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January 30, 2020

A Marvelous Misunderstanding

Karen didn't mean to enroll at first, but PathwayConnect was just what she needed

Karen Blesrubio from Manila, Philippines, started PathwayConnect in a unique way — she didn’t mean to.

Karen Blesrubio

Karen has always loved learning. She was looking for a way to enhance her writing and communication skills so she could advance in her profession. “I prayed so hard that the Lord would guide me to the right decision,” she said.

As Karen was browsing the internet for classes and programs, she felt prompted to click on “BYU-Pathway.” She came to an application for the PathwayConnect program, which included an English language assessment. She wondered if she could pass the assessment, so she filled out the application and took the test. She then clicked “Enroll,” hoping to see her language assessment results and expecting to have to make a payment before actually being enrolled in the program.

However, to Karen’s surprise, she quickly received an email from BYU-Pathway informing her that she had successfully enrolled in PathwayConnect. “I thought, ‘What? I’m not prepared for this. I was just trying to browse!’” she said.

Karen didn’t feel ready to start online classes at the time, so she decided to withdraw. However, the thought of PathwayConnect lingered in the back of her mind — the program intrigued her. Six months later, she received another email from BYU-Pathway, inviting her to enroll again. She said, “The Spirit prompted me so strongly and said, ‘This time you must enroll.’”

Karen (right) with her PathwayConnect family at their gathering in Manila

Karen followed the prompting and has been grateful ever since. “I just love learning,” she said. “PathwayConnect helps me enhance different skills I have and to value education more.”

Karen is currently enrolled in PathwayConnect and working toward an online BYU-Idaho TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate, presented and coordinated by BYU-Pathway. She enjoys PathwayConnect because it allows her to interact with her classmates, even though most of the coursework is online. “My favorite part is the discussion,” she said. “I learn from my classmates and their insights. I love collaborating with them!”

Karen has been teaching elementary school for 16 years and continues to teach while participating in PathwayConnect. It can be difficult at times to balance her many responsibilities, including caring for her family, working full-time, fulfilling her Church calling, and taking online
classes, but she continues faithfully. “I can organize my time and plan through it,” she said.

Karen with her husband and son

After completing her TESOL certificate, Karen hopes to teach online English classes in addition to her current teaching job. She also has a goal to earn another certificate and a bachelor’s degree through BYU-Pathway. “I value education,” she said. “I want to share the knowledge and skills I have with others and become a good steward of learning, especially for my students.”

Karen also loves spending time with her husband, Mick, and her son, Aaron. She said, “My family supports me, especially my husband,” who drives Karen to and from her gathering each week.

“I am blessed to be part of PathwayConnect,” Karen said. “I know the Lord led me to this path. The changes it gives me both academically and spiritually are immeasurable. I hope I can inspire others to join so they can reap the rewards of learning that I have received.”

What blessings have you seen in your life because of education? Share below!


Comments on "A Marvelous Misunderstanding"

Walter Wisdom says:

Pathway Connect helps me enhance different skills I have and to value education more…

Terri Jaskolka says:

I also accidentally enrolled in Pathway. I didn’t realize I had until the week before the semester began when I received a congratulatory email with information about the upcoming semester. I was in shock. But, I rolled with it, and here I am starting my 3rd semester and getting ready to move onto BYUI!

Lauren Conrad says:

That’s so cool, Terri! Congratulations on starting your last semester – that’s a great accomplishment. Thanks for sharing your experience!

Kenol Martin says:

Oh my goodness. This story is similar with mine. Congratulations Karen Blesrubio!

Karen Blesrubio says:

Thank you.

kobba musa says:

What a lovely husband she has, for such support to her.

James Rockson says:


Edren Sagayno says:

I love Pathway Connect. My faith in God develops while learning academics. I am beginning to gain confidence and enjoy being with peers. This is the best online learning that will give us strength and courage to pursue the goodness in life.

Believe Erhunmwunse Owerei says:

The PathwayConnect program is indeed a blessing to those who have the opportunity to be enrolled in it. It’s a program designed to pattern one’s life. It has really blessed me, and others around me have benefited from it. It is never a mistake to be enrolled in the PathwayConnect program. It inspires, changes, motivates, sharpens your life, redirects your thinking in a positive manner, helps you to become outstanding, makes you become a good professional leader, and above all, draws you close to our Heavenly Father.

Rabbi Rabanes says:

PathwayConnect is really a pathway to perfection.

Nannyange Claire says:

Thanks for sharing. It’s my first semester with BYU-Pathway, and I already feel a change in how I look at life. I have learned to take full responsibility for my learning, to track how I spend my time everyday, and to watch my expenditure. It’s a blessing.

Jimmy Gideon says:

Her experience is inspiring and faith-promoting. Sometimes Father works in a mysterious ways to bless His faithful saints.


Thank you so much.

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