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April 2, 2019

Make the Most Out of General Conference

Follow these 4 tips to prepare for general conference

Do you have questions you want answers to? Are you seeking peace, comfort, or guidance? Then watch general conference! The First Presidency, the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and other General Authorities and Officers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will address more than 16 million members and deliver inspirational messages. 

As we’ve been taught, revelation requires preparation, so how can you best prepare for this special opportunity? Here are a few ideas to get started:

Fast and pray

Preparation invites revelation.

Before watching general conference, try having a special fast accompanied by sincere prayer. If there’s a challenge you’re facing, fasting can open your heart and mind to revelation that can help bring inspiration and peace. 

President James E. Faust once said, “It is a privilege to ask Deity for specific blessings.”1 Be specific in your prayers. Specific prayers offered in faith often lead to specific revelation. Then, as you listen attentively to the conference messages and act on what you learn, answers will eventually come. 

Remove distractions

Watching general conference without distractions, such as your phone, social media, or even side conversations, can free your mind to receive revelation. Distractions might cause you to miss important messages Heavenly Father has for you. Making conference your primary focus shows Him that you’re ready to learn and apply what you’re learning. 

Write down promptings you receive as you listen.

Record impressions

When something a speaker shares sticks out to you, it’s often the Spirit guiding you to take action. Consider writing down ideas, promptings, and feelings that come into your mind and heart as you watch. These might be peaceful feelings, directions on how to improve, or promptings to help someone else. When you write these down, you can easily go back and remember what you learned and how you felt.

Take action

General conference isn’t meant to be a one-weekend experience to be forgotten once the Sunday afternoon session ends. The divinely inspired messages can uplift and inspire you throughout the coming months and remind you of your commitment to follow Jesus Christ. After taking some time to ponder your notes, consider setting a few specific, achievable goals to apply what you learned. Review your goals and evaluate your progress often. 

We’re blessed to live in a time when the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored and we can receive modern-day revelation through modern-day prophets and apostles. If we open our hearts to their messages, we will feel peace. Be sure to watch general conference at!

We are blessed to receive modern-day revelation.

After conference, share what you learned in the comments below!

1. ^ James E. Faust, “The Lifeline of Prayer,” Ensign, May 2002, 59

Comments on "Make the Most Out of General Conference"

Emile Biayenda Manoukou says:

I’m so happy for these tips.

zen says:

Thanks for the testimony. It’s helped me a lot.

Paruru Kukuma says:

Thank you for preparing us for this General Conference and I know cannot wait to hear our Presidencies with their inspirational talks.

Pollyan M McAlister says:

Thanks a lot for this great information. We are so blessed to have a living Prophet.
We thank the for the Prophet.

Ana Latu Falatau says:

Thank you presidencies for your advice.

Derek K. Asamoah says:

2 ​And it shall come to pass in the ​​​last days​, ​that​ the ​​​mountain​ of the ​​Lord​​’s ​​​house​ shall be ​​​established​ in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all ​​​nations​ shall flow unto it.
​​​3 ​And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us ​​​go​ up to the ​​​mountain​ of the ​​Lord​​, to the ​​​house​ of the God of Jacob; and he will ​​​teach​ us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of ​​​Zion​ shall go forth the ​​​law​, and the word of the ​​Lord​​ from Jerusalem
Isaiah 2:2-3

Chukwuemeka cyriacus Egbu says:

Thank God for another opportunity for us to be blessed.

Thomas Deen says:

Thanks for the great guidance! May God continue to guide and protect us.

Dario Cruz says:

It gives us strenght to endure in the kingdon

Idehen Smart says:

We are truly blessed to have living prophets who speak and interpret the mind of God for us. This message has motivated me to sincerely prepare myself and my family to receive the blessings and revelations of this coming General Conference.

Thank you for sharing this message with me.

Robert Smith says:

Words of wisdom to listen to. Every General Conference has a message. I look forward to it.

Sahy Joséphine says:

Thanks so much… Important information 👌

patrizia Garofalo says:

Very simple and so precious suggestions.

Rich Bradarich says:

Thank you for these important suggestions to get more out of General Conference. I believe General Conference can be a life-changing experience for those who apply these suggestions.

Hope Jane says:

Wow, I think these are always the tips for a successful learning experience, but we sometimes forget to use them. I’m glad it reminded me again. So looking forward to this conference to answer many things.

Maria Conlon says:

I‘m preparing like there’s no tomorrow. I’m excited, happy, and thankful for our prophet’s words, as well as everyone else preparing talks for this unforgettable general conference.

Metha says:

Thanks very much for the tips shared. We’re really blessed to belong to the Church of the Lord.
Thank the Lord for the prophet.

Sulaiman deen says:

Thanks very much for this inspired notification. I know that over 16 million lives are going to be blessed on that faithful Saturday and Sunday. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Lauren Conrad says:

Thank you for your testimony, Sulaiman! General Conference can be such an uplifting and inspiring experience. Enjoy your Conference weekend!

Katia Sonia says:

Thanks for the tips.

Shondra Yeager says:

Perfect advice and direction!

Lisivani says:

This is great, and thanks once again.

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