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March 12, 2020

Come & See

Elder Uchtdorf invites BYU-Pathway students to encourage their friends and family to enroll

In his April 2019 general conference message, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf invited members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to invite others to “come and see”1 what the Church has to offer. Soon after, in a video to BYU-Pathway students, he shared, “One of the easiest and most effective ways to invite your friends and family to come and see is to encourage them to enroll in the programs of BYU-Pathway.”2

BYU-Pathway Worldwide provides a unique path for those who need access to education, including those seeking to learn about the Church and strengthen their faith. Elder Uchtdorf said, “Inviting friends and family members who are not members of the Church, who are struggling spiritually or are not active in the Church, or who just need access to better educational opportunities, will bless a multitude of lives.”3

So how do Elder Uchtdorf’s tips for sharing the gospel from his conference message apply to inviting others to come and see BYU-Pathway?4

1. Draw close to God

Elder Uchtdorf said, “Others will notice that there is something unique and special about you. And they will ask about it.” Ninety-four percent of PathwayConnect students report experiencing an increased testimony of their Savior. As students draw closer to God during BYU-Pathway, those who join will see their love for the gospel and want to learn more.

2. Fill your heart with love for others

“Try to truly see everyone around you as a child of God,” Elder Uchtdorf said. BYU-Pathway students have unique ethnicities, cultures, ages, and religions. All are children of God, and all are welcome at BYU-Pathway. Students, missionaries, and instructors have an opportunity to see each individual’s divine potential.

3. Strive to walk the path of discipleship

Elder Uchtdorf promised that as Church members learn of Christ by feasting on the scriptures, following the Prophet, and praying, “… the gospel will be such an essential, precious part of your lives that it would feel unnatural not to talk about it with others.” BYU-Pathway students participate in gospel-centered courses and strive to live by the Church Educational System honor code. Their education and lifestyle stand out, and others will want to know more.

4. Share what is in your heart

“… [A]lways look for opportunities to bring up your faith in natural and normal ways with people — both in person as well as online,” Elder Uchtdorf said. Students can share on social media or with family what they’re experiencing in their gathering and online courses. All can pray to know whom to invite to come and see what BYU-Pathway has to offer and how to do so.

5. Trust the Lord to work His miracles

Each individual has a unique journey of education and faith. Regardless of whether or not someone accepts the invitation to participate in BYU-Pathway or join the Church now, the Lord will guide them on their path. Elder Uchtdorf said, “God will work miracles through you to bless His precious children.”

Following Elder Uchtdorf’s five tips will open powerful opportunities for education and the gospel to spread throughout the world. He ended his video message to students with this promise: “My dear friends, take advantage of this opportunity to prayerfully invite someone you know to come and see by joining BYU-Pathway Worldwide for this coming semester. As you do so, you will not only help others to see more clearly what the Church is all about, but I promise you that you will feel the love, gratitude, and blessings of the Savior in their lives and yours.”5

How will you invite others to come and see?

Leone Matavesi, Fiji

“I started sharing with my friends so they could join PathwayConnect. My faith started to build up. I started to see and know more about Jesus Christ. BYU-Pathway is a place where you can find peace and happiness.”

Ashley Ostheimer,

“When PathwayConnect opened in my town, I quickly registered and encouraged others to do the same. I was reminded of how precious my testimony and my desire to learn is to me. It changed my heart to become more of the woman I am meant to be.”


Learn more about inviting others at

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Comments on "Come & See"

Miguel Santoyo says:

I am grateful of being able to have this opportunity to be in BYU-Pathway. It has been an incredible experience. At first, I thought I had no time to do school, but now that I am in the second block, I have definitely been able to manage my time more wisely and this has been because of what I have learned so far.
Thanks to my mentors and teachers I have been inspired to continue and not give up.

Colleen Thompson says:

I am so indeed grateful for BYU-Pathway. I never knew I could come to this type of school, and do as well I am this schooling, we are getting is helping me to become a better person through our gatherings and the other assignments and lesions we are taking, I am grateful for the spirit in which I feel each week I attend my classes. Thank you very much for a great experience,

Ntokozo Raymond Nxumalo says:

It is indeed the truth that once again made me feel happy and desire to learn the gospel. BYU-Pathway is the opportunity I was praying for to learn gospel and inspire me once again. It set me free from the fears, doubt, confusion and it restored my testimony that God has love for me and my potential. I’m trying by all means to follow Christ gospel in presiding righteously and protecting my family from any harm and provide for them in better way. The better understanding of the prophet role in my life and trying to be the better follower of Christ through BYU-Pathway. I desire to improve every day temporary and spiritual because of PathwayConnect.

Edna Zisu says:

Thank you so much for sharing.

Esosa Kate Francis says:

I am so grateful I took advantage of this opportunity to participate in BYU-Pathway. The experience have been worth it! It has blessed my life immensely. Particularly, it has helped improved my relationship with my family members. I am grateful for the priviledge of improving myself while drawing closer to Heavenly Father. I know I will be more fulfilled when my family members and friends can join too.

Imiya Umaru says:

I have been dreaming of studying up to higher education i never believe my dream will come true. on this faithful day i entered into my colleague office and i saw him solving an assignment in his system i asked and he introduce BYU-Pathway. my life become new as i sow my life dream becoming a reality.

Meera says:

I am glad that I embarked on this journey to pursue my education at PathwayConnect. I’ve grown spiritually and gained knowledge in life skills and writing and math. I was not knowledgeable about computers and how to use the different apps, but I learnt on the way. It was a nightmare in the beginning, but I am happy that I persevered. Math is my weakest subject in school but for once I see things differently. I’ve been able to learn more on math with the help of the instructions given and my husband who’s favorite subject is math. I’m grateful to his encouragements. Grateful to be surrounded with those who have faith in me and gave me the encouragement I needed. Most grateful to my Heavenly Father for helping me throughout this course.

Yazmin says:

Thank you for your word. This program has the power to change lives, especially to teach us to be strong to commit ourselves, improving our family life and showing a more excellent path to others.

Geovanny Real says:

I want to thank BYU-Pathway which has blessed my life and helped me trust more in the Lord. I know that He is in control of my life, and that He sees things that helps me know that each decision is important every day. I know that this is a world where we have come to be tested and that one day we will return to Him to give an account of our time and actions. Thank you for listening to inspiered Church leaders in this God-led program. God bless you!

Alfred EW Davies Jr says:

In my pursuit for knowledge, I soon discovered PathwayConnect! With immediate effect, I join, and I can promise you that every step is valuable. PathwayConnect cultivates moral, God-fearing, and gorgeous individuals. This period’s contents are Introduction to PathwayConnect, Learning How to Learn, Time Management and Goals, Thinking Errors, Financial Stewardship, Perseverance, and Deep Learning. In general, I can state that the courses, peer mentors’ program, instructors, gatherings, and, most importantly, the scholarship are having a significant and life-changing impact on many people and saving the planet. Thank you BYU-Pathway.

Ogola josep says:

When a friend told me of PathwayConnect, I didn’t believe him. Not until I saw him graduate and I was inspired to join. I have had a good experience learning at PathwayConnect.

Emmanuel Joseph Melau says:

Since i joined BYU pathway my life have changed a lot,I became to overcome thinking errors,manage my budget and prioritize what is important for me and also it really connected me with new people .

Anna says:

I am very grateful to the Lord for this program. I always try to learn something new and I am glad that I have the opportunity to study in English. In the process of learning, I strengthened my faith in the Lord and in myself. I strengthened my faith that the Lord would help me cope with this task. Of course, learning is not so easy, it is a real test sometimes, but only through trials and overcoming difficulties, we really learn. I will try very hard to get to the end.

BYU-Pathway has brought to me a challenging course that has help reinforce my skills. As a bishop now I’m inviting all the members in my ward. All the spiritual enforcers solidify my knowledge and testimony. Thanks to everybody involved in this program. Juan Castaneda.

