.

To learn more about BYU-Pathway Worldwide or enroll in an online program, visit

Comment on "One Step at a Time"

Lisa Vehikite says:

When I read about those experience above from our pathway students and those blessings they receive from the pathway connect. I had tears of happiness and smile on my face believing on what our Heavenly Father wants from us his children. I’m still taking Math Semester and I love it. I had pass Life Skills and I have learned a lot from this class sharing stories and quote from leaders. I never knew that I will had this opportunity to go back to school after those 15 years of staying home with my kids. I know that taking pathway will help me with my callings and for my husband’s too. It strengthen my faith and my testimony when I follow the prompting of the spirit. Pathway Connect has change my life being with my friends and working with my young women, loving my families, it changed my lives temporally and spiritually.

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