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March 12, 2020

Come & See

Elder Uchtdorf invites BYU-Pathway students to encourage their friends and family to enroll

In his April 2019 general conference message, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf invited members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to invite others to “come and see”1 what the Church has to offer. Soon after, in a video to BYU-Pathway students, he shared, “One of the easiest and most effective ways to invite your friends and family to come and see is to encourage them to enroll in the programs of BYU-Pathway.”2

BYU-Pathway Worldwide provides a unique path for those who need access to education, including those seeking to learn about the Church and strengthen their faith. Elder Uchtdorf said, “Inviting friends and family members who are not members of the Church, who are struggling spiritually or are not active in the Church, or who just need access to better educational opportunities, will bless a multitude of lives.”3

So how do Elder Uchtdorf’s tips for sharing the gospel from his conference message apply to inviting others to come and see BYU-Pathway?4

1. Draw close to God

Elder Uchtdorf said, “Others will notice that there is something unique and special about you. And they will ask about it.” Ninety-four percent of PathwayConnect students report experiencing an increased testimony of their Savior. As students draw closer to God during BYU-Pathway, those who join will see their love for the gospel and want to learn more.

2. Fill your heart with love for others

“Try to truly see everyone around you as a child of God,” Elder Uchtdorf said. BYU-Pathway students have unique ethnicities, cultures, ages, and religions. All are children of God, and all are welcome at BYU-Pathway. Students, missionaries, and instructors have an opportunity to see each individual’s divine potential.

3. Strive to walk the path of discipleship

Elder Uchtdorf promised that as Church members learn of Christ by feasting on the scriptures, following the Prophet, and praying, “… the gospel will be such an essential, precious part of your lives that it would feel unnatural not to talk about it with others.” BYU-Pathway students participate in gospel-centered courses and strive to live by the Church Educational System honor code. Their education and lifestyle stand out, and others will want to know more.

4. Share what is in your heart

“… [A]lways look for opportunities to bring up your faith in natural and normal ways with people — both in person as well as online,” Elder Uchtdorf said. Students can share on social media or with family what they’re experiencing in their gathering and online courses. All can pray to know whom to invite to come and see what BYU-Pathway has to offer and how to do so.

5. Trust the Lord to work His miracles

Each individual has a unique journey of education and faith. Regardless of whether or not someone accepts the invitation to participate in BYU-Pathway or join the Church now, the Lord will guide them on their path. Elder Uchtdorf said, “God will work miracles through you to bless His precious children.”

Following Elder Uchtdorf’s five tips will open powerful opportunities for education and the gospel to spread throughout the world. He ended his video message to students with this promise: “My dear friends, take advantage of this opportunity to prayerfully invite someone you know to come and see by joining BYU-Pathway Worldwide for this coming semester. As you do so, you will not only help others to see more clearly what the Church is all about, but I promise you that you will feel the love, gratitude, and blessings of the Savior in their lives and yours.”5

How will you invite others to come and see?

Leone Matavesi, Fiji

“I started sharing with my friends so they could join PathwayConnect. My faith started to build up. I started to see and know more about Jesus Christ. BYU-Pathway is a place where you can find peace and happiness.”

Ashley Ostheimer,

“When PathwayConnect opened in my town, I quickly registered and encouraged others to do the same. I was reminded of how precious my testimony and my desire to learn is to me. It changed my heart to become more of the woman I am meant to be.”


Learn more about inviting others at

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Comments on "Come & See"

Emmanuel Kafo Songu says:

It was a moment filled with joy when I hard about the BYU PathwayConnect programme, a place where I can easily acquire my education and build my faith in the Lord. This programme made me become more disciplined than before as I strive to walk the path of discipleship. Notwithstanding, I can’t enjoy these blessings alone, so I keep on encouraging friends and family to join me.

Marie says:

You have done well my brother.

Laura Marcela Romo Gonzalez. says:

Hearing you was a great experience. Thanks for sharing.

Obbo stansio says:

I joined PathwayConnect because it’s the Church of Jesus Christ that invited me when President Nelson said to come get knowledge from a above. What a wonderful invitation from God. So I am pressing forward with the program.

Brendah Molaa Kigalu says:

BYU-Pathway is one of the ways that God has answered my prayer of acquiring higher education since I was not financially stable. I am really learning a lot, and this is an amazing opportunity for me to learn, grow spiritually, get a degree, and get a good job to help my family and society.

Anthony Matende says:

Thanks to our current Prophet God is working through him,pathwayConnect is an answer to many, is a place where education can be acquired and also build faith in the Lord Jesus.

Sung sung says:

I shared with a family friend. He was very excited. I was surprised to hear that he has always admired the LDS church from afar and its doctrine. He was only waiting for a time I would speak about the Church. He wants his children to join BYU-Pathway next session, and he said he wouldn’t mind becoming a member of the Church. I am praying for them, hoping that through BYU-Pathway they will become members of the Church because I love them dearly.

Lauren Conrad says:

What a neat experience! Thank you for sharing!

Ezrah Lavado says:

I give thanks to Heavenly Father for guiding our prophet and for giving us this program BYU-Pathway. This is such a great opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge for my future.

Efrain illacreses says:

PathwayConnect is an inspired program in which you develop your faith and increase your language learning. It is low cost and high quality of learning and is open to members and researchers. With online classes, you can learn according to your availability of time.

Franck says:

When I joined BYU-Pathway at first I did not understand, but now it is blessing my life and will bless the life of my future family.
Since then, I have been inviting friends to come and see.

Hassan Sheriff says:

I am very happy to have this opportunity in my life of being with BYU-Pathway.

