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December 30, 2019

5 Tips for a Successful Semester

Achieve your greatest potential as a student this semester

Whether you are a brand new student or you’ve been around for a few semesters, starting something new — like education — can be intimidating. But you can do it! Here are five tips to help you be successful this semester!

Tip 1: Manage your time

Do you know the feeling of staying up late, rushing to get an assignment done, and turning it in at the last minute? Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, but how we choose to use that time determines our success.

Studies show that when people manage their time effectively, they experience lower levels of anxiety and perform better academically.1 You can manage your time more effectively by organizing important academic dates and deadlines into a calendar and prioritizing the assignments that require more time. As President Spencer W. Kimball said, “Wise time management is really the wise management of ourselves.”2

Tip 2: Stay accountable

Researchers have found that when you make a routine appointment to report to someone else, your likelihood of success skyrockets by up to 95%.3 The trick is deciding to become accountable even when you don’t necessarily have to. So, when it comes to your academic progress, decide to report on how you’re doing to a friend, family member, classmate, or the Lord. Tell them what your goals are and then routinely check in with them. Doing so can improve your performance!

Tip 3: Live a well-balanced life

Education can require a lot of hours out of your day, but it’s important to keep a proper balance in life. Prioritize your mental, physical, social, and spiritual nourishment. Take breaks between assignments, find something that you enjoy doing, and allow your mind time to relax. Make sure to get 7–9 hours of sleep each night, exercise regularly, and eat a well-balanced diet. Arrange time to focus on being with family and friends. Set a specific time each day to pray, study the scriptures, attend the temple, and so on. Scheduling out your day with a variety of balanced activities not only will help you be more productive but will keep you feeling healthy and happy.

Tip 4: Ask questions

When you don’t understand a concept, it’s okay to ask questions! You could ask your instructor or a mentor, classmate, or friend. Search for information from reliable internet sources and helpful books. Asking questions can help you get more out of your education and your classes will become more interesting and impactful! Above all, ask for direction from the Holy Ghost. We are promised that as we ask God in faith, we shall receive.4

Tip 5: Actively participate

Actively participate in your education by taking advantage of all the resources and opportunities available to you. Get involved by participating in group discussions, attending your gatherings (for PathwayConnect students), meeting up with other local students, participating in monthly devotionals, and reading BYU-Pathway blog articles and university emails. You will feel more connected and get more out of your education as you do.

As Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf said, “Happiness is the destination, but it’s also the path.”5 So, as you pursue higher education, remember to find joy in these additional opportunities to learn.


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2^ Spencer W. Kimball, “Jesus: The Perfect Leader,” (Young Presidents Organization Address, Jan. 15, 1977)
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4^ Doctrine and Covenants 11:5
5^ Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “Your Wonderful Journey Home,” Ensign or Liahona, Apr. 2013

Comments on "5 Tips for a Successful Semester"

Sunday Oluwaseun Whedoku says:

I truly agree with these five steps. I discovered that I was not able to manage my time wisely, which really affected me a lot. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Lauren Conrad says:

I’m glad this article was helpful to you, Sunday!

Sunday Oluwaseun Whedoku says:

Yes, very well. Thanks once more👏👏

Sunday Oluwaseun Whedoku says:

Yes Lauren Conrad, I appreciate it.

Tommie F Langai says:

These five steps are true.

Steve Younjeteh Deedweh says:

I totally agree with the 5 tips for a successful semester. I know if we strive to follow these tips, we will be very successful in our educational journey.

These five tips are very essential and they’re marrow to my bones.

Jonaz Andara says:

Thanks a lot for these 5 tips, I am really sure they will help us to carry on easier in our learning.

Hester L Franco says:

Thank you for the tips. I know it will help me in this upcoming semester.

Tumwine Corniel Gadaffi says:

Absolutely! Very helpful, and I know if anyone can capitalize on these articles, then they have found the gateway to success.

Bassey Bassey Edem says:

Indeed, these are successful tips that I will apply.

Josephine Praise Doherty says:

Thanks so much for these five great tips. I believe they will be helpful and will guide me through this semester.

Elizabeth Olaoye says:

Thanks so much.

Dora Patricia Chiriboga Mateus says:

I really appreciate every tip you post.

Miguel Bossa says:

Thanks for these tips!

Christiana Gadimoh says:

I love these tips, thanks so much.

Abraham Mamani says:

Thank you, I’ll need it!