Daniel ogbeiwi Ebuwa says:

Pathway has been really awesome, i learnt a lot of things and really happy to moving on to the the next stage

Maloba, Kim says:

BYU-Pathway Worldwide, is the best program for better education and give access to member of the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints even the unknown member who want to experiment the program, learning about the scripture and learning also about the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints. As a student in Pathway Connect, I find out how the program was made to everyone to access better education and best courses in general. Not that easy sometimes to be always on time with assignment, but time management learned in this courses help to focus on things that are important. Do you really want a certificate but you don’t have enough come to BYU-Pathway Worldwide it’s a low cost and online means you can have access to better education everywhere in this World, are plaining for Degree but you think it is to late? it never to late with PathwayConnect. Join me, let us build our future God want to see us progressing in life with better education.


as a menber of the church we have a graet responsability to every day find the way to become a better person when we use our agency since that momento G od ask the best of us the best abd every day God required mor and more about us he never stop to ask more about us tireless never stop to advise that we must be better each day of our life no matter what effort you do but God need taht you every day learn one step day by day one step improve imperfection but non in a one day we built little by little and line by line precet by precet little here and litlle right there…….

Irmiya Umaru says:

I am a soldier with the Nigerian Army my dream is to study further after having low grade in WAEC C created in Hausa language and a pass mark in Agriculture science. But my dream didn’t look like it’s going to be fullfil anytime now or in future, because of my family. My father is less concerned about our education I was committed to help my mom with furthering the school of my younger ones. Age is not in my side I was pushed to get Married and children come along the line the chances of getting further formal education is closing until I met a colleague who introduce me to BYU-Pathway I was determined to study very eager to further my knowledge what I think is not possible is unfolding I n my dream .

Charlin Manza says:

When I heard about PathwayConnect, I was starting EnglishConnect 1. My desire was to finish all my EnglishConnect courses and attend Pathway. I’m done with EnglishConnects. Now, I’m one of PathwayConnect’s Students. What I heard about Pathway is less than what I’m seeing. It’s just amazing.


BYU-Pathway is God’s blessing for me.

Geimar Jimenez says:

I am so happy for be part of BYU pathway! is the best experiece that i am ever have. The instuctor, The mentor, The sisters and my classmates are really amazing. I am so grateful to God and The savior.

Joetta Nelson says:

Pathway connect is like a dream come true, I am super excited for this opportunity and grateful to my Heavenly Father for answering my prayers. With pathway connect, I have come to know how to operate a computer, doing my assignment in excel and know how to construct the various types of paragraphs, learning also about growth mindset, and many other great things. My understanding about the gospel is also increasing everything, thanks so much to leaders that started this program in the church.

Vanessa Leal says:

When I enrolled to BYU Pathway, I can address how fortunate I am attending to this kind of platform. It helps me to become spiritually and temporally self-reliant, be disciplined using my time wisely and helped me to socialize with my co-students within my respective unit. Moreover, I learned how to operate excel in the most easiest way, isn’t that great? I also developed how to create an essay due of our weekly activities and the lists goes on. It is a blessing indeed. Notwithstanding, I can’t enjoy these fondest blessings alone. I am stoke to share this with my friends and family.

Ernest Ohwojeheri says:

PathwayConnect has really changed my life, I was looking for this online study for a while now, not until my new friend introduced me to PathwayConnect, am really glad that i will get my university degree.

Evelyn Tohabru says:

BYU-Pathway is like a ladder through which God has brought to help me fulfill my divine purpose on earth, through this platform I was able to understand how spiritual and intellectual knowledge one needs to be a true leader, in every aspect of our lives. As I invite others to climb in and fulfill their purpose.

Dorothy Amoah says:

With the help of my heavenly father . I have learn so much . Though , it was not easy for me from beginning of the semester. Pathway connect has been so helpful to me and had the opportunity to learn from my friends e

BYU-Pathway is one of the best things that has ever come into my life
it has thought me a lot of things and has also brought me more closer to my father in heaven.

Christian Doinane says:

This is a great experience. I am growing up in the gospel and the English language. Thanks for everything.

Ifeanyi chidinma says:

I am so much grateful for but we connect I have experienced lots of lemons and lots this first semester and I’m willing to continue to learn so I want I just want to say thank you to BYU party for giving me this opportunity to enroll

Martha Ajah says:

The PathwayConnect program has been a great blessing in my life so far, and is still blessing me even today. I am amazed at the knowledge being impacted in me, and the practice activities are life changing. I am so grateful for the woman I am becoming and trust in my potential to become great one day. Everyone that sees me will always comment about the positive changes in my Life and ask, “How did you do it?” Thanks to PathwayConnect. My family members and friends are also preparing to join me. I can’t stop sharing the blessings.

Joao Vitor says:

The first part of PathwayConnect was hard and challenging for me, therefore the things that come easy leave easy. I learned through my aunt that if we want to reach high things in our life, we need work and put God first. She was a good example. One blessing that I received is the capacity to read and write in English. Also, I gain the ability to manage my time and money wisely. I want to share this miracle with my aunt.

Valeria Paredes says:

I am grateful for BYU-Pathway Worldwide. I learned a lot of things. My testimony had grown, and I have a new perspective on my purpose and mission at this time. I know that this program is inspired by God and this is the school of Zion at this time. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for this opportunity at this time.

Michel Haydeé Álvarez Déciga says:

I am very happy to have learned about this beautiful PathwayConnect program. At first, I did not know what it was about. I only knew that I had to study English, but little by little, I realized that it has given me back hope and faith. It has reminded me of who I am, and that my Savior loves me, forgives me, and expects a lot from me. It has been a great help to organize my time, to put my Savior first, to know how to manage my money, and even a great psychological help to recover my mental health. This program is really inspiring and has blessed my life and my family a lot. When I felt saddest and alone, this great blessing came into my life. I have kept myself very busy thinking about my tasks of mathematics, learning many new words and phrases in English that I have not had time to think about and stress due to personal problems. I realized that by keeping my mind busy studying and meditating on the scriptures in my Institute class, I did not have time to think about sadness or problems. This program has really raised my self-esteem. It has given me back my faith, my peace, my joy, and I glorify myself in my Savior. I thank my Heavenly Father. He came into my life when I needed him the most. I love all the speeches of the leaders of the Church, but I loved the ones of Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf the most. I especially love all the advice he gives. I think he should have been a psychologist instead of an airplane pilot. His message makes me sad about the man who saves to go on a boat trip, and the fun is lost. I like all his messages even some that I did not see on the BYU-Pathway website. The one from great-aunt Rosa and the one that you can do it now. Elder Uchtdorf and all of his speeches make me cry. I listen to them over and over again in English and Spanish. Thank you for existing and encouraging us depressed people.

k kouadio kan fidele says:

BYU-Pathway taught in my first semester what I never understood before. Now, I’m happy to learn new things.

Nneka Amanda Leonard Dick Akaji says:

PathwayConnect is an answer to my prayers many years ago. I prayed for the privilege to have someone or organization help me through my education. Lo and behold a few years later, the prophet announced for BYU-Pathway Worldwide for international students. I am so grateful for this wonderful privilege that the Lord has blessed me with. I always feel like I can’t hold this blessing from others rather to share the testimony and invite friends and family members to join the program.

Samuel says:

It wasn’t until not long ago that I had any knowledge about PathwayConnect, and this has been a very gratifying experience both as a learning experience and for the better about myself. I thank you for this opportunity and I hope to continue and achieve my goal.

Emily Pineda says:

When I decided to enroll in BYU-Pathway Worldwide program, I was just thinking it is one of those things I needed to while away my time. I have gained more blessings than I ever imagined when I never enrolled. BYU-Pathway Worldwide has given me all the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional background teachings to prepare for the future responsibilities that the Lord will deem fit for me to handle. I encourage those who are yet to enroll to come and join me and others see what I mean in this piece of my writing.

