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September 28, 2020

Student to Student: Advice from Our Writers

BYU-Pathway student employees share six tips for balancing school and work responsibilities

BYU-Pathway Worldwide students are accustomed to wearing multiple hats — they are full-time employees, owners of small-businesses, involved in the community, and often spouses and parents. At times it can be difficult to balance so many responsibilities on top of being a student. 

BYU-Pathway’s communication team has four student employees who understand the difficulties of balancing school and work responsibilities. Here’s their advice as working students for students.


Writing and Messaging Intern, BYU-Idaho Graduate

Hi, I’m Lauren! I worked multiple jobs as a full-time student while I earned my bachelor’s degree in English. Here are two tips that made a big difference for me.

  • Do your hardest task first. Most days, there is one thing in particular that I need to get done but really don’t want to do. I’ve found that when I face that thing head-on, my day is much more productive and enjoyable! It motivates me to finish the rest of my to-do list and makes the other tasks feel easier.
  • Involve the Lord. Remember that God can magnify both your time and your efforts! Make a plan, share it with Heavenly Father in prayer, sincerely ask for His help, and work hard to accomplish it. He loves you and will help you reach your goals! 


Part-time Messaging Specialist, BYU-Idaho Online Student

I’m Jessica! I have worked as much as I can while studying web design and development. Here are a couple ways I have learned to stay on top of things.  

  • Pace yourself. You know your limits better than anyone. I realized that trying to cram in an extra class to graduate sooner does more harm than good. If your schedule is overwhelming, you’ll miss out on the joy of learning. 
  • The Lord cares. When I struggle with school assignments, I pray for guidance. God always answers my prayers. I am able to think clearer and see new ways to solve problems. At times He will guide me to someone who can help me. In one way or another, answers always come!


Part-time Writing Specialist, BYU Student

My name is Symber, and I just graduated with my bachelor’s degree in English. For most of my education, I’ve had to learn how to balance work and school. Here are two ways I’ve managed to do it!  

  • Have a strict “no procrastination” day once a week. Typically, I like to have this day on Monday! It allows me to start the week feeling accomplished and reminds me that I can work hard. Not only does it set the tone for the rest of the week, but it ultimately provides more free time. 
  • Develop a routine before starting assignments. My routine consists of (1) praying for a clear and understanding mind, (2) cleaning my work area, and (3) limiting distractions — no cell phone, social media, or TV during study time for me!


Writing and Messaging Intern, BYU Student

Hey, my name’s Marisa! As a full-time student working multiple jobs, I have two tips for balancing a busy life.

  • Put first things first. Make sure scripture study, prayer, and church attendance are happening regularly. This will allow the Spirit to be with you, which in turn makes you more productive.
  • Schedule your entire week ahead. This may seem like a lot, but it helps break tasks into manageable sizes throughout the week. Each day I know what I need to accomplish in order for it to be a successful day.

These tips and tricks will make a difference as you apply them in your busy lives. It might feel overwhelming to try to apply them all right now, but consider choosing two or three to start this week. You can do it!

What advice do you have for students balancing work and studies? Comment below!


Comments on "Student to Student: Advice from Our Writers"

Roberto Giovanoni says:

I am glad to read this advice. I will take it into account in my first semester here. Thanks for sharing such valuable tips. Considering the Lord as my partner is something I will do for sure.

Chioma Patience Emmanuel says:

These tips on balancing work and studies are very true and helpful, doing what matters most gives me more energy to tackle other tasks. Truly, when I sincerely seek the Lord’s help through deep reverent prayers and scriptures study, my learning experience and completing other tasks becomes sweet.

Jobelle says:

Brilliant tips, thank you! For me, I balance work and school by being at the moment. When I’m at work, I focus on my work/tasks and when in school or study time I don’t think about work or anything else.

Lorna Ravilob Aloine says:

Happy to read this messages it made me more eager to do my daily routine/task. They made it why cant I? So put God first by prayer for guidance, everything will go smoothly and make the task successful..

Ronald Eniola says:

Wow amazing! I really love it and I hope I can apply it as soon as possible in my own situation.
Thanks for sharing these ideas.

Lovely and encouraging. Will definitely apply it.

Christopher E. Nyalopo says:

Thank you for shearing with us how to manage and balance time during this relentless course taking. I hope things will work out very well due to continental location (Africa) wherein, there is a lot of challenges most especially good internet facilities are limited to…..But with God all things are possible if I play my own part well, there a light at the end of the tunnel.

Yemafo Dieudonné leonel says:

Testimonies are always sources of strong inspiring messages in our life. Thank you for sharing these testimonies.
I appreciated all of them. Indeed helpful.

Benny Mathew Rapeiasi says:

So far it’s a blessing for me as every thing comes on time, like God’s plan for me to prepare. I can do it. Begin with a prayer and close it also with word of thanks because God is everything in life and always there for you and me. Seek Him and He will open the door of knowledge upon you.

Rachelle Moore says:

Blessings to you all I really enjoyed the devotional talk today by Brain k A
Motivation my self in a spirit faith base educational pathway
I really needed that What a wake up call

Maria Shew says:

This is very helpful. I will do my best to apply what I have learned from you guys.

Thank you

Christmas Bamey says:

This is very helpful. I enjoyed it, and will apply it.

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