Christiana Wakama says:

I am indeed grateful for these five tips and the five truths from President Nelson. Our Father does know our needs and has provided laws to help us accomplish and achieve all things. These tips, if followed, will help me have a fulfilling semester.

Lauren Conrad says:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Christiana! Have a wonderful semester!

I love these tips, and they are very helpful!


I am really grateful for the opportunity and the tips. Time management is my best life tool. While I was on my mission and after my mission, it has really blessed my life. It’s really going to help me a lot in my PathwayConnect program.

gabriel u says:

Great tips, I really appreciate them.

simon khumalo says:

Thanks so much for these tips, they are so helpful!

Waiswa rogers says:

This is was what I was looking for, and I sure appreciate the tips.

Fred Agbozo says:

I can’t believe these tips are helping me improve academically. I’m encouraging everyone to strictly adopt these. Thank you.

David Worlanyo Agbeko says:

Thanks for this great piece. I am ready to follow these steps.

Riana says:

I love these tips, they help calm me down and are truly helpful for me for this upcoming semester. Thank you so much.

Galsanjamts says:

Thank you so much for this helpful information.

Diovee Obando says:

Thank you for these tips. I will follow this step by step in order to learn and be a better me.

Laura Samson Garba says:

Thanks for the tips!

Daniel De la Vega says:

I really think that these tips will help me. We see it at PathwayConnect, it really works!! Thank you.

Jessie Ann Villanueva says:

I feel these tips are going to be so helpful as I’ve already been practicing some of these that were also suggested by my former Pathway instructor.

Jessie Ann Villanueva says:

Thank you so much for helping us be prepared.

Ayekoue grah marc daniel stephane says:

Thank you.

Maggie Warkie Cooper says:

I appreciate the tips because they are a way forward in my learning process.

Lovetta jinnah Ndanema says:

I believe it will help me a lot along the road of this semester. Thanks!

Edeh Emmanuel E. says:

Thanks for sharing those tips.

Mark Afedzi-Hayford says:

These are very insightful tips that would lead to a safe destination.

Phoebe says:

I can so relate! It was hard for me to manage my time last semester while working full-time. Thank you so much for your article!

Lauren Conrad says:

I’m glad you found this article helpful, Phoebe! Congratulations on making it through last semester while working full-time. That’s an amazing accomplishment!

Patrick C. Michael says:

Nice tips to follow.

benjamin edematie akpiri says:

Thanks for giving me a head start to face my challenges.

Gaurav Singh says:

Thanks a lot for your amazing article. I love these tips and I have been doing them. I have seen some improvement!

Lauren Conrad says:

I’m so glad you’ve had success using these tips, Gaurav! Best of luck with the rest of your semester!

Amarachi Elvis says:

Truly, time management is really neccesary and has helped me do better even as this semester just started.

Samson Denan Fwangkat says:

These are certainly useful tips as sharing our challenges helps us resolve such problems and forge ahead. A problem once shared is half resolved. We get further revelation on the issue.

Peters Ikwe says:

These tips are really the way not only to gaining education, but also for a fulfilled and balanced lifestyle.

Rodrigue Takouo says:

This is a successful life pattern …big thanks!

Jose-Angello Sillah says:

These tips are really great and very useful. If we adhere to them, they will be very helpful in our academic and personal career.

Odinakachukwu Mera Oluebubechukwu says:

I really needed this and am glad I had the opportunity to read it. It really will be of help to me.

Tienang says:

Thanks for all these tips. I am truly honored that the Lord can truly speak to us right now in our time through all His living servants.

Rob Dilts says:

This is going to help a lot as I begin my new educational journey!

Carla Varela says:

Wow, all of these tips are amazing, thanks!
And not only for Pathway, but also for my entire life. 😊😊

Etukudo says:

Indeed, it is very true.

Nancy Ntumba Bintu says:

I need to apply these; they are helpful.

Tshiamala k Baron says:

I really agree that this is really gonna help with using time wisely.

fernando mazariegos says:

Thanks for that! I will definitely use those tips.

Anita Quaisie says:

It’s good to have these tips around this time. Thanks!

Assuman Acquah Thompson says:

I think these tips are the secret to every successful being…I called myself a success right after I finished reading. Very stupendous indeed!

Godstime Dan-Nwaogu says:

These five tips all together have helped me organize my time and prioritize assignments. They helped me to establish a balanced life and as a result, I was able to turn in my assignments on time and earned “A” grades in all my PathwayConnect courses. I strongly recommend these success tips to any student who would like to achieve a balanced success.

