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September 26, 2022

Education: What Do Modern Prophets Have to Say About It?

The fact you're here shows you know education is important. Read on to see why modern prophets think so too!

Throughout the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, God has called prophets to be His mouthpiece here on earth, just as He did in biblical times. And these latter-day prophets have all proclaimed the blessings of temporal and spiritual learning (that must mean it’s pretty important!). Here are quotes from each modern prophet, starting with Joseph Smith, all the way to our current prophet, President Russell M. Nelson, on the importance of education and lifelong learning.

Joseph Smith

“The best way to obtain truth and wisdom is not to ask it from books, but to go to God in prayer, and obtain divine teaching.”



Brigham Young

“The object of this existence is to learn, which we can only do a little at a time.”



John Taylor

“We want … to be alive in the cause of education. We are commanded of the Lord to obtain knowledge, both by study and by faith, seeking it out of the best books [see D&C 88:118].”


Wilford Woodruff

“Do not be discouraged because you cannot learn all at once; learn one thing at a time, learn it well, and treasure it up, then learn another truth and treasure that up, and in a few years you will have a great store of useful knowledge….”


Lorenzo Snow

“Every man [or woman] has got to learn to stand upon his own knowledge; he cannot depend upon his neighbor; every man must be independent; he must depend upon his God for himself entirely.”



Joseph F. Smith

“[The] knowledge of truth, combined with the regard for it, and its faithful observance, constitutes true education.”



Heber J. Grant

“Faith and knowledge without practice are of no value. All the knowledge in the world would not amount to anything unless we put that knowledge into actual practice.”


George Albert Smith

“Remember that it is the intelligence that you acquire that is eternal, the truth which you learn here and apply in your lives, the knowledge and experience you gain and profit by — these you will take with you when you go home.”


David O. Mckay

“[T]rue education seeks to make men and women not only good mathematicians, proficient linguists, profound scientists, or brilliant literary lights, but also, honest men [and women], with virtue, temperance, and brotherly love. It seeks to make men and women who prize truth, justice, wisdom, benevolence, and self-control as the choicest acquisitions of a successful life.”

Joseph Fielding Smith

“Everyone should learn something new every day. You all have inquiring minds and are seeking truth in many fields. I sincerely hope your greatest search is in the realm of spiritual things, because it is there that we are able to gain salvation and make the progress that leads to eternal life in our Father’s kingdom.”

Harold B. Lee

“We should be the best-educated people on the face of the earth if we heed the injunctions of the Lord.”



Spencer W. Kimball

“[T]here is a lot in the world that attempts to pass itself off as truth when it is not. A good education will help you to distinguish between sense and nonsense.”


Ezra Taft Benson

“Work hard educationally and in your vocation. Put your trust in the Lord, have faith, and it will work out. The Lord never gives a commandment without providing the means to accomplish it (see 1 Nephi 3:7).”


Howard W. Hunter

“When we … read and study the scriptures, benefits and blessings of many kinds come to us. This is the most profitable of all study in which we could engage.”


Gordon B. Hinkley

“Resolve now … that you will get all of the education you can. We live in a highly competitive age, and it will only grow worse. Education is the key that will unlock the door of opportunity.”


Thomas S. Monson

“I urge you to not take counsel of your fears. I hope you will not say, ‘I’m not smart enough’… I plead with you to choose the hard way and tax your talents. Our Heavenly Father will make you equal to your tasks. If one should stumble, if one should take a course and get less than the ‘A’ grade desired, I hope such a one will not let it become a discouraging thing to him. I hope that he will rise and try again.”

Russell M. Nelson

“[D]on’t be afraid to pursue your goals — even your dreams! There is no shortcut to excellence and competence. Education is the difference between wishing you could help other people and being able to help them.”

Comments on "Education: What Do Modern Prophets Have to Say About It?"

Grace Nakamya says:

I’m so grateful for such inspiring quotes. Be blessed.

Anthony Matende says:

Thank you for such inspiring counsel

Catherine says:

The modarn prophets teaches us to commit ourselves in education little by little we will get to know

Joe Andrew, Ibari, Dalibi says:

Ezra Taft Benson said, “Work hard educationally and in your vocation. Put your trust in the Lord, have faith, and it will work out. The Lord never gives a commandment without providing the means to accomplish it (see 1 Nephi 3:7).” In order to learn and know things about ourselves, we must work hard, put trust in the Lord, and have faith. It will work out through faith and action.

Catherine says:

So inspiring and encouraging too!

Bro. Akpan, Silas says:

This is the best email received. Most encouraging and sharpening my mind. Please do share with me more quotes like this. Thank you.

Julio Marcano says:

Thanks you for your inspiring words.

Iracema Santana says:

Education can open doors that often seem impossible. Man removes hunger from people, God removes people from poverty. That can only be achieved with study and dedication.

Fester Blyee Kolubah says:

Gaining a solid education helps alleviate poverty!

Tooa Arriana Taimalelagi says:

It is said in the scriptures that the principle of intelligence we attain in this life will rise with us in the resurrection. This has always been an inspiration and healing to my soul whenever I feel overwhelmed or depressed. I am truly grateful for the prophets and their teachings to guide us in these Latter-Days of preparation for the second coming.

Abara Etoton Kanu says:

The modern day prophet have help me to understand that ,learning is very important and that intelligence makes us God. They also said that the knowledge we acquire here on earth we raised with us, never the less we should learn and apply what we have learned. They also said we should seek learning by relying upon the Lord. I am also expected to study from the best book.a

obemi98 says:

Thanks for sharing, encouraging 💪

Mercy Uchechi Chukwuemeka says:

Wow. Thank you so much for sharing

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