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November 19, 2019

The Master Builder of Our Abilities

We don't have to be broken blocks; Jesus Christ can work with us and use us for good

Main room of the Assembly Hall at Temple Square

In the May 2019 BYU-Pathway Worldwide devotional, Sister Sharon Eubank told the history of the Assembly Hall at Temple Square. For years the Assembly Hall has been used for recitals, concerts, and lectures. When the hall is filled with music and the Spirit, it’s an inspiring worship center where many gather to be uplifted and come closer to God.

The Assembly Hall was built from leftover stone originally intended for the Salt Lake Temple that had broken or splintered at the stone quarry and was, therefore, unusable. But the builder knew that, with a little extra care and mortar, these stones could come together to form a beautiful building — and they did.

Sometimes we might feel like these broken and rejected stones and wonder if we still have worth. But we can have faith that, just like the stones used to build the Assembly Hall, God is reshaping each of us so He can use us for good.

We come from all backgrounds and locations. Even though some of us might feel left behind, the Lord has provided opportunities for us to improve and find joy. 

He can spy a good block

Many of us have experienced years of trials, difficult circumstances, or missed opportunities, which can make us wonder if we’ll ever be enough. In a world that can be so quick to notice our flaws and reject us, the Savior helps us recognize our divine nature.

The Lord is clearing the dust and building masterpieces from our lives. He has always known where you are and what you can become. He shows us what we’re made of! When we need a reminder, we can always pray to know God’s love for us and to see the worth of those around us.

Just as the Savior saw who Peter and his friends could become, he sees potential in you. To the world, they were just ordinary fishermen, but to the Lord, they were men who could become powerful emissaries in His church.

He works with our rough edges and broken parts 

Each of us has imperfections and limitations. However, through the Atonement and grace of Jesus Christ, we can become whole through Him. “When the mortar dries, it doesn’t matter which part is granite and which part is masonry. It holds us together so we can stand up for the purpose we are made,” said Sister Eubank.1

We may feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or even want to give up — especially when we feel we’re falling short of our educational goals. But when we rely on the Lord, our weaknesses can become strengths and our gaps can be filled in.

His grace can help us have the desire to keep going, the persistence to finish challenging assignments, and the diligence required to study for difficult tests. With Him, we are strong and whole. As Sister Eubank said, He is the “builder of our abilities,” working with our imperfect and broken parts to make us artists, creators, and instruments in His hands. Working with Him, we design our destiny.

He is generous with His mortar

At times we might think we’re too broken, we’ve made too many mistakes, or we’ve missed too many opportunities. The Lord is generous. He allows us to repent as much as we need to, and He is generous with His healing power.

Sister Eubank added, “The Lord loves you. He is aware of you. He will bless you in the smallest things if you ask Him for help. As many times as you get up and try again, He will be there for you. He won’t ever give up on you. 

My prayer for you is that the Lord will bless you, little by little, to fill in the gaps and become the great building He has designed you to be.”

As you rely on the Lord and trust in His plan for you, you will see over time that He is making a beautiful work of art from your life.

His work and glory is to help you have an incredible eternal life. Keep moving forward with trust in the Master Builder of Abilities.

How have you seen the Lord shape your life into something beautiful? Comment below!


1. ˆ Sharon Eubank, “Rejected, Rescued, and Redeemed” (BYU-Pathway Worldwide devotional, May 28, 2019),  


Comments on "The Master Builder of Our Abilities"

Walter Wisdom says:

The Lord has shaped my life into something beautiful through modest dressing, polite conversation with other people, desire for study etc…

Thanks a lot for this inspired message! By the way, is it available in Spanish?

Lauren Conrad says:

I’m glad you enjoyed this article, Emilio! Unfortunately, our blog articles and devotionals are currently only available in English. You can read the text of Sister Eubank’s devotional or watch it with captions on the BYU-Pathway devotionals page.

Dunamis Gospel says:

That’s a good testimony brother Ekpenyong. Keep your faith in the Lord because He will finish what He started in you.

Moses Ime Ekpenyong says:

The Lord has always been there for me. When I lost my educational hope due to financial lack, the Lord brought Pathway to put me back on my academic goals, so indeed He has always been there for me.

Dunamis Gospel says:

One’s faith can strengthen one’s testimony.

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