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The BYU-Pathway Blog encourages, inspires, and unifies a global student community through authentic, positive, and motivating stories and features.

Encourage The BYU-Pathway Blog is a source of inspiration and encouragement.

Each week, BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s writers interact with members of the student community from around the world. They gather photos, videos, and insights to spotlight these unique individuals and places. Through this, our readers see BYU-Pathway through each other’s eyes and learn from their experiences. They increase in confidence as they find their own educational path.

Inspire The BYU-Pathway Blog inspires readers to get the most out of the student experience through advice and spiritually edifying stories.

The personal growth students experience through BYU-Pathway is nothing short of miraculous. The pioneering hearts of these amazing individuals have brought countless others to experience the hope of BYU-Pathway for themselves. By looking to BYU-Pathway’s inspired mission and celebrating daily achievements within BYU-Pathway’s community, our readers find hope in each other, a deeper appreciation for education, and confidence to achieve their goals.

Unify The BYU-Pathway Blog fosters a sense of belonging — connecting readers from all over the world through their personal stories.

BYU-Pathway has truly become a worldwide community of students, service missionaries, online instructors, local Church leaders, and so many others. By exploring this shared BYU-Pathway experience, the blog connects readers to this ever-growing family, spanning a multitude of languages, countries, and backgrounds.