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September 13, 2021

Welcome to Your Gathering

Learn why students are calling it their favorite part of BYU-Pathway

All around the world, BYU-Pathway Worldwide students meet both virtually and in person for their PathwayConnect gatherings. Clark Gilbert, former president of BYU-Pathway and Commissioner of the Church Educational System, said, “It seems there is something about lifting and building others that is foundational to why we gather. One of the miracles of BYU-Pathway is in the gathering. Think about all of the learning opportunities tied to the gatherings.”1

No doubt about it, gatherings are key to student success! So what should you expect in your first gathering? Here are some things you can look forward to.

Getting to know your missionaries

two senior missionaries standing in front of a meeting house

There are thousands of service missionaries assigned to BYU-Pathway! Each has a unique story of how they got there, but they all have the same reason for wanting to stay: the students. Missionaries have the responsibility of facilitating weekly gatherings, supporting currently enrolled students, and encouraging others to join BYU-Pathway.

In your first gathering, you’ll get to know your service missionaries. They’ll lead the discussion the first time and set up a day for you to strengthen your leadership skills by leading the discussion another day! You’ll also get to know the other students in your gathering group and discuss how you discovered BYU-Pathway and what you’re hoping to achieve by furthering your education.

Connecting with your gathering group

It can be a little intimidating to meet new people, but you actually already have a lot in common with the other students in your gathering, like the area you’re from. They all have a unique path to BYU-Pathway, but they’re all there to improve their situation and become more self-reliant. In your courses, strive to help and connect with your classmates by asking questions about their hopes and goals for education. Don’t be afraid to share a little about yourself too!

Scott Duncan, a student from Arizona, USA, said of the PathwayConnect gathering, “It’s an opportunity and blessing to lift and to strengthen not only ourselves but also each other.”

Participating in the discussion

student raising his hand in a classroom

You have unique experiences and valuable insights to contribute to the gathering discussion! Each student will have an opportunity to be the lead student — facilitating the discussion and covering the weekly material. Whether you’re leading the class or just offering comments, be ready to learn something new.

If you have questions, now is a great time to ask! Other students are probably wondering the same things you are and you’ll learn together.

So much of your growth during your education will come from learning with others. Kameron Lemon, a now graduated BYU-Pathway student in Idaho, USA, said of her gathering experience, “You learn so much more when you have to teach other people. When we’d go and be together as a group and teach each other things we got out of the lessons, I felt fulfilled. I felt like I accomplished something because I helped them learn but I also learned a lot more myself.”

Have you attended a gathering before? Share your favorite part in the comments below!

1. ^Clark G. Gilbert, “Why We Gather” (BYU-Pathway Worldwide devotional, January 14, 2020),

Comments on "Welcome to Your Gathering"

Irénée NDAYIKEZA says:

Yes, it’s true the first moments at the gathering it wasn’t easy, but over time I understood that it’s a good place for me to grow and learn a lot of things especially when you interact with the members of the group. I feel the Spirit of working in a team gathering. Happy New Year 2023!!

Olamilekan Isaac says:

It’s a privilege ma/sir ..I can’t wait, because it’s a new session for me entirely. I’m excited!

Richard Kaine says:

For me, this my first time attending such a gathering discussion, but I know with faith I will surly overcome all my challenges and achieve my dreams of becoming a better person in my Church and society as well.
I hope my friends will encourage me to achieve quality education in this gathering place. So I can’t wait overcome my fear.

Olamilekan Isaac akintola says:

I am excited to learn and teach…It’s going to be a very wonderful experience and memories in my life…

Hopeson sitima says:

My dear brothers and sisters, I want to attend gathering.

Ebibas says:

Honestly I am excited knowing that I’ll soon attend this class. Hope that I’ll soon overcome my shyness.

maria del carmen garcia de Borda says:

I will try my best to get a little of knowledge.

Obarayi oyinlola sidikat says:

I was afraid of joining the gathering group the first time, but I now realize that it was a good place for me to be confident.

Joeli T.Cava says:

I am excited and just cant wait to attend this first gathering.

Anna Mokhethi says:

It is my first gathering, however I previously participated in zoom meetings during COVID-19.It was such a blessing learning from one another through sharing ,and more importantly the environment was conducive to strengthen our trust and endurance throughout our engagement. It was such a blessing opportunity from our Heavenly Father. Seeking the Lords guidance is the spiritual foundation of everything.