When a former missionary introduced me to this program, I quickly enrolled in it. When I started following the courses, my joy increased and I came to say that I can’t keep this joy alone. I invite people to come and expand their knowledge spiritually and temporarily.

Louis Moise says:

It was one of the better moments in my life. I would like to continue this journey.

I drew closer to God and it really works out for me even when I never have the financial strength. BYU-Pathway, for me, is a miracle. It has low cost, online and quality education…It has really given my life a meaningful shape in the time of despair, world pandemic, and African economic devaluation. It has never been an easy step progressing toward professional education, but I testify to you it is worth every bit it.

Akeem Lawal says:

I must say that PathwayConnect has been tremendous from the beginning even until this moment, and it is through this program that I have been able to have different perspective about education. Another experience that I must speak about is the love extended to everyone equally not minding that I am not a member. I am using this medium to say a big thank you to everyone for this opportunity. This new semester a number people will be joining the program, since they have started their registration already.
Thank you all.

Joe Unyah says:

When I decided to enroll in BYU-Pathway Worldwide program, I was just thinking it is one of those things I needed to while away my time. Each day, weeks and months, it is getting interesting as I learn those basic things I had long forgotten. Today, I have brightened and sharpened my brain and mind for the future. I have gained more blessings than I ever imagined when I never enrolled.
BYU-Pathway Worldwide has given me all the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional background teachings to prepare for the future responsibilities that the Lord will deem fit for me to handle.
My instructor has always been there for me. I encourage those who are yet to enroll to come and join me and others see what I mean in this piece of my writing.
Thank God for the leaders of the church who approved this program for all of us God’s children.

Rico Cautivo says:

BYU-Pathway Worldwide is indeed a blessing for me and will surely be a blessing for everyone who seeks to further their education. Through this program, I learned the meaningful purpose of consecrating my learning to the Lord; I learned how to learn again and this is a good start to gaining more knowledge and intelligence; It provided me a way to access the blessings that are in store for all of God’s children, for our families and friends.

Konan yao Didier says:

BYU-Pathway is a wonderful program. I thank once more my bishop and my wife, who encourage me to enroll at this program. For long I dreamed to pursue my education but financial hardship was the blockage.This is really from God. I thank my Heavenly Father. I invite all my friends to make this program their own.

Lomena L. Nixon says:

I am so happy to be a BYU-pathway student. This wonderful program increases not only my professional skills but also my leadership skills in His restored church.

Farai trust Mutongoreya says:

I started BYU-Pathway on a weaker position. Just after starting my spiritual strength, the argue to lift my education career grew tremendously. l am now inviting many to join.

Rex Koyle says:

Pathway Connect World Wide is truly a blessing from the Lord.

I’m glad to be part of BYU-Pathway Worldwide, and I am looking forward to accomplish my bachelors degree in Heavenly Father’s trust.

charles Lugendo says:

PathwayConnect is such a wonderful program that emphasizes life teachings, spirituality, and professional skills. These skills are enabling me to live a better life. I now appreciate friendship, family, and humanity. This is deepening my faith with growing optimism.

Charles Mwali says:


Tatenda Chikenge says:

This is an amazing program and truly inspired. If you want to grow spiritually and broaden perspective on life, this one is for you.

Frederick Kamya says:

BYU Pathway Connect is such a wonderful program that broadens one’s knowledge and understanding.It gives an individual a different perspective of life,and makes one become a better person.It gives hope and draws a person closer to the Savior.Let us invite all to come and partake of this great opportunity that is so rare.

Boitumelo Mokwena says:

I’m grateful to have been given an opportunity to study with BYU-Pathway. It’s such a life changer. I’ve learned a lot on how to manage my life and I’ve grown spiritually since I joined BYU-Pathway.

Needwell Gumbo says:

BYU-Pathway is the best choice to all those who are determined to make a difference in this generation.

Happy Zulyu says:

This is a very powerful message. I have learned a lot.

Namazzi Hasifah says:

I didn’t know that after the loss of all parents, l would continue with my studies or even tilhinking of returning back to school due to financial issues but i thank God who led me to afriend that connected me to BYU pathway connect and now am in my 2nd semester. Am really grateful.

tanatswa ticharewa says:

BYU-Pathway is proof that our Heavenly Father wants all of His children to gain an education and live a better life here on earth. It has given me hope when I had none left. I’m so happy, because it gives us opportunities to do and be something in this life.

Angelo Martin Presbitero says:

I’m on the last week of my 1st semester in BYU pathway connect, and I’m so much grateful for this opportunity and privilege that I was able to study once again. Because of this opportunity I was able to provide for my family for the meantime since BYU-Pathway is very flexible, although there are lots of ups and downs and has been a roller coaster ride for me. I know that I am not alone, and that pursuing education will not just help me and my family in the future but will be able to help me be an instrument to help other people as well. I thank my Heavenly Father for His unconditional love and our leaders as well who keeps reminding us our path towards progress. Enduring is much better perseverance and dedication along the way there are lot’s of challenges that can turn into enjoyable moments.

Farah says:

BYU-Pathway is the best thing that has ever happened to me. One of my friend introduced me to BYU-Pathway, and I am so grateful for him. BYU-Pathway not only helped me to build my self confidence, but it allows me to grow spiritually and to build up a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sofiya says:

Indeed our Heavenly Father is a caring Father who cares for his children. When I was told about PathwayConnect, I was filled with so much joy. I enjoyed learning both spiritually and physically. We just need to share these blessings with our family members and friends, so that they can be helpful in their future. Let’s invite them.

W Hirinuki says:

I joined PathwayConnect to find a new career path. The experience in the course has been overwhelming, because education has never been my strength. I pursue it anyways, because it is something new. I had never invited the Spirit for a word of prayer before I studied any academic learning. Now, I do. PathwayConnect has broadened my life into a new world called education, and I glorify our Father in Heaven for this. If you’re reading this, invite your friends and family to join PathwayConnect. They will not be disappointed.

Isaac Thene Tsepo says:

I am really overwhelmed, because l never thought l could find any institute that makes one feel so welcomed, loved, cared for, encouraged, cheered up, and spiritually motivated like this. It makes oneself have that feeling of assertiveness. This is a home away from home. It is a home for all. Jesus lives in BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

BYU-Pathway Worldwide is spiritual and affordable. It helps God’s children all over the Earth earn a quality education! Heavenly Father has blessed this program, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to finish my educational goals! I love this program, and it really will change your life for the better I promise! I promise you will learn something that you will carry with you for the rest of this life and even into your eternal journey. Please give the program a chance, and BYU-Pathway will open doors to your future. God bless you all. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Noel says:

I never thought in my life that I would again get a chance to further my studies, seeing the financial restrictions faced in Africa.
Thanks to this affordable program, I am almost at the end of the first term!

Kadisha Doris Kalenda says:

PathwayConnect is a love of God for His children. In just one week, I have progressed a lot within me. I felt the love of my Heavenly Father and His spirit become my friend! I invite others, without any wrong consideration, to come, see, and feel closer to their Heavenly Father’s love. It makes me more confident in myself and others.

Kenny Rose Baldivia says:

At first, I didn’t give much attention to BYU-Pathway. However, one of our Relief Society Leaders visited us and explained to us what BYU-Pathway is all about. I got a very strong impression that I should enroll right away. Now, I am almost ending my 1st semester. I really enjoyed the program, because it allows me to learn without disrupting my work. Now, I am working and studying at the same time. The pacing is good and the cost of tuition is low so I can afford it. I get a lot of support from the leaders, so I don’t feel pressured and alone. I gain new friends and most importantly I regain my self confidence.

