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March 12, 2020

Lifting Students One Scholarship at a Time

Even with BYU-Pathway’s extremely low tuition cost, it can be challenging — sometimes even impossible — for students to pay for their schooling. President Clark Gilbert said, “Many of us know someone — a family member, friend, or ward member — whose life situation would improve by receiving additional education, but because of financial reasons or a lack of confidence, they remain stuck where they are.”

BYU-Pathway Worldwide strives to serve those who want to pursue higher education but cannot because of time, travel, financial, or other constraints. Through the help of generous donors, BYU-Pathway has expanded its scholarship offerings, opening doors for those who never thought earning a degree would be possible.

Inspiring hope through scholarships

BYU-Pathway currently offers a half-tuition scholarship to returned missionaries in 30 countries and a quarter-tuition scholarship to returned missionaries in 20 countries. In the future, BYU-Pathway hopes to expand scholarship availability to additional areas to help more students.

In 2020, BYU-Pathway will pilot its first needs-based scholarship program, where students, regardless of where they’re from, can indicate if they need financial assistance.

“For many students, studying through BYU-Pathway Worldwide provides hope where it previously didn’t exist,” said J.D. Griffith, vice president of administration for BYU-Pathway. “An investment in BYU-Pathway does so much more than provide education — it helps develop disciples of Jesus Christ. Even a small contribution can make a significant impact on whether students can continue their education.”

For many students, studying through BYU-Pathway Worldwide provides hope where it previously didn’t exist.

Winston Tjong-Ayong — Tammenga, Suriname    
Returned Missionary Scholarship Recipient

Winston Tjong-Ayong had to decide between serving a two-year mission or continuing his education in mechanical engineering. His school advisor told him that if he left to serve a mission, he wouldn’t be able to return. But Winston had already prayed and received an answer.

“I went on my mission and had a wonderful experience,” he said. “It changed me forever.” However, when he returned home and tried to reenroll in school, he was rejected and lost all hope for getting an education.

Then Winston heard about BYU-Pathway Worldwide. At first, he thought he couldn’t afford it, but he soon learned about the scholarship for returned missionaries.

“I’m so grateful to the donors for their help and all that they do. I want to be able to help my family when I graduate and also help others grow closer to Christ,” he said. Because of donors’ generous contributions, Winston now has a path to finish his education.

Anna Capcelea — Balti, Moldova

Returned Missionary Scholarship Recipient

“My experience with PathwayConnect has been the best period in my life. I decided to enroll in PathwayConnect because I wanted to improve my English skills. My salary is little, so it is difficult for me to pay off my studies. For me, it’s a blessing to not have to pay the entire tuition because I can save more money.”

Carolina Delvaux — São Paulo, Brazil

Returned Missionary Scholarship Recipient

“I went to law school before my mission, but I felt I should change what I was studying. Right before I ended my mission, BYU-Pathway announced that returned missionaries were pre-approved for PathwayConnect. I started praying a lot, and I had the impression that I should enroll. Without the donors, it wouldn’t be as possible as it is. It’s helping me fulfill my goals, and it’s helping me to be better prepared for my future. I really thank those who made this possible.”

Cassie Williamson — Utah, USA

Scholarship Recipient

“You taking the opportunity to serve someone you don’t even know is allowing me to continue on my journey in PathwayConnect. I am now one step closer to achieving my goals. Words cannot express my gratitude, but they are all I have right now. Thank you again!”

Diego Birasa — KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Returned Missionary Scholarship Recipient

“My PathwayConnect experience has been life changing. I have never seen so many blessings come out of one program! If it would not have been for the donors, many people in countries all over the world would not be enjoying the blessings of PathwayConnect. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your amazing generosity that is indeed Christlike. Because of your efforts, we can become who the Lord wants us to become.”

Comments on "Lifting Students One Scholarship at a Time"

Beatrice Akinyi says:

I learned something

Thank you. It is hard; people do not have even better phones for their emails, and it’s worse with laptops because of unemployment.

noreen mashego says:

I am a South African pensioner. I am very grateful to the Lord for helping me with a scholarship. A pensioner who uses funds for household and personal needs. Thank you.


Noreen S F Mashego

Gopaul Govender says:

I am from South Africa. This will be great news for the unemployed and the bread line survivors.

Guellor Nganu Mbaki says:

Sounds amazing! Many people’s lives will change through this divine programme.

Mary pamba says:

Wow, I am so grateful for BYU-Pathway.

Borge Sorensen says:

Sorry but I can not say the same…because I know that someone who nevr received that support ….
I would like to contact somebodey else from pathway..
Thank yoju
Thi is my tel 0051992993174
Best wishes
Borge Sorensen

Borge Sorensen says:

That sounds great…
I think in the nearest future that scholarships should be for everybody who needs financial support because of lack of personal resources….
Everybody must have the same chance for that goal…
God bless you.

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