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Marisa Hoover

Marisa grew up in the beautiful Idaho countryside and was raised by parents who constantly told her that “knowledge is power.” In her childhood home, the multiple rooms filled with books and hundreds of National Geographic magazines attested to that belief. She’s carried this love of learning with her to this day as an undergraduate student at BYU. She first recognized the blessings of BYU-Pathway while serving a mission in Brazil, where she saw it help many people to become powerful community and Church leaders. Marisa also loves to ski, dance, hike, and travel. Her most recent travels were to the Holy Land where she studied at the BYU-Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies. Marisa is eager to share how BYU-Pathway is changing the world as a writing and messaging intern.

28 September 2020

Student to Student: Advice from Our Writers

BYU-Pathway Worldwide students are accustomed to wearing multiple hats — they are full-time employees, owners of small-businesses, involved…

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17 August 2020

3 Benefits When You Earn a Certificate

Does the long road to a bachelor’s degree ever feel intimidating? Even though it may appear like a…

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14 August 2020

4 Ways to Invite a Friend to BYU-Pathway

How has your experience with BYU-Pathway Worldwide impacted your life? Or, if you are just getting started, why…

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6 July 2020

3 Scriptures for Anastância

“For me, the most important thing is truly living the PathwayConnect program.” Anastância Balanga believes PathwayConnect is much…

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8 June 2020

PathwayConnect is Better With a Friend

When hardships arise, we may need the help of a friend to guide us to success and help…

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