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December 14, 2020

How Do BYU-Pathway Students Light the World?

Sharing blessings and remembering the Lord’s help can make the Christmas season bright

In the annual “Light the World” tradition, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints invites members to reflect on their blessings and to find opportunities to serve. This Christmas season, consider taking some time to reflect on all you’ve accomplished this past year and consider your goals for next year. Hopefully at least one of those goals involves coming closer to the Savior, Jesus Christ, and finding opportunities to share His light with others. Learn how BYU-Pathway Worldwide students are following His example!

“BYU-Pathway brought me many blessings, one of them being the desire to serve a full-time mission,” said Fernanda Carlos, a student from Utah, USA. “I felt inspired by the uplifting environment that PathwayConnect provided to serve the Lord and give a little bit back of what I had received during that time.”

Patrick Kwame Antwi, a student from Ghana, said, “In the first semester of BYU-Pathway, they helped us develop Christlike attributes. Once you develop the Christlike attributes, you also have to develop professional skills so that you can be balanced … [and] become useful to the Lord, to your community, and to your family.”

As a single mother in Florida, USA,
April Leslie Deal’s gathering group brought light into her life through their love and support. After emailing the group that she wasn’t sure if she could continue, she said, “Pretty much everyone replied back and said, ‘We got you. We’ll pray for you. We support you. You can do this. We’re with you,’” April said. “I started to see little miracles and to feel God’s love for me.”

Your BYU-Pathway education is designed to help you to grow and to develop the attributes of Christ, so that you can help #LightTheWorld.

The Savior taught, “Ye are the light of the world…. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”1

How has BYU-Pathway been a light in your life? How have you seen someone share their light?

1. ^ Matthew 5:14, 16

Comments on "How Do BYU-Pathway Students Light the World?"

David M. R. Poma Huayta says:

I’m glad with this program

Ayesiga Jeniffer says:

I give honour and Glory to our Heavenly Father through the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I am so proud of being a latter-day saint ready to work hard and live the Gospel to be the real light of this world to capture many into our Heavenly Father’s kingdom both spiritually and physically.
I am very eagerly waiting to start my BYU-Pathway courses soon in this month.
I liked it very much.
Who am I to study with colleges from America.
Am big now my dear,
Nice time

Maqsood Masih says:

BYU-Pathway helped me to increase my faith and confidence through reading and writing. It helped me to to improve my English skills also which I need for my professional life. Thanks BYU-Pathway and my church leader who guided me to follow daily in my life to be success.
Kind regards.
Pres.Maqsood Masih

Uhunoma Uwadiae says:

I am grateful to God for using my big sister to introduce me to PathwayConnect, I have never felt the spirit as I did during my study time. With the Holy Ghost as my teacher, I am sincerely grateful to God Almighty for his mercy and love.

Regina kuniba says:

I was afraid when someone close to me recommended BYU-Pathway to me. I asked myself, “Can I do this?” or “Will I be able to make it?” But since I joined BYU-Pathway, my joy has increased. Though I have not started my degree program, I know with the help of my Heavenly Father I will soon be there so I can also achieve my goals.

Francis Conteh Mansah says:

Indeed, BYU-Pathway is really a blessing to us as members of the Church and even to those who are not of our faith. I know there are more blessings yet to come.

Emmanuel Ishmael uko says:

I am grateful to Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ in helping me enroll as a BYU-Pathway student.

Temitope Ajibola Johnson says:

I am so delighted to be enrolling as a BYU-Pathway student. I thank my Heavenly Father for allowing me to take the right step and enroll, and I’m so blessed. Everything I’ve learned from my course has helped me to build a more solid relationship with God, and love him more. It has also helped me to improve my efficiency in my career because I applied all the basic skills I have learned to the knowledge I had previously gained through experience. I see the positive changes, and as a result I am so glad to say this: God bless BYU-Pathway, in Jesus name, amen.


BYU-Pathway has been such a blessing in my life! I started this journey at Rick’s College and was not able to finish my education at the time. Now I have completed PathwayConnect, and I am finally on my way to a college education at BYU-Idaho starting in Jan 2021. This was Rick’s College and now it’s BYU-Idaho, how cool is that? I am so excited and feel so blessed the Lord inspired me to continue so many years later.

Rebecca Enguito Montebon Olongayo says:

BYU-Pathway has blessed my life, allowing me too educate myself, to have more Christlike attributes, to develop my capacity for understanding, and to do the things I need to do. By the power of the Holy Ghost, I have been taught that all things are possible. I believe Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love their children. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Ogadigo Divine says:

It was like a dream when I realized that I had just finished a semester in PathwayConnect. When I started, I worried about how to manage my business and occupation while participating in PathwayConnect. It was the lesson on time management that helped me to manage my business and PathwayConnect responsibilities without running out of time. I have learned a lot within this short period of time in BYU-Pathway.

