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October 25, 2021

BYU-Pathway is No Joke: A Comedian’s Journey

What do you get when you mix a dedicated student, flexible education, and skills-based certificates? Ask Nwankwo Prince!

“I can make a dead man smile; that’s why I don’t go to funerals — it gets weird,” Nwankwo Prince, a student living in Ghana, said jokingly. The 25-year-old, whose stage name is Comedian Hungryman, has been perfecting the art of comedy since he was a child. Entertaining is his natural gift — people are mesmerized by him wherever he goes.

man talking into a mic

Nwankwo Prince, also known as “Comedian Hungryman”

After serving a full-time mission in Nigeria, Nwankwo began seriously considering what skills and education he would need to embrace his natural gift and turn it into a profession. When a few good friends mentioned BYU-Pathway Worldwide, Nwankwo saw it as the perfect opportunity to jump into higher education and started taking foundational courses (PathwayConnect).

“My experience with BYU-Pathway is just something words cannot explain.” Nwankwo explained, “It’s what I call my step to success — introducing me to a new view of life. It equipped me both spiritually and temporally towards achieving my goals.”

Being funny is hard work

Nwankwo loves joking around, but he takes his education seriously. He doesn’t want to just rely on his natural talent; he wants an education to support it.

He said, “Because of the desire I had to further my education, I made a choice and applied for a degree. I never regretted it because it kept on improving me and adding more value to my life.” With a passion to run his own business as a comedian and entertainer, Nwankwo has focused on earning three certificates as he pursues his bachelor’s degree. His first certificate was in social media marketing, in which he learned skills to run his social media accounts and promote his business. Next, he started a second certificate in entrepreneurship — the perfect way to learn how to develop a business plan. Nwankwo will soon begin working on his final certificate, business administration.

Uniting Africa through entertainment

Nwankwo wanted to give back to BYU-Pathway by helping launch a Facebook group with video content about the organization. Nwankwo uses his gift for entertainment to highlight BYU-Pathway African students through the group. In each episode, students are brought on to share their story and a talent. Together, they illustrate that every individual is unique and has something important to share.

“BYU-Pathway blessed my life; it could bless your life too. I have made sure I spread the good news of BYU-Pathway.”

man in hoodie sitting on couch

Nwankwo sporting his BYU-Pathway swag

Nwankwo’s passion for BYU-Pathway and desire to give back have grown because of the skills he developed in his social media marketing certificate. He has learned how to manage social media profiles; create and sell content on different platforms; and leverage SEO, ads, and SWOT analysis to attract audiences and promote his social media accounts.

The show must go on

The journey hasn’t been easy. As a young adult, Nwankwo has felt the pressures of building relationships, growing finances, and keeping up with goals, but he is grateful for every bump on the road to success. It has taught him how to reach out and help others in similar situations.

His advice? To keep pushing through: “No matter the country, no matter the language, no matter the barrier, the spirit of never giving up should always be with you. If you don’t give up, you will achieve your dreams.”

Contributing author: Jacob Orse


Comments on "BYU-Pathway is No Joke: A Comedian’s Journey"

Thomson Kapoloma says:

Never give up no matter what, I like that brother. It is a great testimony to help us all to push on. Great achievements are not easily reached. So enlightening.

Emefa says:

This is inspiring. Thank you for taking the opportunity and turning it into a profitable one. God continues to bless you.

Ita Ayatmmo says:

The aspect of making a dead person smile just made my day. Very funny though!

Christiana Achenyo Onuja says:

Wow, this is so touching and educational.

Joseph O Mboya says:

This story is so inspiring. Thank you, Bri!

Joel Bwire says:

Wise words there. Keep it up with the good spirit!

veronica says:

Wow, great one there!

Victor M Ugo says:

Great man. Keep it up brother.



Tema Jude says:

Your passion for BYU-pathway has inspired me to not give up even though I have withdrawn twice from the program. I am still going to try and make sure I acquire a higher certificate, and BYU-Pathway has provided me the opportunity to easily do that. Thanks for sharing 👍👏😆😆

Jonalyn Leyva Adovas says:

Thank you for an inspiring message.

Sofia says:

I have always loved watching comedian Hungryman’s jokes. He is talented, pure, and inspiring. If you pay attention, you will realize that his jokes are some of the things that are happening in real life, so we need to be very careful in our choice and how we life our life 🥰💯💫

Nwankw Onyebuchi Prince says:

Thank you, let’s stay connected

Elizabeth Ifeoma Egbugara says:

So inspiring!

Alisha Ferrell says:

What an inspiring life you are living in your quest to do good and follow a righteous path in receiving your education and following your dreams!

Ezenwa Omaka says:

My guy. I took your advice to take the social media marketing certification, and I haven’t regretted it.

Bassey Ekpenyong says:

No pain, no gain, my brother. Well done!

Dlamini says:

Good job my brother

Comedian Hungryman is really an inspiration. I always find myself digging for each episode of his live program and I never regretted because it’s so inspiring and fun at the same time. Keep it brother

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