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June 11, 2018

3 Reasons to Get Your Education Online

Thinking about getting a degree? Here are three reasons why you should consider an online education

Getting an education online can be daunting, but for many, it presents a life-changing opportunity. PathwayConnect is a one-year online program that prepares students to get a degree from BYU-Idaho online through online introductory courses and weekly gatherings. This program is revolutionizing the way people around the world are able to get a degree without ever stepping foot on a college campus.

Here are just three reasons why you should get your education online through PathwayConnect:

1. It’s Flexible

Finding the time to balance daily responsibilities while pursuing an education can be overwhelming, but PathwayConnect gives you the freedom to work around your daily schedule.

After completing PathwayConnect, you can choose from dozens of online certificate and degree programs from BYU-Idaho, coordinated and presented through BYU-Pathway. You get to decide how many classes you take each semester, finishing your education in a time frame you set.

Online education allows you to take time for your other responsibilities.

2. It’s Affordable

Since you wouldn’t have to attend school on a campus as a PathwayConnect student, you would only pay for your courses. This allows you to participate from anywhere in the world at a low price. Also, if you continue on to a BYU-Idaho online program, you get the same reduced tuition rate you paid in PathwayConnect.

See how much PathwayConnect tuition costs in a location near you!

PathwayConnect allows you to start your degree in an inexpensive way!

3. It’s Marketable

Managing different priorities and responsibilities while getting an education can show the dedication PathwayConnect students have. Employers value a strong work ethic and will appreciate applicants that are doing their best to further their education.

Through the different courses you take in PathwayConnect, you will learn real-world skills that can be applied to the workplace. Communication, leadership, and time management skills are just a few of the many skills you can learn and refine.

PathwayConnect and BYU-Idaho Online give you the skills to be successful in your professional endeavors.

Enroll today!

It has never been easier to pursue higher education. Getting a degree or certificate is now possible from anywhere in the world at a low cost. Take advantage of these opportunities, and open the door to new opportunities with PathwayConnect.

Learn more about PathwayConnect and visit to apply today!

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