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May 4, 2020

Learning: Are You Giving Your All?

The choice to be intentional about education can make all the difference

A religious responsibility

Do you believe that learning is a commandment of God? After reviewing the Ten Commandments in your mind, you may be wondering where learning fits in. Is it really that important to get an education? Actually, yes! God has always commanded His children to learn, and because He has, we will each be held accountable.

The Lord explained that we should “seek learning, even by study and also by faith.”1 Modern prophets also teach the importance of getting an education. “Your mind is precious! It is sacred,” said President Russell M. Nelson. “Therefore, the education of one’s mind is also sacred. Indeed, education is a religious responsibility.”2 Both the scriptures and modern-day prophets confirm that secular and spiritual learning are a commandment of God.

Give learning your all

Even though you may recognize the value of education, learning can still be challenging. When you feel too busy to finish your homework or have difficulty learning a concept, it can be easy to become frustrated. Don’t lose hope! No matter where you are in your educational journey, here are three steps you can take to give learning your all:

1. Recommit to learn diligently

You will be strengthened as you renew your commitment to learn. As time passes, you may forget why you started or lose motivation to continue. In his general conference message, “Standing by Our Promises and Covenants,” Elder Ronald A. Rasband asked, “Do we stand by our promises, … or are they sometimes half-hearted commitments, casually made and hence easily broken?”3 If you feel you are only partially committed to your education, renew your commitment today.

However unmotivated you might feel, you can make a whole-hearted commitment to try again. When you make a whole-hearted commitment, you strive to make consistent efforts, despite any setbacks.

2. Learn something new every day

If you were to plant one tree in the shade and another tree in the sunlight, you would see a drastic difference in the trees’ growth over time. The tree that grew in the sunlight would be significantly stronger and taller because of its daily, consistent access to the sun’s energy. In a similar way, we each require daily sunlight, or knowledge, to grow to our fullest potential.

Don’t stay in the shade. Try to learn something new every day — you’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish!

3. Notice the hand of the Lord

As you learn, take some time to consider how the Lord is blessing you. As Elder Robert D. Hales said, “Education prepares you for better employment opportunities. It puts you in a better position to serve and to bless those around you. It will set you on a path of lifelong learning.”4

If you look closely and are patient, you will notice blessings from the Lord all around you! Doing so will give you greater joy and purpose in your education.

You can have confidence

In his message, “True Disciples of the Savior,” Elder Terence M. Vinson explained, “Giving our all doesn’t mean that we will be continually enveloped in blessings or always have success. But it does mean that we will have joy. … Joy is enduring and is founded on our efforts being accepted by the Lord.”5

All the Lord asks of us is that we try our best. As you follow these steps to improve your efforts in education, you can have confidence that you are striving to fulfill God’s commandment to learn.

How have you been blessed as you’ve fully committed to earn an education? Comment below! 

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Comments on "Learning: Are You Giving Your All?"

Christine says:


Dunamis Gospel Bassey says:

Yeah, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints education is not just advised, but a commandment. It serves as a fulfillment of mortality to man on earth. “But its yours to obtain.”

Velean Brown says:

I know that the Savior wants us to be successful in our earthly achievements. He continues to cheer us on. Education is not just for now but for all of the eternities. We will have so much the advantage there.


I know Heavenly Father is mindful of us, and if we follow the counsel of the prophets, we will never be lead astray.byu pathway is one of the blessings of this generation

Willy Lumana Mulambo says:

I’m so grateful for this to remind me of all the commitments I made when I decided to enroll as a BYU-Pathway student. The same as being a member of the Church, I know If I look closely and am patient, I will notice blessings from the Lord all around me! Doing so will give me greater joy and purpose in my education. Thanks a lot, and this is so helpful in this time of challenge.

Lauren Conrad says:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Willy! I’m glad this article was helpful for you.

Peace says:

It is indeed a privilege for me to have the opportunity of going back to school through PathwayConnect after so many years of fruitless efforts. I now believe more fervently that Heavenly Father is indeed mindful of me and sees my struggles, and I know He will help me if I stay committed.

Daniel says:

Great article. I like the example of a tree in the shade and other in the sunlight.

Griffiths Mukwaira says:

Thank you very much. I felt something as I read Elder Ronald A. Rasband’s quote. This is what we all need, and we will get help from our Heavenly Father as long as we stick to the principles and be obedient to the commandments.

Donalyn Culiat Delmonte says:

While I’m reading this email, I’m very blessed that I can go back to study. This is my dream come true. And I think Heavenly Father loves me because He gave me this opportunity.

Apoko Stella says:

I’m so grateful that I got this chance of receiving education from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints through BYU-Pathway, and although I’ve got some little challenges in life, I still believe that I can make it no matter what. I’m so happy and very grateful that I’m blessed to study through BYU-Pathway because there are lots of people who are yearning for education in Uganda, but they couldn’t make it because of money (tuition) and I’m one of the luckiest people to receive this. l believe my life will change spiritually.

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