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January 4, 2021

A Certificate, a Degree, and Two Promotions

Guilherme’s commitment to education is paying off — literally

Guilherme Cidade, 27, was born and raised in Florianopolis, Brazil. From a young age, his parents taught him the importance of education and encouraged him to attend college someday.

Guilherme was excited to study engineering when he returned from his mission.

Their encouragement paid off when Guilherme was accepted to the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina (IFCS) to study electronic, mechanical, and computer engineering after serving a full-time mission in Salvador, Brazil.

While Guilherme was studying at IFCS, his sister mentioned that she was participating in BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s PathwayConnect and thought he could benefit from it as well. Guilherme was already pursuing a bachelor’s degree, but he decided to enroll at the same time to improve his English skills.

Learning time management the hard way

With the addition of PathwayConnect, Guilherme’s life became even busier. He was studying full-time at IFCS and BYU-Pathway, working to support his family, completing an internship, and fulfilling a Church calling. With so many demands on his time, he quickly felt overwhelmed and doubted his ability to accomplish everything he’d taken on.

Fortunately, Guilherme’s wife, Talita, was there to help him. “With much love, she was determined to help me finish everything I was doing,” he said. “She gave me so much support to endure to the end!”

Guilherme learned to manage his time through careful daily planning. He said, “I put [my plan] everywhere — in front of me, in front of my computer, on the refrigerator, on the bathroom door, every place in my house.” By scheduling time for every item on his daily to-do list, he was able to achieve his goals.

The rewards of discipline

Guilherme’s hard work and diligence paid off. He completed PathwayConnect in December 2017 and graduated from IFCS with a bachelor’s degree in engineering several months later.

The skills Guilherme learned through BYU-Pathway helped him land a full-time job.

During Guilherme’s final interview at his internship, his supervisor handed him a piece of paper with a list of skills and characteristics she had noticed in him, including his ability to be proactive and work well with his team members. “When pondering my manager’s feedback, I realized how much I had developed not only intellectually and professionally, but [I] also acquired and perfected several other skills,” he said. Participating in BYU-Pathway Worldwide was a key part of his growth.

Guilherme was offered a full-time position with the company as a data analyst. After beginning his new job, Guilherme decided to earn a certificate in data analytics online through BYU-Idaho, supported by BYU-Pathway.* The skills he learned in his certificate courses led to Guilherme receiving a second promotion, tripling his salary from when he began as an intern.

“I applied a large part of what I was learning in my job,” he said. “Such knowledge helped me give a significant return to the company.”

“When I finished the certificate, I showed my transcript and certificate diploma to my boss,” Guilherme said. “He showed it to the director of the company. Both praised me not only for my performance and dedication in the course, but also for having applied my knowledge in my work. In the same week, I received a raise and a promotion.”

Guilherme’s advice: Endure to the end

Guilherme’s family has grown along with his education.

Throughout his educational journey, Guilherme has learned the importance of perseverance. “I know sometimes we just want to give up and burn the books,” he joked, “but we have to keep doing our best and endure to the end. It’s the same as the gospel. Sometimes we don’t feel the Spirit [or] don’t feel that God is hearing our prayers, but we must endure to the end. In God’s time, He will bless us.”

Guilherme is grateful for the blessings he’s received. He is now preparing to apply for an MBA program, and he and his wife welcomed their first child — a baby daughter — in April 2020. He is excited to see what the future holds for him and his family!

*The current equivalent for the Data Analytics certificate is the Business Analysis certificate, which can be completed as part of the Professional Studies bachelor’s degree. Learn more about this certificate and others on BYU-Pathway’s degree web page.

Comments on "A Certificate, a Degree, and Two Promotions"

Arlyn Teodocio says:

Thank you for sharing your story. It adds to my determination to continue what I have started with BYU-Pathway and endure to fulfill my dreams.

Marielle Honey Chiong says:

Thank you for this story! I am also a college student in another school while studying at BYU-Pathway at the same time. Before I read this, I doubted if I would be able to manage my time. Honestly, I’m having a hard time, but I felt inspired after reading this.

Alfred Swaray Rogers says:

I have been motivated to love education so much! And trust in the Lord.

Gloria Lubanza Bindanda says:

I was so excited reading Brother Guilherme’s story. It reminds me why I’m doing what I am doing. I’m facing challenges, in the Bachelor’s degree process, I have been called as a couple missionary with my wife to help with EnglishConnect. We have 3 children, we have callings at the church and I am working to provide for my family and I am responsible of doing training online…. all this to say that I am inspired by Brother Guilherme’s story and he is a great example of patience. He loves what he is doing and had a plan to reach and accomplish. I am so happy to follow this example and his path and endure to the end. Thank you so much. I can feel the spirit and grow while doing PathwayConnect.

Anthony Matende says:

Thank you, Brother Guilherme, for a word of encouragement through your inspiring experience.

Queenmary Mukweya says:

I feel inspired. Thank you for the wonderful testimony. You have motivated me to never give up on my education no matter how hard it may be. I also learned that through making a schedule you will never go wrong, but you can do your day-to-day chores in a direct and good manner. May the Holy Ghost continue guiding us throughout our courses. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! 🙏

Etim A Hogan says:

This is very exciting and encouraging.

Evelyn Nsekanabo says:

Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience. It is motivating and inspiring. For sure, Heavenly Father never lies. His promises are sure and I’m grateful to learn of this.

The semester has just started and I feel very nervous. This is my last one. It is my greatest wish to graduate from BYU-Pathway worldwide. I pray that the Lord will help me achieve this goal.

Adam Adebesin says:

By having faith in my Heavenly Father, and also working hard, studying, and praying.

safritex says:

I’m grateful to my Father in Heaven and to you brother for sharing your testimony. This makes me strong, and gives me a strong desire to pursue my online courses with BYU-Pathway and endure to the end.

Blessing Okoronkwo says:

I have been able to endure because I know that God is always there to strengthen me as I rely on him, and I also know that education is what makes us become better as we try our very best. And, it will help me to become self-reliant.

Kiyomi says:

Thank you so much for sharing his experience. His experience made me feel very positive.

Benny Mathew Rapeiasi says:

I’m not alone. I know my Father has the fullness of knowledge for me to have it. Only for me to obey His commandments and serve as His two great commandments: Love thy God with all your heart, mind, and soul, and love thy neighbor as you love yourself. Our Heavenly Father is everything I need for my spiritual and temporal. Seek and you shall find, knock and shall open…. I am not a well-educated person, but all of the above brings me today to continue PC 102 and never give up.

Moses Conteh says:

I’m so motivated and determined by these experiences. Thanks!

Emmanuel Namukoye Kusolo says:

I am motivated too. Moses Conteh, we are in this journey together, brother.

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