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November 5, 2018

If You Want to Quit

These 3 habits can motivate you when doubts arise

Have you ever asked yourself if earning your degree is even worth it, or if PathwayConnect or an online education is truly for you?

Earning a degree is a challenging endeavor. It requires commitment, sacrifice, and a lot of hard work. But as with many difficult things, this journey promises significant rewards to those who stay the course. I know the Lord will bless and uplift you as you “seek learning, even by study and also by faith.”1

In my own experience, practicing the following three habits can help you continue with your educational goals — or other personal goals — when you are tempted to quit.

1. Remember why you started

Remember the reason for pursuing your education.

If you are experiencing doubts or fears regarding your choice to pursue an education, I invite you to ask yourself, “Why did I enroll in PathwayConnect — or an online degree?” Or “Why did I choose to pursue this specific degree?”

Perhaps you are a single parent enrolled in PathwayConnect because you didn’t have the education to provide for your children. Or maybe getting a bachelor’s degree has been a lifelong goal that is finally becoming a reality. Reminding yourself of the excitement you experienced when you were first accepted into PathwayConnect or an online degree program can be a source of motivation.

Remember, anything truly worthwhile will not come easily. It takes consistent effort and a daily commitment to reach the desired result.

“Don’t give up when the pressure mounts… Face your doubts. Master your fears.”2 — Elder Jeffrey R. Holland



2. Think about how far you’ve come

Simple things will lead to big things.

Sometimes you can’t see the improvements you have made from where you stand. But like mile markers on a road, you can look back at how far you’ve come since you began.

These mile markers, or check points, can be simple accomplishments, such as making the decision to invest in your education, working hard to complete an assignment, actively participating in a discussion board, or regularly attending your weekly gatherings.

“By small and simple things are great things brought to pass,”3 Alma the Younger taught. You may consider these simple accomplishments as simple sacrifices. Although it can be difficult, recognize that through Jesus Christ you can do hard things.

“Don’t get overwhelmed by the many large, difficult tasks of life. If you commit to doing the ‘easy’ things … and you do them as perfectly as you can, big things will follow.”4 — Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf


3. Ask for help — you’re not alone

There is help all around you.

It can often feel overwhelming to get a degree. You might feel that you are sinking in a pile of never-ending homework or that your degree is too far off in the future. If you are experiencing these struggles, I invite and encourage you to ask for help. 

BYU-Pathway Worldwide (in partnership with BYU-Idaho) provides several opportunities for you to receive assistance during your academic years. Tutors, service missionaries, peers, mentors, instructors, and BYU-Pathway Support each offer a unique and comfortable environment for you to receive the academic help and motivation you need to continue moving forward.

You were never meant to go through life alone, and that is why your Father in Heaven has commissioned His children to minister to one another. If you pray to Heavenly Father for guidance and reach out to others for assistance, He will direct you to those who can assist you to successfully complete your education.

“The disposition to ask assistance from others with confidence, and to grant it with kindness, should be part of our very nature.”5 — Elder Robert D. Hales


If you ever feel like quitting your education or any other worthwhile goals, remember why you started, what you’ve accomplished, and how you can seek help. These habits will provide the personal motivation and strength that will assist you in your academic success.

Don’t quit on your education! For assistance, visit

Learn more about BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s Student Success Vice President, Ben Packer!

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Comments on "If You Want to Quit"

Abel Narayan says:

Love the message, love the encouragement, love the inspired quotes. Thank you for the much needed boost.

Christine says:

Thank you for the messages. Its remind me my goal in the first place.

J.A. Bañez says:

We’re glad that this article helped you Christine. We hope that you achieve your goal!

Luis Priero says:

I was thinking to quick of pathway because in the last two weeks had been very hard for my personal life include the English language, but in this week all is changing and when I gone to the gathering that mark a big difference. Share with other person help me to do something about my goals and help me to remember why I decided to start to study.

Thank for this post, really it helps me to focus on my purpose.

J.A. Bañez says:

Luis, we are glad that you decided to continue your education! We know that your decision will only help you in the future! Have you watched the recent BYU-Pathway broadcast? Check out to hear what Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and other Church leaders have to say about doubts and fears as students continue their education. I think you will love it!

Alex Oliveira says:

I liked so much

J.A. Bañez says:

Alex, we are glad that you did!

Eduardo Alcala says:

I’ve seriously considered quitting due to lack of time. I can only attend to my lessons during nightime after work. Often I get so tired I fall asleep. But after reading this I get a new surge of energy to continue. Thank you!

J.A. Bañez says:

Eduardo, we are so glad that you decided to not quit! Have you watched the recent BYU-Pathway broadcast? Check out to hear what Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and other Church leaders have to say about obstacles that students face as they continue their education. We are sure that you’ll love it!

Cindy Dayanne Viveros says:

Thank you for this article. It came in a time that I really needed to hear this.

J.A. Bañez says:

We are glad that this article was published in a timely manner to help you, Cindy! God is aware of you!

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