Lauren Conrad says:

Thanks for sharing your experience, Godstime! I’m glad you were able to apply these tips in your life and reach your goals. Congratulations!

Nyaduel says:

Thanks for sharing these five tips. They will really help me as I’m on my education journey.

eleazar ubandire onwuka says:

Thank you so much for giving us the 5 tips that would help us to be successful in our academic pursuits. I have given it special acronyms in my notebook: MSLAA.

Odokodit Sala Luiji says:

Thanks so much for these testimonies, I will prayerfully consider them for my success.

chiko says:

Thank you for the tips, I cannot wait to put them in practice.

Wadzanai josephine says:

Thank you for the tips! I know they are going to help me.

Daniel says:

I am really grateful to be at BYU-Pathway!!

Esperança Espanhol says:

I am really thankful for the 5 tips for academic success and steps to follow from now on in my life.

Michelle Evans says:

Thank you for your tips! I can testify that when I put my scripture study first, I seem to have more time for everything else, including schoolwork! I appreciate the reminder!

Tshiamala k Baron says:

Thank you very for these wonderful rules, I really love it.

Anthony Matende says:

The five tips can take many far especially if we follow and seek the spirit as well.

Nwafor Joy says:

I totally agree with these five tips. If we work with them we will surely be successful in our education. Thanks.

Frankinzilly edwin Ubachukwu says:

I am highly motivated by these 5 tips for a successful semester.

Stella Marys Ajilong says:

I’m excited to try out these amazing tips

Jean de Dieu Paluku says:

It is true! So it is up to me to follow them.

Attah Edem says:

Thanks so very much for sharing this 5 tips, they’re really nice keys to success.

Jude Nwaugo says:

I am inspired to take this path; a whole new path in my mental, social and spiritual growth. How lucky l am!

Janilyn Martinez Salinas says:

I am grateful to know these 5 Tips for a successful semester because it really reminds me what I should do. Sometimes I can’t manage my time well because I prioritize unnecessary things. Now I have the knowledge how to live a well balanced life.

Umana, Umana Effiong says:

I know following the 5 tips will help me this semester

Bamey says:

These five tips are very inspiring. I was so worried about how I could manage my timetable, but with this ideas I’m inspired.

Franklyn Etoh says:

It’s really good to see these five tips. I will do my best to work towards it, especially time management.

Monday GLORY chioma says:

Very good steps to follow 😍❤

Christopher E. Nyalopo says:

I think if you are proactive in all you do, it can work.

Bamey says:

I like to be effective in all I’m doing and I don’t like failing. Thanks for sending me this message.

Dolaigbe says:

They are so amazing

Alidio Manuel Carrasco says:

Totally agree if you take these 5 steps as daily living and you are committed to doing all the homework and achievement, you will have a successful education, thanks for the 5 steps they are really helpful.

Imani says:

Thanks for sharing this with me. I need to manage my time effectively in order to pursue my goals.

Morlu Blake says:

They are really helpful and I will work towards them.

Sergio junior Alage says:

Yeah, definitely powerful tips. I hope I can apply them all.

Elder Andres Merchan says:

I agree with these 5 tips for a successful semester.

uche ikedi says:

Very true, I believe in all of the tips and pray that I may apply all of them.

Ana Karina Florez Alata says:

Thanks for these tips because sometimes when we focus on something we forget everything and it is important to get a balance. I’m going to practice all of them.

Flory OYONO says:

Very true indeed. I absolutely agree.

Gwebubrian says:

Thank you for the tips

mabelkallon says:

Thanks for showing me how to manage my time and how to succeed in this semester.

Walter Wisdom says:

How we choose to use our time determines our success

Samuel says:

I’ll make it as a point of duty to stay ahead of my weekly assignment. By the grace of God

Adetunji says:

To be successful these five tips are of great worth.

Armindo says:

I’m fully agree with these five steps to become successful. They tell me how to prepare myself for this semester in order to find success. I love it! It’s helpful to me in my point of view. Thanks a lot.

Thanks for the five tips. They are achievable goals, and I like them all: especially tip number four, “Ask questions or search for information from reliable internet sources and helpful books.”

olivier kouko says:

The five tips are designed to help me succeed this semester.

Tiangay Sannoh says:

To be successful we have to accept the harder right then the easyer ronge


Thanks for the tips
Am trying to apply them as I study every day

Emanoel says:

I appreciate your tips. I know that I can apply them in others areas in my life to have success.