Personally, I couldn’t thank God and BYU-Pathway Worldwide leaders enough for the grace given to me. If the world would come and enroll, they would see that it is easier to learn and the courses are more practical. They could gain, at a lower cost, all the special skills they need to live miraculously and make their deeper dreams real. Grace is found there. Everywhere you are, you can come follow the pathway that leads to learning to better provide in the future.

Cynthia Vanderra says:

BYU- Pathway has helped to have a deeper understanding of the all spiritual things. Academically they are so resourceful and very patient with students. You are always encouraged to keep on pushing, never to give up. I’m inviting all my friends and family to join this path to etenity

Winner Munkoki says:

If the world will come and enroll, they will see how much easier it is to learn and how practical the courses are at PathwayConnect. They could gain, at a lower cost, all of the special skills they need to live and make their deep dreams real. There is grace. Come and follow the pathway that leads to any personal and real potential. It’s the best possible! From your brother. We are winning together.

Mike Mukanyima says:

If there’s ever been a time I’ve been taught endurance and patience, it is while I’ve been a student in PathwayConnect. The challenges of network and access to a computer has made me to endure through out the course. I’ve also enlightened my friends about some of these challenges so that when they go through the same situation, they’ll know what to expect before they get into the program.

Eddah Waititu says:

This is so inspiring. I am glad to have joined BYU-Pathway.

Jolly Macaraeg says:

Fill your heart with love for others. Elder Uchtdorf said, “Try to truly see everyone around you as a child of God.” This quote has a deeper impact in my heart. It invites me to fill my heart with love for others and see them as a child of God. Thank you for sharing!

Simita Lilian says:

At first, I wasn’t interested in PathwayConnect until I heard of how great it is from my friends. This really changed my way of thinking. Also, I wanted to continue with my studies and get a good career in the future that will help me support myself and my family. That’s why I decided to join PathwayConnect. It has really helped me a lot with building my faith in Jesus Christ. Most people ask me about it and how it’s going to help me. It’s always amazing explaining things to them. Some friends promise to join. All that I am hoping for is to work hard, so that they may see how this program has helped and changed my life. They can take a step and join. I am really grateful and I feel blessed with this program.

Mashiashiye Phineas Malapela says:

These multitudes of testimonies and invitations by those who already traveled through BYU-Pathway Worldwide are not only encouraging me, but they confirm my conviction that BYU-Pathway is the only divine way to get honorable education combining science and religion that every child of God must walk.

Josh Gray says:

PathwayConnect is great guidance and blessing to me as individual. I see the potential that I have as a son of God, and I can see how the Lord works in helping me to develop my skills for building His kingdom in this world. I also felt the love and spirit, while doing this amazing work! It strengthens my faith and helps me to develop Christlike attribute. I appreciate all the leaders, their efforts, and their support in this path of education.

Soren G says:

This experience in studying at BYU-Pathway humbled me a lot. I learned a lot of tremendous and vital things in my life. I grew more in my faith in Jesus Christ. Also, as a citizen.

peter mboya olukere says:

This is a vital opportunity I have come across in my life. It is a golden time. I thank God and BYU-Pathway for this.

Gian Carlo G. Mondala says:

I joined BYU-Pathway Worldwide because of my wife. She’s the one that encouraged me to join and to pray about it. I prayed to Heavenly Father, and He answered me through reading the scriptures. Another reason why I joined and attended is to improve my English communication skills, learn more about Jesus Christ, and to increase my knowledge on secular matters and spiritual knowledge. I know that by following this commandment of God to gain more education will bless my life and my family.

I believe that BYU-Pathway Worldwide will bless others as well, especially those who would like to pursue their education and gain a degree or certificates.

German says:

PathwayConnect has been so helpful to me. I have had the opportunity to learn a lot. Though, it was not easy. With the help of our Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ, I have learned so much.
I’m grateful for my mom, instructors, friends, and gatherings. I was able to pursue my goals and my spiritual life . I’m so grateful that PathwayConnect gave me this beautiful opportunity to continue with my education… I invite all the people to follow their dreams though PathwayConnect!!!
This beautiful program has changed my life and I’m sure it’s going to change your life!

robin says:

I am very grateful that BYU-Pathway Worldwide is available for all who seek higher education. Not only is this affordable, the program sets you up to not fail. The courses are easy and start slow to help you work into being a student again. I love that we take a religion class every block. Not only do you grow your testimony but your are going into a world of knowledge.

Astrude Zaragoza says:

When I started PathwayConnect, I realized how this can affect other peoples lives and improve their lives in general, while improving their relationship with the Lord like it did with mine. Attending gatherings and listening to devotionals will surely have great impact on how you will deal with your daily struggles. I will start sharing this great opportunity to my friends and family that their lives may be touched by the Holy Ghost.

Gaven says:

He is so inspirational.

Poornima raja says:

I joined PathwayConnect, because my parents told me. However, in PathwayConnect gatherings, the classes and the teaching of the others really helps me to grow my knowledge and testimony a lot.

Deon Pienaar says:

Thank you Elder Uchtdorf. Your message inspired me to work harder in my course work, ask for guidance as I do so and relying on my Saviors Atonement, and has brought me closer to my Savior!

Brenda Selota says:

I remember meeting with one of the parents at my son’s school rugby practice. She told me about BYU-Pathway. I was so excited that when I got home I went on the website to read more about it! All the testimonials of people around the world and the devotionals were so amazing. It was as if I entered into a new world. I decided to register. I used to think that I was too old to study, but I focused my time on everyone except myself. When I saw how well I did with my studies, I started to believe in me. I even encouraged my friends and family to also join. Thank you Pathway for reviving me.

For me, I can see how God still blessing me, this program is a way for me to learn and strengthen my faith, spiritually and temporally. I am blessed to be one of the BYU pathway worldwide students.


Studying at BYU-Pathway has really helped me to believe that with perseverance and commitment everything is possible, even when I doubted my self. I give thanks to my instructor and the missionaries that where assigned to me, and my peer mentor. These guys are wonderful, and they are also filled with the spirit of patient towards students. I can tell you that with BYU-Pathway, my goal in life is to have the help of the holy spirit and be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ. PathwayConnect is one of the greatest blessing I have achieved in this life.

TomaAbu says:

PathwayConnect has been helpful to me, because I have learned a lot. Though, it wasn’t easy. With the help of God, instructors, friends, and gatherings, I was able to pursue my education goals and my spiritual life. I’m so grateful to God and PathwayConnect for giving me this opportunity. It’s a blessing.

Brenda selota says:

I can never express how grateful I am for studying through BYU-Pathway Worldwide. I am now motivated and believe in myself. I did not think that I was capable of studying towards a degree. BYU-Pathway made it all possible and for that I’m thankful.

Roxana Pereyra says:

This opportunity to take these classes has helped me to have a more complete order in my life, both spiritually and by gaining more knowledge. A long time ago, I heard about the PathwayConnect program but thought it wasn’t for me. I’m too old to start studying. We are more than halfway through the course, and I feel that I do not have the intelligence I need to accomplish the tasks. The good thing about this program is that it is guided by our Heavenly Father, and we have the support of missionaries, who give us encouragement and confidence. Being firm in following step by step is helping me to complete this goal. I have the job of inviting friends who have experience in entering this program so that they can have the blessings that God gives us, including progressing spiritually and becoming a person with a future of study and order in their lives.

Excellence bulunga says:

Since I have started PathwayConnect I have learned a lot of things that helps me in my personal life. I am happy and blessed to be part of BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

Marvin says:

Through PathwayConnect I can learn more and meet other people, while learning a lot and managing my time.

Cristylyn Ledesma says:

I appreciate this message so much. I’ve learn a lot.

Reea says:

It is a great privilege for me to be part of this BYU-Pathway. It is an incredible experience in my life, even though I have a son and a family to look after. Once, when I was asking myself why I joined this program, I was about to give up, but I sat down and prayed about it. Now I can testify that joining this BYU-Pathway has helped me to improve my English, has changed my life and has made me encounter the Holy spirit.


