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June 28, 2021

Advice from Your BYU-Pathway Friends

Hear 10 important lessons from BYU-Pathway students across the globe

Do your courses ever leave you feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Or have life circumstances started to take a toll on your well-being? You’re not alone! Check out this advice from BYU-Pathway Worldwide students who have been where you are and understand what you’re going through. Have hope and courage. Take it from them — you can do this!

“[We] know, no matter how hard it looks or how dark it gets, the Lord is 100% going to be there for you. We really and truly believe this program is deeply inspired. It blesses you in every way. You can do it!”

— Jeanette Hayes, USA

“Starting school with BYU-Pathway is one of the best decisions you can make in your life. Go ahead, strive daily, and do things with discipline. The blessings will come after the test of our faith!”

— Diego Rodriguez, Ecuador

“You are here for a reason. Take it seriously and do all you can because it will be alright.”

— Nicolas Pariente, Uruguay

“Anyone can do it. If I can, anyone can. You just have to get your priorities right. For me any time I put school above my family, the school work was hard. … As long as I put my family first, the gospel, and then my school work, everything else worked out.”

— Twyla Larman, USA

“Don’t you ever lose hope. Just hold on, and have faith in yourself. You can do it; you can finish it. You never know what’s really inside of you.”

— Leone Matavesi, Fiji

“Things might be challenging in the beginning, but believe me, they will surely get better. Go on with hope, courage, and faith. If you know who you are, and you know that the Savior loves you, and you know your goals … you will [be able to] move forward.”

—Malvin Kadzomba, South Africa

“Just remember that it might be hard, but it’s going to bless the rest of your life. You cannot go wrong by finishing it, and you cannot go wrong by participating. Every time someone asks me about BYU-Pathway, all I say is, ‘Do it!’”

—Valeria Hawkes, Brazil

“Know that something greater will come in the future if you continue.”

— Oliver Toledo, Guatemala

“Pray for everything. When a lesson was more difficult for me, I prayed to Heavenly Father that he would touch my mind with His finger, and … my mind lit up. It is a fantastic spiritual experience.”

— Angelo Melone, Italy


Remember, there are so many people cheering you on throughout your educational journey! Put your trust in the Lord and keep pushing forward. You will be blessed beyond measure for your diligence in gaining an education.

What advice would you give to your fellow classmates? Tell us in the comments!

Comments on "Advice from Your BYU-Pathway Friends"

Cate W says:

I love this advice!

Shie says:

“If you think it is hard. It means you are on the right path.” So, keep on believing. The promise is sure. “No one will do it for you except you.” You don’t need to know everything to start doing. Start now!

Press forward even though it’s challenging

Tshishing Mpat vasco says:

I immensely love this stunning program! I usually pray God to have my situation changed, while God gives me a situation to change me!

It is a beautiful program with profound and inspiring teachings.

Clement Teangake says:

Brothers and Sisters, this is the most inspirational program to see the Lord’s hands manifested in fulfilling the commandment of education, in learning by study and faith. Prioritizing heavenly help makes any other difficulties open up to see who you want you to become. By small and simple things, great things are brought to pass.

Carlos Edson Leon Pinto says:

I love your testimonies. I really feel inspired. Thank you very much.

Fatmatanat-kanu says:

I know when you put your shoulder to the wheel you will push along. My Brothers and Sisters, nothing is impossible with God, there is a light at the tunnel, do not give up.

isaac ofori says:

Just remember that hard things make great people, so become great by accomplishing hard things

Shorai says:

If the Lord can help others to do it, He can also do the same for me.

Nassanga Mary says:


Daniel Quist says:


Arlyn Teodocio says:

As it always in my mind “If others can, why can’t I” I rely everything to HIM, because there can never be success without failure. I pray in everything about my studies because He is in the details of my everything.

Richard Park says:

A wonderful program

Henry Dean Bondah says:

Why stopping? Keep on keeping on.

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