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February 7, 2022

5 Ways BYU-Pathway has Impacted Education in 5 Years

Learn how this inspired institution is taking higher education to the next level

Five years ago today, on February 7, 2017, BYU-Pathway Worldwide was announced as a global higher-education organization. Since its creation, BYU-Pathway has been committed to developing disciples of Jesus Christ who are leaders in their homes, the Church, and their communities. Below are five ways that BYU-Pathway has worked to fulfill its mission to bless students around the world.

1. Making low-cost education a reality

One of the largest barriers students face when seeking higher education is that it’s too expensive. BYU-Pathway provides education at a reduced cost for everyone worldwide!

BYU-Pathway tuition for its preferred path costs just $77 USD in the United States — that’s almost a fourth of the national average! Tuition for countries outside the U.S. varies, but remains affordable (try this tool to see what BYU-Pathway tuition is in your area). Plus, several tuition discounts are available, including a scholarship for recently returned missionaries and a guaranteed discount based on need!

“Receiving a scholarship has blessed my life by giving me hope and motivation in pursuing my studies and in achieving my greatest potential in life.” — Junyleia Amar, Philippines


2. Increasing access to online education

BYU-Pathway students, in particular, come from all different circumstances, from 18-year-olds just starting university, to working parents, to the 75-year-old fulfilling their life’s ambition. Online education makes it possible for them to fit earning a degree in with other aspects of life. BYU-Pathway’s curriculum teaches marketable skills that lead to better jobs, greater self-reliance, and deeper faith in Jesus Christ.

“BYU-Pathway has changed my life by helping me prioritize what matters most and by helping me be consistent in reading my scriptures.” — Ntombizodwa Charity, South Africa


3. Helps students get better jobs before graduation

BYU-Pathway’s certificate-first approach is transforming higher education. This approach helps students not only earn a bachelor’s degree, but also three certificates, an associate degree, and a host of marketable skills along the way too!

Eighty-eight percent of students around the world report receiving job promotions or continuing their education after completing their first certificate.

“Once I got my construction field supervision certificate, I got a really good opportunity, not only another and better job, but one with double the income.” — Aldo Castellanos, United States


4. Creating a worldwide community

BYU-Pathway has grown from serving 50 students in the United States to more than 57,000 students from 188 countries. Students from around the world get to interact with each other through online academic courses, institute, and weekly gatherings, which are considered to be the “heart” of BYU-Pathway. Weekly gatherings, either in person or virtual, give students the opportunity to share what they’re learning and to connect with other students.

“The more that we’re exposed to different walks of life, it gives us an opportunity to be more understanding, to be more compassionate, to extend more mercy and grace to others.” — Nikki Maxon, United States


5. Centered in the gospel

BYU-Pathway is supported and guided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is why the core of its mission is to develop disciples of Jesus Christ. Although students do not have to be members of the Church to participate, BYU-Pathway helps students — regardless of faith or congregation — to rely on prayer, scripture study, and Jesus Christ to be successful in their life pursuits.

“I’m happy to say BYU-Pathway has helped my faith to grow in Jesus Christ. Each day before I start my classes I ask him to help me. I’ve learned a lot from the life and leadership of Jesus Christ.” — Gabriel Phillips Chrwa, United Kingdom


Learn more about BYU-Pathway Worldwide and apply at Applications for next term are open through March 29, 2022.

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Zion Ita says:

Indeed, BYU-Pathway has helped realize the importance of education. It has really blessed my life. It is a great experience for me. It helps focus on my goal path.

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