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April 27, 2020

Achieving Goals in Ghana

After a full-time mission, Juliet's taking on a new challenge — higher education

Juliet Deletsu grew up in a family of six in Ghana. When she was 16, she was fascinated by missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and started following them to church on Sundays. When the missionaries discovered she wasn’t a member, they began teaching her and her cousin.

Juliet Deletsu

On the day of her cousin’s baptism, Juliet realized she also had a testimony of the gospel. Much to the missionaries’ surprise, she asked if she could also be baptized. They happily agreed!

Juliet’s conversion has only deepened since her baptism. “I decided to find out more,” she said. “I prayed to know the truth for myself, so I had my personal testimony. From my baptism day, I didn’t miss a Sunday of going to church. I just love it.”

After high school, Juliet’s love for the gospel gave her the desire to serve a mission. Her parents are not members of the Church, but they have always supported Juliet in her beliefs. However, funding a full-time mission would place great financial strain on their family.

Juliet prayed earnestly and pleaded with her parents to let her go. A year later, her dream came true when they gave their permission and she was called to serve in the Cape Coast Ghana mission.

An unexpected opportunity

Juliet’s faithful service has blessed her life in many ways. One of the greatest blessings she received came in the last month of her mission. Knowing she would soon return home, Juliet began thinking about the future. “[Growing up], I never had any interest in university education because of the stress and hardship,” she said. 

However, higher education now seemed like one of the best ways for her to keep progressing. But how could she afford it? She and her family had used many of their resources to pay for her mission. 

At her last zone conference, a solution surfaced. “Lucky for me, we had the couple missionaries in charge that came to speak about [BYU-Pathway] and how you can register,” Juliet said. “Just hearing about it, I was like, ‘Wow.’” 

Juliet knew immediately that she wanted to participate. She asked her mission president if she could apply to begin PathwayConnect.

“It’s just a dream come true. A prayer has been answered,” said Juliet. “[BYU-Pathway is] helping me know what to choose and what to do to become self-reliant. They are putting me on that path, and I know the things that will lead me to a better future.”

A learner and a leader

Juliet returned from her mission and just completed her first semester of PathwayConnect as part of the Africa West virtual group. She loves what she’s learning and appreciates having online classes because they allow her to work at the same time.

“I know I’m heading towards the right path,” Juliet said. “I am developing and growing more temporally and spiritually. I’m having a high-quality education with a low cost, which I never thought would happen.” 

Juliet strives to share the joy she has felt in PathwayConnect with everyone she knows. “I bear testimony to others about this because it’s really helping to grow faith,” she said. “As I practice what I’m learning, I will be able to help those around me better understand and enjoy what I’m enjoying.”

Juliet serves as the second counselor in the Relief Society presidency in her local branch, as well as the self-reliance specialist. In her free time, she loves to read and spend time with family and friends. She hasn’t decided on an area of study yet, but after PathwayConnect, she hopes to continue to earn a bachelor’s degree through BYU-Idaho’s online degree program. Whatever she chooses, she will bless many lives.  

“The Lord is mindful of all His children, and He has plans for me,” Juliet said. “[BYU-Pathway] has been a great answer to my prayers.”

How have you seen the Lord’s hand in your education? Comment below!

Comments on "Achieving Goals in Ghana"

Juliet Deletsu says:

Thank you all for your comments, and I am both grateful and glad that many of you are inspired. You can do it — so take the bold step!

alpha donne says:

What a beautiful testimony of faith and of determination. Education makes us become more able to choose paths that will lead us to better our lives and those around us.

It was a wonderful privilege to serve with her in the same mission, and she’s a woman of faith!

Uko John Chinedu says:

This is a very nice testimony shared by Juliet. I love people that have ambition. I know after PathwayConnect I will also share a good testimony, just like Juliet does. This is my testimony, amen.

Jeidy Paul says:

Very inspiring, thanks for sharing.

Garba Joseph Samson@ says:

Juliet Deletsu has always been a light.
It is a privilege to know her. She has always been positive. In fact, I joined PathwayConnect because of her encouragement. I love her strong testimony about the gospel.
I am so grateful for the Lord’s work in helping us gain education through BYU-Pathway.

Tieho Alosia Phooko says:


Duncan Oryek says:

Well, right from the mission, I saw Juliet was a very determined person in every aspect of her life, and I could tell by her code of conduct who she would be. I am not surprised that she is part of BYU-Pathway, but what surprises me is how the Lord has reached His hand upon her. Also, how did you get to her? I have a story too to tell.

Miriam says:

You have come a long way, Juliet. Many blessings are coming your way. PathwayConnect is God’s answer to thousands who have found it and responded like you have. Congratulations!

Millicent Sracoo says:

Wow, this is serving as an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing.

Marisa Hoover says:

Awesome post!

Dorice Temba says:

Thank you for sharing. BYU Pathway is the best thing that ever happened to me this year. It is a dream come true for me. I feel like shouting at the top of my voice for all to know and come and taste what I have tasted as Lehi did.

Harriet Whitmer says:

What a beautiful testimony of faith and of determination. Education makes us become more able to choose paths that will lead us to better our lives and those around us.

Ekirita Ivan Samuel says:

Wow, that’s really an amazing experience. Most similarly to mine, but I’m just happy that I’m part of this program because I know we have to put God first and then He will direct us to the right path. If we faithfully serve Him we receive our promised blessings, and to me personally, I see this as a blessing. Besides serving God, education is the second goal that we have to achieve in life, because God wants us to be intelligent and self-reliant as we pursue our education. I know that this is a blessing from God, so we don’t have to undermine it but just keep pressing forward until the end. That’s when we will see the fruits of it.

Michael E. Jaiyeola says:

Woow!!! I knew Juliet while serving in her branch as a missionary. I had the opportunity of lecturing her in youth class and as a young woman then. She was always ready to learn and she asked more questions than her peers. I later met her again during her time as a missionary and I am very excited for how far she has come. She is an inspiration to many indeed and to me for meeting such a pure soul who is willing to improve her life as well live the gospel.

Emmanuel Boahene says:

So amazing and an honor to have witnessed this beautiful story in your life Jules :-). Your inspiration every week is a source of strength. I know Pathway is a helpmeet to the heart to find the desired path one may be looking for.

Powerful story! How interesting it is to know that the Lord actually opens ways when there seems to be no way. Sister Deletsu, thanks for sharing, you were an awesome missionary back from the mission, and I am confident you are still powerful.

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