I registered for BYU-Pathway Worldwide when I was left with 6 months to come back home. I was very happy and excited since I had friends who shared the good experiences they had. I have also grown to love people that I don’t even know. l am very grateful that I am about to finish my first semester very soon.

Enrique Titus Hannock says:

Thanks for the great testimony, you are giving us courage.

AllisonKAWI says:

I am very excited to almost complete my PC101: Life Skills and am looking forward to registering for PC102: Professional Skills. Thank you Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for doing this program to help people like us to complete our educational level and to achieve our dreams and goals to help our families.

Also, I send invitations to my family to come register at BYU-Pathway Worldwide so they can complete their education, too.

Lesieli Otuvaka says:

As I started this journey, I learned a lot. Thanks for sharing!

It’s indeed a Pathway to Eternity because it is here where I learned to obey more and accept the challenges by those nerve-wracking math classes, yet it’s worth it!. At first, I thought I couldn’t make it but then as I went further and with the help of my instructor and peer mentors, slowly and step by step I have grasped what it’s all about. It is not only about knowledge gained but my entire person is improved. I progressed along the way because of the readings, devotionals, sharing of ideas, and faith promoting testimonies during our gathering. I’ll tell you age is not a problem; if I can do it, you can do it and make it. If you enroll in this program, there is no time to waste, efforts should be maximized, and what you learn will be put to use. Your spirituality will be strengthened to the highest level. No one will be left behind. Kudos to all our leaders for making this program a huge success. Continue to be a beacon of light especially for those who are qualified but are not given a chance because of valid reasons. Rest assured that I will be an advocate on sharing this program because I firmly believe and have a great testimony that this is coming from the Lord and it is an inspired program of the Church. God bless!

sally anally chozo paredes says:

Se que el PADRE CELESTIAL sabe lo mejor para cada uno de nosotros ,yo con 4 hijos y la responsabilidad de una familia a la vez trabajadora del sector salud como técnico en enfermería y a punto de culminar mi carrera de licenciada también de enfermería ,pedí al PADRE que si era su decisión yo tomaría el curso las clases de BYU PATWAY ,se que El tiene un propósito para cada uno de nosotros y hoy se llena mi corazón de agradecimiento a todos por hacer posible el seguir avanzando como profesional y les ruego a cada uno de ustedes que pidan al PADRE CELESTIAL que les ayude a tomar la mejor elección de estudiar y salir adelante en esta vida siempre con la finalidad de ayudar a los demás personas porque ese es nuestro propósito en estos tiempos, ayudar a quien lo necesita .

Jefferson Villacis says:

Thanks for all of effort that you are doing.

Aniedi Essien Iyere says:

I am truly grateful that I am a BYU-Pathway student. BYU-Pathway has really given me the opportunity to learn and has unveiled the hidden potentials in me. I invite friends to ‘come and see’ what BYU Pathway is doing.

Nicolás López says:

In the first place, it was funny because I enrolled to be obedient to my mother, but when I started I wasn’t sure “WHY” I did it. Then that “WHY” changed, and I finally decided that my “WHY” was going to be improving my English and getting a better education. This program helped me to become more disciplined than before, and now I enjoy the experience of learning and I am pressing forward.

Keyla says:

BYU-Pathway is an incredible experience in my life; it helped me to improve my study and English.

Oladayookonkwo says:

It is a great privilege to be a partaker of this pathway; I count it as a blessing from our Heavenly Father.

Sreedevi says:

Thank you so much for sharing your comments! I am so grateful for the privilege to study in PathwayConnect along with my husband. I am working as a teacher full time. This is an amazing program. It really helped me and my husband to learn math skills and improve our writing skills. My testimony about the gospel is strengthened. We are learning a lot. This is a wonderful program that is blessing many of us.

Anthony Samuels says:

Just want to use this opportunity to appreciate the family of BYU-Pathway Worldwide for their tireless impact on my life. Joining BYU-Pathway Worldwide wasn’t a mistake. This program has changed my life and has made me encounter the Holy Spirit. At first, I used to belittle myself and used to be puzzled about getting things started and sometimes, I used to allow my greatest fear take hold of me. But sincerely, since I enrolled here, things have changed randomly and progressively in my life. I have even become a role model to many siblings and friends. Thanks once again for the great help.

Laura Ore says:

As Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf said, this is a calling for heroes. We have the blessing to be part of PathwayConnect. We are blessed with lovely teachers and classmates who teach us more.


Yes indeed, the PathwayConnect programme is a wonderful place of teaching and shaping talent of our future for global development. It also makes use of my phone for a good purpose that has helped me to avoid unnecessary social media.

Davidson Joseph says:

I’m so grateful to be part of this big PathwayConnect family. PathwayConnect is one of the best universities in this world. You learn how live and how to plan your life in every aspect.

Fester Blyee Kolubah says:

PathwayConnect is an educational online learning program that is meant to enhance an individual with both spiritual and secular knowledge.

However, the program has impacted me meaningfully, in the sense that I have improved my English and mathematics skills. I have understood the importance of working with budgets, eliminating thinking errors, setting and achieving goals, and other significant things that have molded my mind positively. The program is worth learning. Although for me, I had a small deficiency in writing, but I normally made use of my instructor’s comments (feedback) regarding my writing assignments. They really helped me with the little deficiency I had in writing, most especially essay writing. I learned from her comments in order to do my essay perfectly.


Thank you all so much for sharing these wonderful experiences! I did not think that enrolling in BYU-Pathway along with my mother would be such an amazing opportunity and blessing in my life here in Samoa. As an 18 year old recent college graduate, I testify that BYU-Pathway is an educational journey that will forever bless our lives and has the answer to all the problems happening in the world today. I am thankful for this opportunity and pray that it will continue to flow with the help of our Heavenly Father despite the challenges we face. Let us complete BYU-Pathway and reach out to others so they can taste the sweet blessing shared at BYU-Pathway…. whatever principles of intelligence we receive in this life will come with us in the next because education is not a choice, it is a commandment! THANK YOU SO MUCH, I AM REALLY GRATEFUL…

Morris Amaebi ector says:

PathwayConnect is indeed a great opportunity for me to further my education and my experience. It’s life changing.

Janeth Domínguez says:

BYU-Pathway is a blessing. God has answered my prayer to acquire a quality higher education and a dream that I thought was unattainable for my time and money. I have really learned a lot. My first semester has been an incredible opportunity to learn and grow spiritually. I see getting a degree and getting a better-paying job to help my family and above all help in my community.

Suliana vakalahi says:

Thank you so much for sharing. This was an amazing message and has brought such warmth and courage to me. Thank you.

Apisi Naina Nu'uhiva says:

Love this message from Elder Uchtdorf, and I too can state that I have learned so much in BYU-Pathway. My testimony is strengthened daily as I study the lessons and expand my understanding from the lessons and the assignments. I am truly grateful for this wonderful opportunity for learning both spiritually and temporally.

Tooa Arriana Taimalelagi says:

Thanks a lot everyone for sharing those wonderful experiences! I didn’t think enrolling in BYU-Pathway together with my mum would be an amazing opportunity and a blessing in my life here in Samoa. As an 18-year-old who just recently graduated college, I testify that BYU-Pathway is an educational journey that will forever bless our lives and it has the answer to all our problems happening in the world today. I am grateful for this opportunity and I pray that it will continue to flow with Heavenly Father’s help despite the challenges we are facing. Let’s all complete BYU-Pathway and reach out to others so they can taste the sweet blessing shared in BYU-Pathway… whatever principle of intelligence that we receive in this life will rise with us in the next because education is not a choice, it is a commandment!