Jean de Dieu Paluku says:

I’m sure by believing that those tips are helpful

Ngwako Moroole says:

Chasing five birds and being able to catch one or two is far better than chasing 50 and bringing home nothing. This is what time management has taught me. Time management is so fulfilling and strengthens family relationships. It helps us to find joy by focusing less on the circumstances of our lives (Helaman 3:34) but more on the focus of our lives (Helaman 3:35) as we are advised by President Nelson.


I am glad to hear about these five steps for a successful semester.

Kakooza junior says:

Thanks! Truly, these tips are leading BYU-Pathway students to success.

Sonya J Snow Snow says:

Great tips for a 41 year old going to school for the first time since high school!

Zoryii Edith Neebari says:

Thank you for sharing these tips for success with us.

Kaytone says:

Thank you so much for those powerful tips! They mean a lot for our success.

Bernice Ogubie SA says:

These five tips are very true and practical. We just need to apply them to be successful.

Roberta Silva says:

Thank you so much for the tips!

Gerlad Beke says:

Thanks for the tips. I do believe that these tips are the key to our academic progress.

Lela Cvetkova says:

Thank you, I’m so blessed and excited to learn through BYU-Pathway. Thank you for the tips – they are more than helpful.

Donna Alijay says:

Tips give us additional patterns for attaining higher education, and I’m glad these are being shared. Thank you so much!

Ulrich Moukoko says:

Thank you very much for sharing. I strongly believe that it will help me throughout my learning journey. Once more, thanks.

Jessica Mendez says:

Thanks for sharing with us these 5 tips. I feel more comfortable starting my classes this semester. I need to find joy in this beautiful path.

maseray swarray says:

Thanks very much for your help.

Rachelle says:

Thank you so much!

Rachelle Pierre says:

I really appreciate your 5 tips.

kabwearuru says:

These are very helpful tips, and they’ve answered my concerns on how I can reach my goals.

Neema says:

Thank you! These tips are very helpful. I will use them for my semester.

Ingyefu Thomas says:

Thank you

LaVerne Puhi says:

Thank you, very helpful tips!

Ezekiel Momodu Kamara says:

Thanks for helping me know the way to a successful academic achievement it’s really helpful.

velda says:

Thank you for taking your time sharing this information

Memory malama says:

Thank you very much

Alexandria Francis ochieng says:

I am glad that these steps have helped me to improve on my grades

Peter Lawrence. Smallman says:

Adhering to those five steps will create an enabling environment to study and learn.

oyunsuren nasanjargal says:

Thank you for sharing these 5 tips. I got good tips.

Salote says:

Love this .vinaka for sharing

Wonderful! I appreciate you sharing so much and I will remember these 5 tips

Michael Heavenly says:

Really wonderful principle. Easy to adapt. Thank you! 💗

Princess Eghreoghenemuoma Chiedu says:

Very useful information. Thanks a lot, it’s very much appreciated.

Jean de Dieu Paluku says:

Very helpful

juanalfredocartiels says:

Thank you for these 5 tips. They’re great to make our study successful. Thanks a lot!

Jonalyn Leyva Adovas says:

Thank you. Very helpful tips!

Sandra says:

Thank you for this information. It’s very helpful.

Patrick Sena Attah says:

Thank you! I’m loving this already.

Samuel Kokroko says:

Thank you for these five very important tips. As a father of five, a husband, an employee, and a leader in the Church, these five tips will really help me organize my studies and have a successful semester.

Teisa Palu Alifeleti says:

Thank you for these wonderful tips, and I believe that these tips will help me to become a successful student for my last semester in this year.

Aqeel Aneel says:

Wow great information!

Alexander says:

Thanks for the tips 😉

Konan kouadio Henri Joel says:

Thank you very much. These five steps are really helpful for any student that wants to have success. I’m grateful for knowing all this 🙏

Andrew Howard Williams says:

I am gratefully inspired to have these tips. Thank thank you very much!

Chhour Seng says:

I really trust in these 5 tips 100% for guiding us to success in our study and life. God is at the top on these tips, so we will get what is promised in these tips in our study.

Joseph Oswago says:

I am privileged to have been enrolled at BYU-Pathway where I will get a quality education as I grow intellectually and spiritually. These five tips will be my ingredients for a successful semesters. Thank you and God bless you for what you have done.

Noe Stevenson Jean says:

BYU-Pathway is a gift from God or an answer to prayers.

Chukwuemeka egbunobi says:

Thank you for these 5 tips. They really are 5 keys to success. It will help me to organize my studies and have a wonderful semester.

