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March 12, 2020

In the News

BYU-Pathway Worldwide continues to grow and capture the world’s attention with its innovative approach to higher education

Expanding Church Education

BYU-Pathway Worldwide: “A monumental moment in Church education”

Ensign | August 2019

The Ensign featured BYU-Pathway’s mission, programs, and several student success stories to show how the organization brings affordable, gospel-centered higher education to students in all circumstances. In a special worldwide broadcast with the Church Board of Education Executive Committee, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland called BYU-Pathway’s growth a “monumental moment in Church education.”

Extending Our Reach

New virtual classrooms for PathwayConnect students

Church News | April 2, 2019

BYU-Pathway extended its reach by offering virtual gatherings worldwide, bringing affordable higher education to individuals previously too distant to attend PathwayConnect gatherings in person, while maintaining a focus on helping students connect with one another and learn collaboratively.

Returned missionaries now pre-approved for enrollment in PathwayConnect

Church News | May 6, 2019

BYU-Pathway announced that all young returning missionaries are pre-approved for admission to PathwayConnect in an effort to provide greater opportunities for affordable higher education and to ease their transition from mission life.

Elder Uchtdorf invites people to “come and see” what BYU-Pathway Worldwide is all about

Church News | July 18, 2019

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, encouraged students to invite friends and family to enroll in BYU-Pathway: “I promise you that you will feel the love, gratitude, and blessings of the Savior — in their lives and yours.”

President Gilbert trains Welfare and Self-Reliance managers at BYU-Pathway headquarters.

BYU-Pathway and Self-Reliance team up to provide educational opportunities

Church News | Aug. 11, 2019

BYU-Pathway partnered with Welfare and Self-Reliance to work more closely with local priesthood leadership and to increase worldwide awareness of the educational opportunities BYU-Pathway provides.

Transforming Higher Education

Ensuring the success of at-risk students entering college

Boston Globe | May 28, 2019

This article from President Clark G. Gilbert explains how BYU-Pathway helps students at risk of not completing their degree succeed in higher education through a certificate-first approach that provides meaningful academic milestones and motivates students to remain enrolled at each stage of their academic journey.

A private college degree for less than $9,000: How BYU-Pathway Worldwide is disrupting higher education

Deseret News | Aug. 19, 2019

BYU-Pathway is disrupting traditional higher education through its remarkably low tuition rates and by providing educational access to a worldwide student body.

A certificate, then a degree

Education Next | Oct. 2019

President Gilbert and co-author Michael B. Horn explain how implementing a certificate-first degree approach helps combat student debt and dropout rates by providing marketable skills and credentials that encourage students to remain enrolled. This article was selected as one of the most impactful articles for Education Next in 2019.


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BYU-Pathway Worldwide will continue to grow and capture the world’s attention with its innovative approach to higher education.

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