Nelson owuor says:

PathwayConnect helps me to be great learner, and I learned more about life skills in PC 101 and in institute. I feel more blessings thanks to the prophet and people who come up with this idea. I have invited friends also to gain the knowledge I am gaining in BYU-Pathway.

Ian Barnie says:

Read your instructions; your instructions are everything that you are told to read. Also don’t be afraid to ask yourself internal questions about how you understand or are taking in the material. It is really fun to learn here and worth it!

Real1214.2 says:

BYU-Pathway is a huge opportunity to improve your education, even with the obstacles in your life like socioeconomic struggles or spiritual faith. You will be able to improve your life little by little.

joe says:

When I started PathwayConnect’s PC 102, which is Professional Skills, one of the priesthood brothers asked me a question about how BYU-Pathway helped me and blessed me. I said to the brother, “Come and see.” See for yourself and see how BYU-Pathway really blesses students’ personal lives. BYU-Pathway is real and it takes me closer to our Heavenly Father, His grace, and His mercy. I thank the Lord because He wanted us to return to Him again to live with Him.

Liliu Gali says:

I have been wanting to get more educated but believed I was too old and I just couldn’t afford it. I am so grateful for this great opportunity with BYU-Pathway! Not only am I getting an education, but I’m also learning how the gospel is connected with education.

Jessica says:

PathwayConnect has changed my life for the better. It’s changed my goals and the meanings/reasons behind them. It’s changed my mindset about studying. It’s helped me turn to the Lord first in all things.

Lora Lee Moore says:

I had no clue how wonderful I would feel about myself after just 8 weeks. I am truly humbled and blessed!
Thank you

Ingrid Contreras says:

Years ago, I let go of my dreams of obtaining higher education due to personal circumstances. I have a good friend and mentor at work who suggested BYU-Pathway, and I registered right away. It has been challenging managing, home, work, and study, but I have found support in our weekly lessons, gatherings, and with my family. I think the best feeling is that I don’t feel alone on this pathway; there are many others like me with families and responsibilities, but we all keep moving forward together. A strong motivation for me is the realization that I would be able to help others with the degree I plan to obtain. So I encourage anyone who is thinking of signing up to go ahead and do so; many blessings will come your way.

Gladys Fisher says:

The PathwayConnect programme teaches a lot and it has helped me to grow closer to God. At the time when I joined, I was inactive; it not only helped me to gain my confidence, but it strengthened my testimony. I am truly grateful for this experience and have shared this with my entire family and friends. I have also encouraged them to join.

Cate Williamson says:

What a wonderful testimony for us to hear as we invite our friends to our gatherings this week!

Ellika Barlow says:

That’s so inspiring, thank you for sharing. Remember to invite a friend to your gathering next week!

Iara Powers says:

I’m having an amazing experience with PathwayConnect. A few months ago I was deciding if I was ready to start this program, because I was complaining if my English was good enough to do something like this. I decided take the risk and, to my surprise, I am receiving a lot of support from my instructors and leaders. It’s so amazing to have the opportunity to learn together and to have this program to help me improve my English.

Cate Williamson says:

That’s such an inspiring story of faith! Remember to invite a friend to your gathering this week!

Abigail Muzambi says:

PathwayConnect draws me closer to Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. Every week when I finish my assignments, I always feel a step ahead, being drawn closer to my Father in Heaven. What a wonderful program to attend. I am very grateful for this wonderful program; it really nourishes my spirit and edifies my thinking.

Ellika Barlow says:

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! Remember to invite a friend to your next gathering!

Reine software says:

I have joined PathwayConnect because I am confident that it the best means for me to attain my goals. Also I have faith in what I learn, especially during the devotionals and gathering.

Dino Zulu says:

BYU-Pathway has been amazing; it was what I needed coming back from a mission to get me in the right mind to learn. It is truly, truly inspired; I can tell that on a mountain.

Felenili Havea says:

PathwayConnect really helps me strengthen my testimonies about Jesus Christ and His gospel. When I finished high school I decided to join this program while waiting to turn 19 to go on my mission so I won’t waste any time waiting. I am grateful that I have this opportunity to study.

Cate Williamson says:

That’s wonderful! Thank you for sharing your experience. Remember to invite a friend to your gathering this week!

Noel Joseph Nesu says:

It is not just simple education but the light to our future. One cannot read and understand the word of God without education; education without God’s knowledge means something is missing. There is a strong bond between the two. That is why I feel there is need to invite more of my friends and family to get on board.

Arthur says:

Wow beautiful…

mobbie lungu says:

PathwayConnect has really transformed my life. The past six weeks have really been an amazing journey, and I’m looking forward.

Marlene Young says:

I have been waiting a lifetime to return to school. BYU-Pathway is perfect for me as I have some limitations with travel, finances, and being in social situations due to having no immune system. The quiet, reassuring, and refreshing spirit has filled my soul again after being hostage to my home for so long. I have re-established my purpose in life and the associate degree will open beautiful doors to a new and exciting part of my life, doing by family’s genealogy and helping others with theirs as a career where I can work at home, on my own schedule. It is an answer to my dreams that I thought had passed. I love my new friends and their stories and adventures. I would recommend BYU-Pathway to every person who wants a better life.

Cate Williamson says:

Thank you for sharing your story! Can you think of a friend who would benefit from BYU-Pathway? Invite them to your gathering this week!

Paea I Vaha Talanoa says:

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a student here in PathwayConnect. So much joy I have gained so far. Learning so much about the Savior’s earthly ministry and His purpose on earth. It reminds me of my purpose on earth too. Education will set us free as stated in the lesson of this week’s readings. It is really important in this life to develop more knowledge to help you be successful in this world. My testimonies of the leaders in the Church has grown because of this revelation. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be here. I shared with all of my friends and families the excitement we have here in PathwayConnect and the blessing of enjoying striving to have a better education.

Sussan Zibe says:

I am so grateful for PathwayConnect. It has given me hope and purpose to strive to become the best I can be. With 2 little children and a busy husband I jumped into the unknown to find more people like me who are all striving to become better 🙂 The Church is true and all the revelations that are received are true.

I have invited so many of my friends on social media to “COME AND SEE,” and the whole household next door to join me on the worldwide gathering. Yes! I am so excited.

Thank you to all our leaders. We love you for all that you do for us.

Ellika Barlow says:

Thank you for sharing your testimony with us! Remember to invite a friend to your next gathering!

Faustin Leandre Malonga says:

I am happy to be part of this inspired program in the mortal journey. It’s a wonderful program with promises from our Heavenly Father.

Tautuu. Mann says:

Being a BYU-Pathway student is such a blessing to me and I am so grateful that I finally reached one of the goals that I set while I was serving a mission in the Philippines in 2014, and that goal is “Study at the BYU.” It was a long journey for me to reach this goal. It was a miracle if I looked back at how Heavenly Father led me to the way where I can achieve my goal. So grateful to one of my temple worker friends, she’s the one who led me into the PathwayConnect. There was that one day we both worked in the temple and the sister who is providing laptops for PathwayConnect, she walked around with the piece of paper and asked every young single adult if they wanted to join BYU-Pathway. She came to me and I saw my name is already on her list and then she mentioned that one of my friends wrote my name. I excitedly accepted it because I knew it was the Lord’s plan for me. Starting from that time, things went so well and I’ve seen miracle after miracle while furthering my education in PathwayConnect. With the blessings that I received and the miracles that I see, I also encourage others to join this inspired program because I know that it will definitely bless their lives.

Patrick Pakal Kalombo Mutambayi says:

I wondered how to learn in an English University as a French speaker. How would it be possible, because I don’t speak English? But God makes it possible. Knowing the Church and its great education program blesses me with more hope that I can do it. I have started with EnglishConnect, and I attend BYU-Pathway. Those are wonderful programs. I have found more support. I have learned how to learn with faith. God has helped me more and I find peace and more confidence in my pathway of education. That is a wonderful education program I have never seen before. It is just the blessings of God.

