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June 19, 2019

Meet Kempe Nicoll

Get to know more about BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s marketing and enrollment manager

Kempe Nicoll, a native of Mesa, Arizona, has always been passionate about education and the blessings it brings to people everywhere. As a former online student at the University of Phoenix and Western Governors University, he knows the benefits and challenges that come from earning a degree outside of a traditional classroom.

Kempe and his wife, Rachelle, with their children

That’s why he was the perfect candidate to be BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s marketing and enrollment manager. He spends his time with online marketing, in an effort to find and prepare potential students who would benefit from BYU-Pathway.

Kempe first heard about BYU-Pathway Worldwide when it was officially announced by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf in February 2017. At the time, Kempe was working for another online university but felt inspired to combine his love for education with a Church-led organization.

Kempe preparing for a triathlon

He said, “My favorite part of working here is knowing the purpose of BYU-Pathway Worldwide. There are lots of people who need education but never have the opportunity because they don’t live close enough to a campus.… Knowing that BYU-Pathway is not just helping people here in the States, but across the world, is incredible.”

But, of course, work isn’t the only thing on Kempe’s plate. He and his wife, Rachelle, have six children to keep them busy! Their children range in age from three to 18 years old. Kempe loves training for triathlons, coaching his children in sports, and going on road trips with his family.  They’ll soon be missing their oldest son, who leaves on his mission to Guatemala in July.

Kempe coaching his boys in football

And while his son will be sharing the gospel plan far from home, Kempe will be sharing a similar message with people around the world. “Heavenly Father has created in His plan a way to educate His children,” he shared. “And even though they may not be able to come here to Utah, we can come to them — wherever they are. God blesses His children through education.”




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I love it:”God blesses His children through education”

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