Cláudio Rocha Da Costa says:

BYU-Pathway is a blessing with was sent to us from Jesus Christ himself. My prayers were answered when I passed the admission test and got my student ID. Beside my problems getting my family and relatives to become members of the church, I always do missionary work while enduring my life with them. In Angola it’s difficult to have the material books for learning in English and Portuguese. I do my best on the assignments, especially the English parts, to find the best sources. I still have a lot to do, thanks to God, especially to read and write a lot of English in church in Windhoek. I am glad for that and to know new brothers and sisters around the world and especially in the church. I am growing more and more in every aspect and doing my best to develop the great talents that my patriarchal blessing promised me. Be faithful in Christ.

Lighting the world is done by living the gospel and being wise in this world. PathwayConnect guides our education in order to grow spiritually and physically. This is the time to finish our degree in all diligence. Guys, let’s start now, not tomorrow!

Michael Anthony says:

BYU-Pathway has been a blessing to me. The topic of the growth mindset was a light to my life. I never knew I could complete the 1st semester, but after taking the topic on the growth mindset, I had a renewed mind and was able to complete the 1st semester. I feel confident in myself because all the subjects have shaped me in a way that I can help my family and friends. I thank God so much for this great opportunity.

Wisdom Imoke says:

It was like a dream to me. I never believed that someday in life I would advance my education. Thank God for BYU-Pathway being a light to my education. It is indeed a blessing to me.

Abraham Lehi Macias says:

Hi dear friends. My name is Abraham Lehi Macias, I am from Honduras, and I am very grateful for BYU-Pathway. I decided to enroll because someone shared their testimony of and experience in this marvelous program, and I felt I needed to do that as well. Now I am giving my personal testimony and experience back. Just 1 year later, my life has changed because of this marvelous education. I testify that if you enroll in BYU-Pathway, you will find not only education for a career, but for life as well. Come and enroll in your new life — enroll in BYU-Pathway.

Ngwako Jonas Moroole says:

I was inspired to join BYU-Pathway. In the same week that registration was closing, I had a feeling that I should register and I did. I now know what a blessing education is in our lives. This program is truly God-inspired! You begin to receive the blessings as you apply your lessons — either on your finances or use of time. I was able to take care of my finances effectively and use my time to bless family members. The Lord wants us to be good stewards with His blessings and He has given us talents and strengths to do just that. There is more we can do as we choose to follow the Lord’s teachings. May God prevail!!!

BYU-Pathway helped me to develop my faith after my mission. I was thinking that all was lost for this particular year, but by enrolling in BYU-Pathway I was able to focus on my education. When i came home last year in October, I tried to get a university form but everything was closed until October 2020. However, BYU-Pathway was launched in my stake. Although it was not easy at the beginning, I remembered 1 Nephi 3:7, which says the Lord can’t give a commandment without preparing a way for the children of men. I know it to be true and I personally know that the Book of Mormon is true. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Christmas Bamey says:

It was like a dream when I decide to enroll in BYU-Pathway. When I started BYU-Pathway I was worried about the time, my business, and other occupations I have how I could manage time. But with the devotionals talks, I found hope and a way how to manage my time. So I can testify that BYU-Pathway’s first semester was a light for me.

Silvia Edinam Alemawor says:

BYU-Pathway has been a source of strength for me. In my first semester, we learned how to draw closer to our Lord Jesus Christ. In each gathering, I have had the chance to be strengthened and inspired by others during each discussion. A few days before the end the second semester, and I have realized that I’ve learned a whole lot of professional skills, including how to be a disciple leader. The Lord has indeed done marvelously things for my studies. I’m so grateful for his love and mercy. We therefore need to work hard on our spiritual growth and try to live as the Savior would have us do to light the path of others. Lighting the world is done by living the gospel standard in all things, at all times, and at all places so the world can see the goodness in our lives and draw their heart to our Father in Heaven. I’m so proud to be a student of BYU-Pathway at this moment of my life. It has been a great blessing in my life and that of my family. Let our light so shine, my brothers and sisters out there, so we can all remain instruments in the hands of our Father in Heaven.


As a BYU-Pathway student, my life has been blessed by the wonderful education I have received. Living the Christlike attributes has made me more successful and useful to the Lord, my family, and my community.

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