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14 June 2021

Failure: A Tool for Growth

Turn your mistakes into powerful learning experiences

People naturally fear failure, but we don’t have to be scared of it. Failure offers us something instant…

BY: Lauren Conrad
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7 June 2021

Certificate Spotlight: Entrepreneurship

Taina is a mother of nine, an executive assistant, and a proud earner of an entrepreneurship certificate

Being the mother of nine kids and the executive assistant for a construction company are both demanding roles,…

BY: Bri Merling
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7 June 2021

Degree Spotlight: Applied Business Management

Students in this online degree program gain the skills necessary to thrive in today’s business world

BYU‑Pathway Worldwide is designed to meet the unique needs of online students. In addition to foundational PathwayConnect courses,…

BY: Ammon Teare and Kaytee Johnson
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31 May 2021

God Needs Devoted Servants

It’s not perfection that qualifies us to do the work of God — it’s our commitment to Him

Being perfect and being worthy are two very different things. It is easy to forget that fact! When…

BY: Marisa Hoover
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24 May 2021

Cancer and Confidence

Learn how Bri overcame her feelings of inadequacy one step at a time as she supported her twin through cancer

My twin brother, Scott, and I have always done everything together. So when Scott was hit with a…

BY: Bri Merling
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17 May 2021

Getting the Gospel “Deep in Our Hearts”

Find out how the purposes of BYU-Pathway can help students follow Jesus Christ

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the key to lifelong learning and joyful living. In his general conference…

BY: Ammon Teare
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10 May 2021

Attributes of Academic Success: Learning From the Savior

Developing Christlike attributes can help us in all aspects of our lives

How can spiritual improvements help in our academic and professional lives? As you learn about Jesus Christ and…

BY: Rachel Rossette
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3 May 2021

Certificate Spotlight: Hospitality and Tourism Management

Learn why Malvin Kadzomba’s employers are loving his certificate

Malvin Kadzomba wasn’t the only one celebrating when he achieved his first milestone on the way to his…

BY: Bri Merling
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29 April 2021

BYU Women’s Conference: President Gilbert speaks of the importance of education for women

President Gilbert highlighted six ways that education, and BYU-Pathway specifically, is blessing women all across the Church

In his 2021 BYU Women’s Conference address titled “Opening Doors for Education: BYU-Pathway Blessing Women around the World,”…

BY: Kaytee Johnson
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26 April 2021

3 Tips for Overcoming Uncertainty

Learn how to keep moving, even when the future is unknown

The feeling of uncertainty can be paralyzing — even exhausting at times. It chases away any peace in…

BY: Bri Merling
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