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October 1, 2019

Meet Hilary Bagley

Get to know the enrollment services specialist at BYU-Pathway Worldwide

Hilary Bagley was born in Chico, California, and spent the majority of her childhood moving around the western United States, including Idaho, Oregon, and Nevada. For the last 17 years, however, she has lived in South Jordan, Utah. Soon, she and her family will move to Riverton where their new home is being built.

Some of Hilary’s main responsibilities at BYU-Pathway Worldwide include keeping information up to date for enrollment services and BYU-Pathway Support. She also oversees part-time employees in her department who send out offers to returning students and assist students who have any exceptions or petitions pertaining to enrollment.

When she was 43 years old, she met her husband, Rob Bagley, while singing at wholesale retailer Costco, to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. “You can get anything at Costco!” she said with a laugh.

Hilary and her husband, Rob, supporting their kids as they prepare for a live show for their YouTube channel.

When they got married, Hilary inherited six children who range from ages 13-28. Although they are technically her stepchildren, she prefers to call them her “bonus kids” because she loves them as though they were her own. 

Hilary also happens to have a great relationship with their mom. In fact, they’re best friends! Her kids help show their support of Hilary being in the family as well through their YouTube channel called “Working with Lemons.” As they share their talents through different music covers, they also highlight the positives of blended families. Outside of work, you can always count on Hilary to be spending time with her family.

Hilary began her college education at Ricks College, studying vocal performance, before serving a full-time mission in Carlsbad, California. She wanted to continue her education, but when she returned home, there were bills to be paid. As time passed, Hilary’s hopes for higher education faded away.

Her professional career began at Costco in 2000. She started at the bottom — pushing carts in the middle of winter — until she eventually became a supervisor. Hilary assumed that’s what she’d do the rest of her life, but Heavenly Father had a different plan for her. 

Hilary (right); her “bonus” son, Porter (center); and Porter’s mom, Jean (left)

Hilary previously thought, “Oh, college isn’t for me. I never finished.” Her husband, who works in the career center at LDS Business College, however, heard about PathwayConnect and encouraged her to apply. She declined the first time and the second time when they ran into missionaries serving in the PathwayConnect program during their vacation in Moab, Utah.

Her husband was determined that she join PathwayConnect, so he filled out most of the application until all Hilary had to do was press accept — a decision she will always be grateful for. 

While attending PathwayConnect, Hilary found herself working for BYU-Pathway Support as a student employee in 2017. In October 2018, she was hired full time to the student services team. 

All throughout PathwayConnect and the process of working for BYU-Pathway, Hilary saw how the Lord was in the details of her life. She never thought her education would lead her to her current position.

As she’s worked for the company, she has also been working toward an online degree in marriage and family studies through BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

Hilary is thankful to work with inspired leaders who follow the Spirit and help support students across the world. “[BYU-Pathway] has impacted almost every aspect of my life. It has provided me with a broader vision of the Lord’s Kingdom.”

Her advice for anyone looking to be a part of BYU-Pathway: “Just do it, and keep a journal … This program will change you if you let it.”

Hilary with her husband, Rob

Comments on "Meet Hilary Bagley"

Rex Koyle says:

I too am grateful for BYU-Pathway. Without it, getting a degree would be impossible.

Joshua Samuel okposin says:

Thanks so much for sharing this talk with us.

Walter Wisdom says:

By small and simple means, great things always come to pass… “Just do it, and keep a journal … This program will change you if you let it.”

ricky says:

We are blessed with BYU-Pathway so that anyone can realize his or her dreams. Thank you, Lord.

Lauren Conrad says:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ricky! I agree; BYU-Pathway is a huge blessing to many people as they follow their dreams.

Allan William Ndiwalana says:

Hiraly mentions it her self ,’ The Lord has a road mark for each of our lives if only we can listen,ponder,submit and act positively to the Lord’s roadmap and marks.

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