Maria Conlon says:

I love school, but this is more than just school. I feel blessed

Walter Wisdom says:

BYU Connect is one large family… with unique purpose.

Edem Jnr says:

I’m really excited to be on the path of learning, and I personally feel I am following the counsel of the prophet and that’s why I am working on my friends to be part of this amazing experience. I love Pathway.

Armindo Mazivila says:

Armindo Mazivila

I waited so faithful for BYU-Pathway in my country. When I heard that now in Mozambique people can register for BYU-Pathway it was an exciting moment for me and a blessing to all of us here in Mozambique. I did run and enroll into the program and have been a great experiences to. I always strive to share the website to my friends and others coworkers at work. People always asked me about the program after explain them I share the link with them to visit by themselves. I have received good feedback from them and others are now enrolled to in the program. I am grateful for the PathwayConnect program and the technology has brought so many blessing in my life. Now I can start what I am. I love it.

abdulkarimkargbo says:

Is an opportunity to be part of BYU-Pathway. I love learning and this a blessing to me and my future family

Leonel Yemafo says:

Yes, Sharing our testimonies is one of the biggest and best way to inspiring others. Thank you all for sharing. While I did the same by inviting friend and acquaintances, and relatives to come and see. Everything even our efforts is only by the father in heaven’s grace. Therefore, let us try to share the same joy with others and that is only throughout Networking we can be more diligent. Happy day. I love you all.

Tiangay sannoh says:

BYU-Pathway has improve my life! I love learning, and it is a great blessing to me and my future family.

Jephte Kabese says:

What I am today is because of this wonderful program that invites us to become good people and serve others.

Londola says:

You’re right about that. I testify that this is true.

Sandra Mabena says:

I’m very grateful for Pathway, for it has been such a great blessing in my life. I have learned more in the past three months than I have for a long time. The program gave me tools to handle all of life’s challenges – spiritual, family, intellectual (studies), emotional, and financial. I’m so blessed!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn, grow and change through this enabling resource from God – BYU Pathway! It is an imperative to becoming more like our Savior, Jesus Christ, as it teaches disciple leadership and service in His Kingdom, our homes and families and in our communities wherever on earth we are. I #GiveThanks for such a magnificent blessing – Heavenly Father really wants His children to succeed.

Fausto Ortiz says:

I am happy to be part of this great family. BYU-Pathway is helping thousands of people to be excellent. This a great opportunity especially for me to plan a better future.

Lorena Bernal says:

Studying with BYU-Pathway has made me understand that it is never too late to acquire both spiritual and temporal knowledge. I feel like a better person every day in order to help my family or those around me more effectively. BYU-Pathway makes me feel how much our Heavenly Father loves me.

Edna Pineda says:

The support and care I am receiving from BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s PathwayConnect shows me the pure love of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am deeply blessed and grateful beyond words.

Wisdom says:

I am happy for my life and for the life of those I invited to join BYU-Pathway.


I joined BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s PathwayConnect just wanting to increase my knowledge on secular matters, but I also increased a lot of my spiritual knowledge. It is a blessing for me and for my family.

Hawanatu sesay says:

BYU-Pathway has really help me to build my faith in Jesus Christ. At first when I started it was very hard for me, but truly through the help of my Heavenly Father and friends around me, I was able to continue with my course and I thank my Heavenly Father for his blessings in my life and the lives of my family too.

Peace Eholor says:

Joining BYU-Pathway has helped me develop a positive and growth mindset, and I can see changes in the way I see and do things.

Augustina law diemesor says:

BYU-Pathway has given me the opportunity to pursue my dreams of upgrading my educational career. Not only that, it has also made me a better person in terms of coming closer to God. My faith has been build up in Christ JESUS and I’m very happy to be part of BYU-Pathway student.

Emmanuel Evens says:

For me PathwayConnect is the best way to learn, so during these two semesters I learned a lot of things. I am so grateful for PathwayConnect.

maria nomeriana ramos dias says:

Recognizing God loves me and the Savior’s sacrifice has made me want to be better, with good choices — For example, to be part of BYU-PathWay WorldWide. The Holy Ghost guides me at all times, I have real friends, and everyone around me does their best to help with my intellectual and spiritual growth. I invite friends and family to be part of this cycle of good where we are all a channel of blessings in each other’s lives.

Emery Mpanda Fils says:

Because our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ provide us the great blessings of BYU PathwayConnect, I feel happy as I strengthen my faith and testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jennyfer Torres says:

I love PathwayConnect <3

Alexei Flores says:

When I received my patriarchal blessing, I was promised that through study I would be blessed; Because I started a family early, I had to postpone my studies many times. Today, thanks to Pathway Connect, I can enjoy quality professional studies in the comfort of my home, at my own pace, and most importantly, increasing my faith and hope in my Savior.

Media Lengelo says:

I am so happy to be in this program because it has changed many things in my life such as the way I think and my way of doing things. I am learning by the guide of the Lord and am inviting friends and family to join the program because it is powerful and wonderful.

Tuaa. Riikate says:

I was not interested in joining this program before, but my husband encouraged me to join — inspiring me to pursue a great certificate, degree, and especially by growing spiritually in loving my family, friends, and others. So right now I am very happy I joined this program, and I am proud of the thousands of other people joining this program. The PathwayConnect program is very organized, and so many inspiring messages show up in my email, encouraging me to complete my tasks on time. (Especially reminding me to do them!)

I’m always happy to share this great program to all my friends!

Jumoke Akinyemi says:

PathwayConnect has shaped my life, my family, my work, and relationship with God. Now I have a stronger faith that I can achieve all my hopes and dreams.

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