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June 5, 2019

Meet Westin Cordier

Meet the communication team's projects and events coordinator

Westin Cordier works at BYU-Pathway Worldwide as the communication team’s projects and events coordinator. While growing up in Columbus, Indiana, Westin loved to play sports like football, basketball, and baseball, and even learned how to play guitar when he was 11 years old. He graduated from BYU-Idaho with a bachelor’s degree in business management with an emphasis in finance. While serving in the Utah Salt Lake City East Mission, Westin met his wife, Melissa — a sister missionary. Westin knew he wanted to date her after their missions as soon as he met her.

Westin and his wife, Melissa

“I got home on a Wednesday,” he said. “She flew out to Indiana that Saturday to see me. I flew out to California one Saturday later to see her — two weeks of being home. The third Saturday, I bought a ring. And the fifth Saturday, five weeks in, I asked her to marry me.”

Westin and Melissa have been married for four years and have two children, Jace (3) and Brooklyn (7 mo.). Westin likes to paint and still plays guitar — he even recorded his own album! But now that he’s a dad, Westin says, “My hobbies are my kids now. Anything that they’re doing, I’m doing.” Whether it’s playing on the swings or going to the park, the Cordier family love to spend time together outdoors at their home in Provo, Utah.

Two of Westin’s paintings

In 2017, while working at BYU-Idaho’s Support Center in Rexburg, Westin was offered an internship with BYU-Pathway Worldwide with Bryan Justesen, the director over domestic area managers at that time. BYU-Pathway Worldwide was beginning the transition from Rexburg to Salt Lake City. Eventually, Westin was hired full-time on the team in Utah. Because he and his family wanted to stay in Rexburg, they were hesitant about making the move with a small salary and a baby on the way. After praying earnestly, they decided to trust in the Lord that they were supposed to move. Taking this leap of faith proved beneficial for their family. Two days after moving to Utah, Westin was promoted and offered the position he has now, increasing his salary and answering his family’s prayers.

Westin and Melissa with their children, Jace and Brooklyn

Westin is truly the backbone of the communication team. As the projects and events coordinator, he works with project stakeholders and assures that assignments will be completed successfully by the deadline. He also coordinates events that involve President Clark G. Gilbert or the President’s Executive Group.

Westin is inspired by BYU-Pathway Worldwide and its effort to strengthen individuals academically and spiritually. He said, “Everything that we’re doing is making history. The fact that we’re serving 40,000 students each year is historic. Every day that I come in, I’m making a difference.”

Westin is proud to have been a part of BYU-Pathway Worldwide since its announcement in 2017 and hopes to see it grow to serve 500,000 students each year.


Comments on "Meet Westin Cordier"

Donald Cordier says:

I’m a Cordier also, and I’ve been searching for other Cordiers. We are all related. I’ve found some from my grandmother doing the family tree and handing down the information. According to her, the first Cordier to step foot on American soil was Charles Cordier. I’m praying for the whole Cordier family to bond together. I’d surely like to meet the rest of our family .

Lauren Conrad says:

That’s a great connection, Donald! Families and family history work are so important.

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