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Sarah Schwarze

Sarah Schwarze is an Idaho native, and prefers to be outdoors, hiking, or camping. Recently, she discovered the ocean while visiting her family in Washington and will abandon the mountains to watch the waves or the boats in a marina. If there’s one thing she likes to do more than be in nature, it’s reading a good book while curled up in a chair. Sarah loves to write informative articles and also loves sharing the stories of Pathway students across the world — they’ve all strengthened her testimony and taught her many things, including hope, determination, hard work, and looking for God’s hand in her life.

3 May 2017

Gatherings Unite Students Around the World

Students worldwide have a variety of reasons why they love their gatherings

From New Zealand to New York and from Ghana to Guatemala, students bring a variety of cultures, traditions,…

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26 April 2017

Lead With Confidence

Learn the five "Be's" of a successful lead student

Leadership development is an important part of PathwayConnect. During the program, every student will serve as a “lead…

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21 April 2017

Confidence Through Education

How the Lord taught this dedicated mother she was smart enough to earn a degree

“When you finish high school, what would you like to do?” the counselor asked the struggling student sitting…

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15 February 2017

Alisa’s Journey to BYU-Pathway

Single mother Alisa Petersen is able to continue her education thanks to PathwayConnect

In early 2014, Alisa Petersen, a single mother, was accepted to a local university and was excited to…

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25 January 2017

Six Tips to Make English Easier

English can be tricky, but don’t let it slow you down

The Speaking Partners program is designed to help students learn English; however, only speaking English for thirty minutes…

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9 December 2016

Stressed? How to Relax at the Banquet of Life

If life is like a banquet, you want to be able to enjoy it

Welcome back to the banquet of your life. All of your favorite foods are spread out before you,…

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2 December 2016

The Banquet of Life: How to Handle Stress

Learn what to put on your plate

You’ve been invited to a banquet with all your favorite foods on the table before you. The host…

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