Cate Williamson says:

Thank you for sharing your testimony with us! Remember to invite a friend to your gathering this week!

Guideon says:

I will be forever thankful for BYU-Pathway; it has helped me learn throughout the way to always see the brightest part of every challenge I face and also helps me develop a strong growth mindset.

Naomi Pukari Taelabu says:

I was so happy when I first heard about BYU-Pathway. I am so grateful for what BYU-Pathway has taught me. All thanks to our dear Prophet and our wonderful leaders.

Naomi Pukari Taelabu says:

I would like to take this time to thank our wonderful leaders and our living prophet for this wonderful program. I am greatly blessed; going to the weekly gathering has greatly blessed me. I am a mother of three boys and the only one working, and it is very hard, but I am grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and I am also thankful that BYU-Pathway has taught me well. I am sharing it with my co workers.

Yohana isaya Laizer says:

I bear witness, and I can say in the Church of Jesus Christ, many times you have made me one of those who sees God in spirit and in truth. I remember in 2014 when I was visited by missionaries, and read the Book of Mormon as true, and God answered me, from then on we now enjoy the good things that God reveals to His prophets, and it brings us to BYU-Pathway Worldwide, for the benefit of any human being, without exception. Personally I am educated and it has helped me to know many things including how to put God first.


I am so grateful to the Lord for this program. BYU-Pathway is one of the best ways that the Lord has answered my prayers since I came back from my mission. I am so delighted to learn in the Lord’s way, and so grateful for this opportunity to learn and to grow spiritually and get a degree. I believe that with this I will get a good job and take good care of my family and also help others.

Cate Williamson says:

Thank you for sharing your experiences! This week we’re inviting our friends to our gatherings. Can you think of someone who would benefit from BYU-Pathway Worldwide?

Sherry says:

I thank our leaders for this opportunity, that we can make our decision to take courses for this program. It is a great experience being one of the BYU-Pathway participants. I gain so much knowledge and make my brain work harder.

Bokang says:

I love PathwayConnect. It helped me to see thing differently. It also taught me to persevere.

Annette says:

Giving up is my biggest downfall. At 18 while I was still in high school, I took a leap of faith to join BYU-Pathway,
knowing that I was jumping into the unknown. I still went ahead with it, going to the gatherings and doing the assignments, till one day I stopped just cause I thought everything I did would fail in life.
3 years later, and I am back to doing Pathway again, and this time my heart and mind are in the right place. I know that with the right motivation and trust in the Lord, I will complete Pathway and go on to do many more great things.
I now look back and hold no regrets. I know my faith in gaining a testimony of the growth in knowledge is vast.
I encourage the people around to join me on the journey.

Wilbert Murrieta meza says:

A few months ago I had not defined that something very special would come into my life, until I found the PathwayConnect program. During this time of study and dedication I felt the presence of the Lord and a very strong peace, which gives me a lot of strength to move forward, and enjoy the blessings that I am sure the Lord separated and has for each one of us. It is my wish that we all have the same opportunities.

Willy Kafula says:

BYU Pathway has elevated my level of thinking and approach to life. It has taught me to persevere as i start with the small and simple things and gradually start doing the hard things.

Nancy Apiyo says:

I did come and see with my eyes and acted on my desire to acquire quality education. PathwayConnect assisted me in bridging the gap between my present life and a better future. Today I have much greater hope that the future will be brighter. My friends are excited to join and become part of this promising journey to a better tomorrow. Thank you for bringing education to our doorstep in Africa.

Emmanuel koko Paul says:

I’m indeed humble to part of BYU pathway connect program this has helped me to be great.

Ravel BITOUNGUI says:

Long before I learned to speak in public, I was already sharing news of this great opportunity; and so many of my relatives were interested in BYU-Pathway.

Jessica says:

PathwayConnect is the best!! South Africa

PathwayConnect is an inspired institution where I can easily acquire my education and build my faith in Jesus Christ. Discipline reveals excellence in one’s character, and my life is changing daily as I am persevering in given courses and becoming a better leader in the church and in the community.

Anna says:


Yuriaber says:

PathwayConnect is a great opportunity to improve and reach my life’s goals. Growing up as a leader with a small “L” and serve my community, Church, and home, it makes me feels that our Lord is near me. I’m so grateful for that.

Matthias Dogara says:

As a Pathway student, I had an opportunity to invite others to enroll on the program which they are also enjoying the blessings today. Among the many blessing I have received and still receive from the Pathway program, I have learned to be better steward even in paying my honest tithing and the principle of Provident living.

Songer Hu says:

As our Savior performs healing miracles to those who are sick, those people do not only receive the restoration of their bodies but also receive spiritual blessings. There are so many people in need of a decent education. I believe that providing a good education of integrity can also help people’s spirit big time.

Onolina Princes Sa'u says:

It was a life changing step for me when I accepted the invitation from my sister to join PathwayConnect. Now I testify that it really blessed my life. Not only by decision making but by also in other parts of my life. I will continue to invite more friends to come and see the blessings I am getting from this program❤️❤️.

Abel Zumaeta says:

PathwayConnect, is the most beautiful way that my heavenly father shows me his love for my future.
Pathway is a wonderful opportunity to continue growing in education and in spirit. It is a blessing to be able to have so much preparation at such a low cost.

Ibrahim Kabba says:

For each commandment the Lord requires of us, he provides a way or help we can accomplish them and thus I literally consider PathwayConnect as the means God has provided for us to fulfil his commandment through education.

“Acquiring education is not merely a good thing, it is also a commandment from the Lord” -Dieter F Uchtdorf

Stephen Kpabah says:

I consider PathwayConnect as an answer to my prayers over the past few years. Therefore, it’s an obligation to share with others and help them in their registration process and any other need so that they can also experience the same blessing I’m experiencing now. Words are not enough to express. As member, I immensely appreciate the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for such a great help to the world.

God bless the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, God bless BYU-Pathway.

Karen Sauer Andrade says:

PathwayConnect, is the most beautiful way that my heavenly father shows me his love for my future.
Pathway is a wonderful opportunity to continue growing in education and in spirit. It is a blessing to be able to have so much preparation at such a low cost.

lukengu kabongo etienne maikel says:

When I was on my mission many of my companions interested in this wonderful program PathwayConnect, and I told them what it is and they helped me and share me theirs experiences about PathwayConnect. I remember I was so excited to join BYU-Pathway. After my mission, I directly joined this program. I can testify that this program is inspired by God. I learned a lot of things in a few moments and I’ve grown spiritually in my relationship with God. I have reinforced my faith in Jesus Christ and stay strong through this marvelous program today. I love English language and I want to improve my knowledge .

Kay Duke says:

School was a bad experience for me and I left after High School and wasn’t going back until promptings from the Spirit during our “Come Follow Me” course in D&C last year. More than once I received them and put them aside, until in August the Spirit started screaming at me, figuratively of course. I’m in my late sixties, WAS computer illiterate, short term memory loss and saying I can’t do this. Talked it through with my husband and he suggested looking into Pathways. Here I am in my second Semester of PathwayConnect, saying, “I know I can.” It is one of the best choices I have ever made in my Life. I have no intention of going back into the workforce but I am beginning to enjoy learning, hard as it is. I love the way the program weaves spiritual and intellectual learning together. I am becoming more confident because of my learning and knowledge. I invite the spirit to be with me each day of my journey and He hasn’t let me down. If I can do it anyone can!

Mudimbi Elie says:

PathwayConnect Program helped to me know and develop my hidden talents that I never knew existed before.

Jumoke Akinyemi says:

PathwayConnect has shaped my life, my family, my work, and relationship with God. Now I have a stronger faith that I can achieve all my hopes and dreams.