Uduak Archibong says:

Thank you very much. That was helpful.

Patrice osha says:

Yes, it is a sacrifice to accomplish success. This is the true path.

Narcisse Komivi KOTIKO says:

Merci beaucoup pour ces conseils. Ces derniers constituent des principes importants pour progresser dans tous les domaines de la vie.

Caroline says:

I love these, absolutely agree with it. As a young single adult, mostly spend time on things that I like to do, but so far I’m taking an online education. I have to make a change by managing my time and myself too. But thanks anyway for sharing these most inspiring tips.

Vijay Krishna says:

Well said!

Karrass Phiri says:

This is indeed a student-centered school.

Onwukwe Jennifer chidinma says:

These tips are inspiring and educational, and they have really motivated me a lot on how to manage my time and have faith in the Lord. I’m so grateful. Thanks!

Chukwuemeka cyriacus Egbu says:

Thank you, noted.

Thanks, this will be of great help to us beginners.

Michael Abioye says:

I know it will be of help to me. Thank you so much.

Jomar Delmonte says:

I totally appreciate these tips in order to have success in achieving goals. Thank you.

Aqeel Aneel says:

Hi My Name Anil David from Pakistan This Article really help me Alot some time I Want to quit The program But after reading this article it’s change my mind wow 😲 so beautiful article ❣️

Samad says:

Tip number 5, Actively Participate, is one that stood out to me. We have so many opportunities to learn and socialize, and it makes all the difference if we take advantage of that.

Richardson Cadet says:

I really enjoy reading this article. It is so useful, and I can’t wait to begin practicing theses tips in my own life so that I can have new learning habits that can lead me to success. The article contains powerful words that encourage me to better use my time and my life.

Roberto johnny says:

These 5 tips are really helpful. Thank you so much!

Precious Igwe says:

I am very happy to come across this article. I believe it will be helpful for me, if I follow it diligently.

Umberto Simoncini says:

I know that studying improves the lives of all the people around us. I firmly believe that we must broaden our horizon and work to grow closer to God in our seeking truth. I am grateful to the Lord for all the inspired programs. I am learning a lot of both material and spiritual things, and I hope to learn a lot more. Thank you for the patience and perseverance of each of you who endure my imperfections.

jacquili mwale says:

Thank you!

Nancy says:

Thank you very much for all the tips. I will keep all of them in mind.

Carmen Lock says:

Thank you very much for the tips. I will consider them to be successful this semester.

Josephine Omae says:

Thank you so much! I feel so blessed to read all five tips. I am grateful for the restored gospel, for our living prophet who leads and directs us in these last days, and the blessing of Education (PathwayConnect).

Josephine Omae says:

Thanks for the tips! They’re so uplifting.


Thanks a lot for the tips! They are a light to success.

Eileen I Hila says:

Thank you for the words of encouragement. Very much appreciated!

Jose Luis Osuna says:

Awesome article! I loved it, thank you so much!

Naomi Mary says:

I realized that I really need to work on these 5 tips. Thank you for sharing these with us — love it!

Jean-Luc says:

Thank you very much for the tips for a successful semester!

Joshua says:

Wow, it is so amazing to hear from my brothers and sisters that there is hope as I pursue my path to success. I’m grateful for all the comments that have been made — they really build me up.

Joe Pavlovsky says:

Great information for anyone who is working on the road to success.

Ssekandi Joseph says:

Thanks so much. Considering all these tips, I know I can achieve success!


I am so much grateful for this tips.

Chukwuemeka says:

Thank you for the tips!

Francis Onyemeziribe Okere says:

I know as we follow these tips, we can become better students. Thank you for these guidelines!

Joseph Mboya says:

Thank you for these helpful tips — with love from Kenya.

Joseph Mboya says:

Thank you for these helpful , much Kenyan love from me.

Edson Ngwaru says:

Thank you for the tips for successful learning. There is no shortcut to success!

Silah Kosgei says:

Thank you for preparing us for this Winter semester in PathwayConnect.

dadenvelez says:

This is very helpful, especially to a student like me who has a full time job and a family. Thank you for sharing this.

Nicholas sadaka Okotch says:

These tips are awesome! I am yet to start my classes, but I am intrigued by tip no.2 on accountability, and how it can magnify my academic success! Thank you so much and be blessed!

Lina Vesesio Qionitoga says:

Beautifully said. I am very happy to come across these 5 tips, which can teach us a lot. Thanks very much!

George Sandy says:

Thanks for the beautiful tips. I know they will take me long way in life.

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