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27 June 2022

Living the Kind of Life You Want Forever

Learn three truths from the Prophet about who you are, what your eternal potential is, and how to get there

For most of us, it’s difficult to understand the concept of forever. Here on earth, not many things…

BY: Natalia Ward
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20 June 2022

The Remedy to Unfairness

Elder Renlund reminds us how Christ’s perfect love can help us bear all things

Many of us could make a long list of things we or others face in life that feel…

BY: Cate Williamson
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13 June 2022

4 Tips to Effectively Plan Your Day

Increase your productivity by following these planning tips

Do you ever look at your day and wonder how you will possibly finish all the things you…

BY: Lauren Conrad
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6 June 2022

How the Gospel and Education Helped Me Discover My Divine Worth

As a single mom and new convert, I was straddling the fence between who I once was and who I was striving to become

Growing up in a divorced home, I struggled with knowing who I was, where I fit in, and…

BY: Nikki Maxon
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30 May 2022

4 Ways the Savior Understands You

Learn how Jesus Christ can help you experience greater hope and joy in your education

All students experience a variety of challenges on their journey to a degree — disappointing grades, overwhelming assignments,…

BY: Symber Canepari
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23 May 2022

4 Tips to Succeed in Online Courses

Ever struggle studying online? Learn to be productive in your courses with these tips!

Do you love doing coursework online? Or did you choose it because it was your best option due…

BY: Symber Canepari
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16 May 2022

10 General Conference Quotes to Brighten Your Day

What inspired revelation does God want you to hear?

The general conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has something for everyone — and…

BY: Natalia Ward & Cate Williamson
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12 May 2022

3 Answers to Your Questions About the Ecclesiastical Endorsement

Find out what to expect

Earning a degree that incorporates gospel teachings is an incredible experience. In fact, many students say it’s their…

BY: Natalia Ward
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9 May 2022

BYU-Pathway Students in Ukraine Take Heart

See how students have been examples of faith and resilience — even during war

For BYU-Pathway Worldwide student Kateryna Nyporka, the Russia-Ukraine war started around 5:30 a.m. on February 24, 2022. “Like…

BY: Natalia Ward
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2 May 2022

A Family that Serves Together Stays Together

Learn how BYU-Pathway students inspired my family to serve and study

In 2013, my parents, Sandra and Gabriel Ortiz, were called by their stake president to be the first…

BY: Gaby Ortiz
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