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21 September 2020

Hope in His Plan

Discover how the Rome Italy Temple’s construction is an example for how God has a perfect plan for you

In Bishop Gérald Caussé’s devotional to BYU-Pathway Worldwide students in July 2019, he explained some issues the Rome…

BY: Symber Canepari
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14 September 2020

Beauty from the Ashes

Even after losing her home to a devastating fire, Twyla persisted and finished her education

When Twyla Larman learned about BYU-Pathway Worldwide, she knew she had to enroll. She remembered a promise from…

BY: Symber Canepari
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17 August 2020

3 Benefits When You Earn a Certificate

BYU-Pathway’s certificate-first approach helps students receive the benefits of education before receiving their degree

Does the long road to a bachelor’s degree ever feel intimidating? Even though it may appear like a…

BY: Marisa Hoover
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14 August 2020

4 Ways to Invite a Friend to BYU-Pathway

Education is better with a friend — invite one today!

How has your experience with BYU-Pathway Worldwide impacted your life? Or, if you are just getting started, why…

BY: Marisa Hoover
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14 July 2020

3 Ways to Be Nourished by Knowledge

Get the most out of your education by incorporating these tips into your study efforts

As a student, you can read, listen to lectures, study, and even take notes — and still not…

BY: Symber Canepari
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6 July 2020

3 Scriptures for Anastância

Through personal revelation, Anastância recognized that the Lord is her personal tutor and partner on her educational journey

“For me, the most important thing is truly living the PathwayConnect program.” Anastância Balanga believes PathwayConnect is much…

BY: Marisa Hoover
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29 June 2020

The Blessings of Service

Learn about just a few of the many ways service can open new opportunities for you

In the New Testament, Peter shares his devoted love for Jesus Christ: “Thou knowest that I love thee.”…

BY: Symber Canepari
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22 June 2020

Prompted and Prepared

Getting her education later than expected has made it more meaningful for Kyla

Kyla Ford feels called to spread joy. “It started for me as the Lord saying, ‘You’ve had some…

BY: Lauren Conrad
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17 June 2020

Certificates: Planting Potential

Discover tips to help you select a certificate

Getting an education is a lot like growing a garden. It requires a lot of passion, effort, and…

BY: Kayloa Gurr
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15 June 2020

The Power of Positivity

Developing a positive outlook can provide strength in the midst of trials and lead to future success

In life, we often experience challenges out of our control that can negatively affect our mood.1 Everyone experiences these…

BY: Symber Canepari
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