Tuaa. Riikate says:

I was not interested in joining this program before, but my husband encouraged me to join — inspiring me to pursue a great certificate, degree, and especially by growing spiritually in loving my family, friends, and others. So right now I am very happy I joined this program, and I am proud of the thousands of other people joining this program. The PathwayConnect program is very organized, and so many inspiring messages show up in my email, encouraging me to complete my tasks on time. (Especially reminding me to do them!)

I’m always happy to share this great program to all my friends!

Ellika Barlow says:

Thank you for sharing your blessings! Remember to invite a friend to your gathering next week!

Media Lengelo says:

I am so happy to be in this program because it has changed many things in my life such as the way I think and my way of doing things. I am learning by the guide of the Lord and am inviting friends and family to join the program because it is powerful and wonderful.

Alexei Flores says:

When I received my patriarchal blessing, I was promised that through study I would be blessed; Because I started a family early, I had to postpone my studies many times. Today, thanks to Pathway Connect, I can enjoy quality professional studies in the comfort of my home, at my own pace, and most importantly, increasing my faith and hope in my Savior.

Jennyfer Torres says:

I love PathwayConnect <3

Emery Mpanda Fils says:

Because our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ provide us the great blessings of BYU PathwayConnect, I feel happy as I strengthen my faith and testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

maria nomeriana ramos dias says:

Recognizing God loves me and the Savior’s sacrifice has made me want to be better, with good choices — For example, to be part of BYU-PathWay WorldWide. The Holy Ghost guides me at all times, I have real friends, and everyone around me does their best to help with my intellectual and spiritual growth. I invite friends and family to be part of this cycle of good where we are all a channel of blessings in each other’s lives.

Emmanuel Evens says:

For me PathwayConnect is the best way to learn, so during these two semesters I learned a lot of things. I am so grateful for PathwayConnect.

Augustina law diemesor says:

BYU-Pathway has given me the opportunity to pursue my dreams of upgrading my educational career. Not only that, it has also made me a better person in terms of coming closer to God. My faith has been build up in Christ JESUS and I’m very happy to be part of BYU-Pathway student.

Peace Eholor says:

Joining BYU-Pathway has helped me develop a positive and growth mindset, and I can see changes in the way I see and do things.

Hawanatu sesay says:

BYU-Pathway has really help me to build my faith in Jesus Christ. At first when I started it was very hard for me, but truly through the help of my Heavenly Father and friends around me, I was able to continue with my course and I thank my Heavenly Father for his blessings in my life and the lives of my family too.


I joined BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s PathwayConnect just wanting to increase my knowledge on secular matters, but I also increased a lot of my spiritual knowledge. It is a blessing for me and for my family.

Wisdom says:

I am happy for my life and for the life of those I invited to join BYU-Pathway.

Edna Pineda says:

The support and care I am receiving from BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s PathwayConnect shows me the pure love of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am deeply blessed and grateful beyond words.

Lorena Bernal says:

Studying with BYU-Pathway has made me understand that it is never too late to acquire both spiritual and temporal knowledge. I feel like a better person every day in order to help my family or those around me more effectively. BYU-Pathway makes me feel how much our Heavenly Father loves me.

Ellika Barlow says:

Thank you for sharing your experience with us! Remember to invite a friend to your next gathering!

Fausto Ortiz says:

I am happy to be part of this great family. BYU-Pathway is helping thousands of people to be excellent. This a great opportunity especially for me to plan a better future.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn, grow and change through this enabling resource from God – BYU Pathway! It is an imperative to becoming more like our Savior, Jesus Christ, as it teaches disciple leadership and service in His Kingdom, our homes and families and in our communities wherever on earth we are. I #GiveThanks for such a magnificent blessing – Heavenly Father really wants His children to succeed.

Sandra Mabena says:

I’m very grateful for Pathway, for it has been such a great blessing in my life. I have learned more in the past three months than I have for a long time. The program gave me tools to handle all of life’s challenges – spiritual, family, intellectual (studies), emotional, and financial. I’m so blessed!

Londola says:

You’re right about that. I testify that this is true.

Jephte Kabese says:

What I am today is because of this wonderful program that invites us to become good people and serve others.

Tiangay sannoh says:

BYU-Pathway has improve my life! I love learning, and it is a great blessing to me and my future family.

Leonel Yemafo says:

Yes, Sharing our testimonies is one of the biggest and best way to inspiring others. Thank you all for sharing. While I did the same by inviting friend and acquaintances, and relatives to come and see. Everything even our efforts is only by the father in heaven’s grace. Therefore, let us try to share the same joy with others and that is only throughout Networking we can be more diligent. Happy day. I love you all.

abdulkarimkargbo says:

Is an opportunity to be part of BYU-Pathway. I love learning and this a blessing to me and my future family

Armindo Mazivila says:

Armindo Mazivila

I waited so faithful for BYU-Pathway in my country. When I heard that now in Mozambique people can register for BYU-Pathway it was an exciting moment for me and a blessing to all of us here in Mozambique. I did run and enroll into the program and have been a great experiences to. I always strive to share the website to my friends and others coworkers at work. People always asked me about the program after explain them I share the link with them to visit by themselves. I have received good feedback from them and others are now enrolled to in the program. I am grateful for the PathwayConnect program and the technology has brought so many blessing in my life. Now I can start what I am. I love it.

Edem Jnr says:

I’m really excited to be on the path of learning, and I personally feel I am following the counsel of the prophet and that’s why I am working on my friends to be part of this amazing experience. I love Pathway.

Walter Wisdom says:

BYU Connect is one large family… with unique purpose.

Maria Conlon says:

I love school, but this is more than just school. I feel blessed

Hassan Sheriff says:

I am very happy to have this opportunity in my life of being with BYU-Pathway.

Franck says:

When I joined BYU-Pathway at first I did not understand, but now it is blessing my life and will bless the life of my future family.
Since then, I have been inviting friends to come and see.

Efrain illacreses says:

PathwayConnect is an inspired program in which you develop your faith and increase your language learning. It is low cost and high quality of learning and is open to members and researchers. With online classes, you can learn according to your availability of time.

Ezrah Lavado says:

I give thanks to Heavenly Father for guiding our prophet and for giving us this program BYU-Pathway. This is such a great opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge for my future.

Sung sung says:

I shared with a family friend. He was very excited. I was surprised to hear that he has always admired the LDS church from afar and its doctrine. He was only waiting for a time I would speak about the Church. He wants his children to join BYU-Pathway next session, and he said he wouldn’t mind becoming a member of the Church. I am praying for them, hoping that through BYU-Pathway they will become members of the Church because I love them dearly.

Lauren Conrad says:

What a neat experience! Thank you for sharing!

Anthony Matende says:

Thanks to our current Prophet God is working through him,pathwayConnect is an answer to many, is a place where education can be acquired and also build faith in the Lord Jesus.

Brendah Molaa Kigalu says:

BYU-Pathway is one of the ways that God has answered my prayer of acquiring higher education since I was not financially stable. I am really learning a lot, and this is an amazing opportunity for me to learn, grow spiritually, get a degree, and get a good job to help my family and society.

Obbo stansio says:

I joined PathwayConnect because it’s the Church of Jesus Christ that invited me when President Nelson said to come get knowledge from a above. What a wonderful invitation from God. So I am pressing forward with the program.

Laura Marcela Romo Gonzalez. says:

Hearing you was a great experience. Thanks for sharing.

Marie says:

You have done well my brother.

Emmanuel Kafo Songu says:

It was a moment filled with joy when I hard about the BYU PathwayConnect programme, a place where I can easily acquire my education and build my faith in the Lord. This programme made me become more disciplined than before as I strive to walk the path of discipleship. Notwithstanding, I can’t enjoy these blessings alone, so I keep on encouraging friends and family to join me.

Loraine Gobvu says:

Thank you so much for sharing, brother.

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