Juliet Frimpomaah says:

My first gathering experience impacted me positively the remainder of my first semester course. I was very early to the gathering. A mate joined soon on. Through our interactions, I shared why I had joined BYU-Pathway and why I thought joining at that time was the best option as compared to my past enrollment which I cancelled. I realized I was more prepared and understood better why I had to do this and where I want to reach. Sharing this experience gave me more strength and enthusiasm to share and help others as I learn from their experiences too. I am looking to enjoying my second semester gathering.

Ebenezer Nkansah says:

During gathering i learn a lot everyone and it very important to be in a gathering

Oredi Kibungu Lebon says:

I was afraid of joining the gathering for the first time, but when I joined I realized it was a good place to be for you to be confident, especially when you are leading the gathering.

Carol HuangLee says:

As a sixty-year-old widow, I’m grateful and excited to join BYU-Pathway Worldwide courses. Everything is so new and astounding for me.

I’m not yet joining gathering.

sudsocsoc says:

Sou extremamente grata por este blog, pelo programa BYU e por saber que existem tantos alunos se esforçando para obter uma educação formal, profissional e espiritual. Obrigada


I had the support from my classmates, loving people who really care of me.

Kelly James McEntire says:

As a missionary working with BYU-Pathway students on a weekly basis, I find the gathering to be a place where students can bring their questions, express their concerns and accomplishments, and bond with other students. It is a perfect way to combine learning with friendship while building their knowledge and testimony of Jesus Christ. We love meeting with these bright, humble, and enthusiastic students!!

ojede Emmanuel says:

I believed there must be a special reasons why some one would love to join BYU-Pathway may that spirit continued with the rest of us. Thanks!

Mikembi says:

The gathering is a unique and marvelous moment that allows us to acquire many enriching experiences.

Lenge monga stone says:

Really, I believe it will be great opportunity to improve our skills by helping one another.

Cosmas Anunobi says:

I believe the gathering plays a key role in widening a student’s horizon. It encourages the mixing of ideas among students.

Hello, as much as I´d like to be involved, I dare say, since I dropped out, I don´t think I´m eligible to be online with you.
Much obliged.
Happy New Year !

Ximena Pinochet says:

I love my gathering group! I don’t have words to describe how amazing all of them are. Last Thursday someone said, “I truly believe Heavenly Father put this special, amazing group together for a purpose. Love you all!” and someone replied, “This group is not by accident. The Lord had His hand is this.” I agree with them! Two hours is not enough for us! Our service missionaries are the best! 💕

Cruz de Garcia says:

Since I started the BYU-Pathway courses, I am very happy. I know that God loves me, and He has allowed me to continue progressing.

sudsocsoc says:

I know how important education is, much more in these days of such information and confusion, and to recognize biased or unreliable information and news. BYU-Pathway brings a path to clarity!

Joseph Oswago Mboya says:

Thank you

Olinda Moreira says:

Hi there! Hope you are enjoying yourself while learning and growing in your spiritual to become the best possible YOU!

Olinda Moreira says:

growing (sorry)

Rangi Skipwith says:

This is my first time in BYU-Pathway, and this will be my first gathering, but I am looking forward to meeting others and sharing my knowledge and experience.

Perekibena favour ikposo says:

I know there is no need for fear, but with courage, determination, and the help of God, we will get there.

Simbisai says:


Dario Cruz says:

It’s the first time for me; it will be a nice experience!

Olinda Moreira says:

I loved meeting my gathering missionaries. A lovely couple from Sweden. I can´t wait to gather with them and all the other peers.

Kathiryn C. Arbado says:

Attending gatherings have helped me be confident, and they have strengthened my testimony because sometimes I feel nervous and look down on myself. I often question if I’m going to succeed in BYU-Pathway, but when I read the quotes in the article, I feel comfort because I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us and will help us. And I know if we pray and ask for his help, He will be there to comfort our heart. We can do this, but we need to believe in ourselves.


I believe that gathering is very important, and I am very nervous for this.

Simon Saidu Tarawali says:

Attending gathering is a blessing. When I hear the testimonies of others on how they were able to overcome their life challenges, I feel strengthened.

Olinda Moreira says:

Os grandes exemplos de ensino e aprendizado ainda são uma constante lembrança de vivências na minha vida. Eu sou a pessoa que sou pelos exemplos e testemunhos de muitos bons professores e alunos que se esforçaram e esforçam para se aperfeiçoar!


honestly you are right attending a gathering is blessing especially when the topic is all about our lord Jesus Christ. I can’t wait to experience my first gathering as from tomorrow


For me, this is my first time of attending such a gathering, so I can’t wait to overcome my fear.

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